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  • New York Fashion Week: Where to Go, What to See

    The Laszlo Latest
    February 08, 2016

    Once again, Fashion Week is upon us here in the Big Apple and we always get so excited: the unbelievable shows, the celebrity sightings and the buzzing energy that ramps up all over the city. So if you’re in NYC for the week and you’re wondering where to go and what to do, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite haunts and top spots. Get ready to see and be seen!

    Where to Stay

    We can’t say enough about the architecture and beauty of The Standard Hotel. If you’re thinking to splurge and really treat yourself, this is the place to book. If you’re looking for something on the smaller side, The Mercer is a lovely boutique hotel close to SoHo's high-end shopping area and Greenwich Village, while The James is a modern, chic option that’s also in Soho.


    Where to Prep

    Looking for the perfect blowout or a new cut and style from a true-blue New York City salon? We love Bumble and Bumble; their edgy, cool style is quintessential NYC and their hair products are always on point. For impeccable color and even more amazing products, Rita Hazan is a true master. Her salon is amazing!


    Where to Drink

    There are so many incredible places to sit and sip in New York, but there are a few tried-and-true favorites we always return to. For an upscale, elegant experience with a number of bar options for drinks, The Standard Hotel is a must (yes, we love this place). Ralph Lauren’s woody and warm Polo Bar is also a sight to behold, with a drink menu that will have you craving a newfound favorite. Last but definitely not least, STK Rooftop is an undeniable choice for views, location and the perfect lounge vibe.


    Where to Eat

    Again, we could go on and on about the restaurants in New York, but a few favorites among the Fashion Week crowd include Acme, Narcissa, Dirty French and Balthazar (always Balthazar!). Chelsea Market also has a number of great food options, as well as cute shops. And if you’re looking for the best chocolate chip cookie in town, City Bakery is your place.


    Where to Shop

    Even if you’re just window shopping, Dover Street Market is luxury shopping at its best. This seven-story, multibrand fashion emporium was designed by Comme des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo and is simply gorgeous. Next on the list, Brookfield Place in the Financial District is an upscale retail spot that’s in a great location as many shows have moved downtown to be closer to the new Conde Nast offices. Perfect for midday shopping and strolling!


    Where to People Watch

    Hands down, Chelsea and the Meatpacking District is where you want to spend time during Fashion Week if your goal is to spy a few models and celebrities. There are innumerable spots to enjoy lunch or grab a coffee before a gorgeous walk and some fresh air on the Highline. Milk Studios is also a famous media hub where fashion, photography and art come together and is definitely worth a look.


    Of course, you can’t be out and about without gorgeous, glowing skin, so we’ve got a few ideas to boost your Fashion Week skin-perfecting ritual:

    1)      Cleanse morning and evening

    Every skin type benefits from a twice-daily cleansing ritual, and this is the perfect time to reinforce this habit. Dry skin will love the Hydrating Cleansing Ritual Trio while oilier skins do fantastic with the Sea Mud Detoxifying Cleansing Ritual Trio. For extra brightening and anti-aging, the White Marble Treatment Bar is a must.

    2)      Try a mask every other night

    Prep skin before a night out with the Luminous Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel. It brightens and exfoliates while providing the perfect canvas for makeup application. After your evening out, recover skin with the White Marble Sheet Mask or try the Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask overnight for beautiful results by morning.

    Having fun and looking fabulous this Fashion Week? Share it all on Instagram and tag us @ernolaszlonyc #LaszloGlow.

  • Everyday Skin Concerns & The Remedies We Love

    The Laszlo Latest
    February 01, 2016

    If you’re as devoted to taking care of your skin as we are, you know that the investment of time is crucial to maintaining your glow. So, what about those days when your regimen doesn’t seem to be enough and your skin is having a “moment”?

    Whether it’s a sudden breakout or your fine lines look a little deeper than before, keep in mind that your skin reflects what’s going on inside your body and can clue you in to imbalances that go beyond a great skincare routine. Our food choices, hormone levels, and physical activities all affect our skin. 

    Fortunately, treating skin with a little extra TLC during these times can go a long way in defying the less-than-beautiful reactions and flare-ups we all encounter.



    Whether it’s lack of sleep, genetics or the unfortunate process of aging, tired-looking eyes or dark circles have haunted us all at one time or another. The skin around our eyes is also very thin, so this is where sun-worshipping or a long night out tends to show up first. The fix? A firming, brightening eye treatment that contains nutrient-rich, soothing actives. We love Transphuse Eye Refiner as it covers all the bases.



    Freckles are adorable…when you’re 12. While we know the passage of time isn’t so friendly to us former sunbathers and beach bums, even typical daily sun exposure will eventually show up as hyperpigmentation on your face, chest and hands. Put those spots to sleep with the new White Marble collection – it’s a fantastic brightening regimen to try in rotation with your regular ritual.



    You know them: the laugh-lines and crinkles that start innocently enough. These expression lines on the forehead, between the eyes and around the mouth are the result of repetitive use and UV damage. Rather than vowing to never smile or laugh again, we recommend keeping skin moisturized and nourished with a powerful mix of antioxidants. The Hydra-Therapy and Transphuse collections have everything you need to keep you glowing (and smiling!).



    If your skin is looking dull, take a closer look at your pores. They might be getting bigger! And did you know that large pores are basically sagging pores? UV damage (our old friend) causes collagen walls to break down, while makeup, pollution and your skin's natural oil can stretch out your pores over the years. What to do? Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! The Sea Mud Detoxifying Double Cleanse Set will keep skin exfoliated and free of pore-expanding toxins, while our Light Controlling Lotion is perfect as a light oil-free toner.



    Ah, breakouts. They just show up, uninvited and demand our full and immediate attention! Sounds like a bad houseguest, right? The answer is to kick these guys straight to the curb and not let them settle in. Try the Anti-Blemish double cleanse, followed by the Purifying Mask. You’ll never even know they were there. 



    Dry, parched skin and sensitivity seem to go hand in hand. When skin is lacking moisture, it’s also prone to inflammation. Try products that pack a hydration punch, but are also gentle and contain non-irritating ingredients. The Hydra-Therapy collection is soothing to skin and leaves a wonderfully protective barrier of all-day moisture.

    What are your biggest skin concerns and how are you treating them? Share with us Instagram and tag @ernolaszlonyc using our hashtag #LaszloGlow.


  • Top Ten Winter Skincare Wonders

    The Laszlo Latest
    January 25, 2016

    Winter is officially, undoubtedly here and with it, weather that wants to do a number on your skin. Between the super-cold temperatures outside and the warm, dry air indoors, all skin types could use a skincare upgrade this season.

    Our motto? Moisture, moisture, moisture.

    If you’re ready to winter-proof your routine, we’ve put together our top ten treatments to keep your skincare regimen winter-appropriate and perfectly on point, from head to toe.


    Switching up your cleanser in winter can make a huge difference in targeting specific skin concerns. We love the Hydrating Double Cleanse Set for incredible hydration, but you also can’t go wrong with the Sea Mud Detoxifying Double Cleanse Set. It’s perfect for every skin type. Follow with your favorite, hydrating moisturizer


    Using a serum before you moisturize is one of the best things you can do to keep skin from losing moisture throughout the day. If your skin tends to be a bit oiler, Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion is an ultra-light, soothing formula with a great mix of antioxidants. For drier skin, you can’t miss with Phormula 3-9 Repair Serum. It has a powerful nutrient-rich mix of moisturizers that also strengthen skin.


    Using sunscreen all year is a no-brainer. Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 is a fabulous anti-aging powerhouse with a beautiful, rich formulation, while R.E.M. Day Lotion SPF 30 is a lightweight option that soothes and repairs.


    You know how important it is to wash your face at night, but almost as important is what you apply afterward. Help skin rejuvenate and recover with an overnight treatment like the Luminous Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel to exfoliate, brighten and soothe. For a quick fix, the Hydra Therapy Memory Sleep Mask for a major moisture boost.


    Pampering your skin in winter means making sure you treat your hands and body, too. Hands are especially vulnerable to the elements this time of year, so using a hand lotion like Luminous Intensive Hand Treatment SPF 25 will protect them from the cold, dry air as well as the aging effects of sun exposure. Phormula Repair Balm is one of our richest formulas and perfect for those extra-dry areas, like elbows, knees and anywhere you need more hydration.

    So how are you stepping up your winter skincare regimen? Tell us more on Instagram and tag us! @ernolaszlonyc #LaszloGlow


    The Laszlo Latest
    January 19, 2016

    As if the cold temps, potential blizzards and overall winter blues weren’t enough, some of us also have to deal with breakouts in the colder months. Who knew that the aggravating acne and pesky pimples we battle during summer can rear their ugly heads (pun intended) during winter, as well?

    This is primarily due to the drier air we’re exposed to. As our skin gets dehydrated, the dead skin cells build up on the surface of the skin, trapping oil and bacteria and ultimately resulting in clogged pores. No thank you!

    Keep in mind that fighting breakouts with common acne products when it’s cold and dry may only increase dryness and flakiness and ultimately make skin worse. The drier your skin, the more irritated it can get. And remember, even if your skin is generally oily or currently breaking out, it’s important to use a good moisturizer to keep skin healthy and hydrated. 

    Because skin has different demands during this complexion-compromising season, treating it with the right products is vital to keeping it clear, smooth and hydrated. If oily skin is your main concern, using the right cleanser can make all the difference. Our Oil-Control Cleansing Bar deeply cleanses and refines, while the Anti-Blemish Wash is a convenient gel formula that’s super refreshing and also incredibly calming for irritated winter skin. Our ever-popular Hydra-Therapy and Phormula 3-9 collections are also wonderfully soothing for redness, irritation and dryness.

    If you’re having a sudden breakout that needs treatment ASAP, our go-to is the Anti-Blemish Beta Purifying Mask. It clarifies and absorbs oil, healing and soothing skin with a potent mix of botanicals.

    Keeping these products in your arsenal and switching up your treatment regimen during winter will give you the clear, acne-free skin you want, all season long.



  • Your Bright Future is Here

    The Laszlo Latest
    January 14, 2016

    A common thread we’ve noticed when talking with our influencers here on the blog: they all wish they’d been better about wearing sunscreen in their younger years. Why? Because as we age, all that sun worshipping starts rearing its ugly head… as brown spots!

    Also known as melasma, this sun damage is real and only becomes more apparent as the years go by.

    Lucky for all of us with a history of basking in the sun’s rays, skincare continues to advance in fabulous ways, giving us incredible options available to help reverse and prevent hyperpigmentation. Also, keep in mind that this time of year is great for repairing discoloration. Since we’re generally getting less UV exposure during the winter months, it’s easier to treat sunspots, melasma and even acne scars.

    Ready to discover a new brightening ritual? We’ve just launched our newest, most advanced brightening collection and we are so excited! This breakthrough technology not only corrects hyperpigmentation and dullness, but it also refines skin tone so it looks lighter and more translucent.

    Start by cleansing as you normally would, using the White Marble Treatment Bar. Follow this with a light application of the Radiance Emulsion. This will prep your skin for moisture and give your skin an extra boost of spot-banishing antioxidant power. Once the emulsion has absorbed, layer on the Translucence Cream for intense, skin-brightening moisture.

    Finally, the icing on the cake: the Sheet Mask. If you really want to lighten and brighten, this mask is the answer. Leave it on for 10 minutes, and then simply massage in any serum that is left over. Make this your ritual each morning and evening, and we promise you’ll see the results. Here’s to beautifully brilliant skin by spring!

    Share your brightening ritual with us on Instagram and Twitter. Tag us @ernolaszlonyc and use our White Marble hashtag #BrilliantlyYou.

  • You Say Potato, We Say Gorgeous

    January 12, 2016

    Today we’re talking to Danielle & Laura Kosann, sisters and co-founders of the food, fashion and lifestyle destination, The New Potato.

    They give us their unique takes on their culinary preferences, how they take care of their skin both inside and out, and how Mom’s advice has never let them down. Follow The New Potato on Twitter and Instagram  @TheNewPotato.

    Personal questions

    1. What are five things you’re loving right now in New York?

    LK: The weather, The Polo Bar, Central Park, the new Whitney and the fact that Spring Awakening is back! 

    DK: Cafe Sabarsky for breakfast and hot chocolate, long walks in Central Park, holiday windows, the Archibald Motley exhibit at The Whitney , and Bemelmans Bar for martinis on a cold night

    2. Best advice you’ve ever received?

    LK: Everything in moderation - from my Mom! 

    DK: I feel like I've been lucky in that I've received a lot of good advice, but my Mom always says 'Just Do It' (which, I know, she borrowed from Nike) and that's probably influenced me the most in how I've lived my life.

    3. Is there any health trend you love right now?

    LK: I like eating paleo on certain days I feel like I was very unhealthy in the days before. I actually feel a lot more energized when I do it even just for a day or two! 

    DK: I really love matcha, because it's so delicious and it has so many wonderful health benefits. I'm also very fascinated by the alkaline diet, and while I do not keep to it at all, I definitely draw from it on occasion when I feel like I need to detox for a few days.

    4. Your favorite dish or something related to food?

    LK: I can't get enough of the Minetta Burger, soup dumplings at Red Farm, the Heaven on Earth smoothie at Juice Press and the Mediterranean salad at Jack's Wife Freda

    DK: Currently, the grains bowl at Jack's Wife Freda is pretty much all I want to eat for lunch every single day.  The fish tacos are Seamore's are also up there!

    5. How do you stay in shape?  Your favorite places/things to do to work out?

    LK: I have a dog so a lot of my "workout" is based around that. Garance Dore just told us Emmanuelle Alt once said the secret to staying thin is walking, walking, walking, and I think that's a huge part of my routine. I like to mix in some yoga, Modo Yoga downtown in the West Village is amazing. 

    DK: I'm terrible at keeping to a workout routine because I get bored so easily. I love to be active, but I like to switch it up. I usually go to the gym and do simple exercises that build core strength and tone. I try to walk a ton, I play tennis as often as I can, and I do Pilates and yoga when I feel like I really need a good stretch.

    Skincare questions

    1. How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

    LK: I try to be balanced, so if I have an unhealthy day I just stay more conscious the next and get myself back to square one. Lots of water and coconut oil! I also like to detox with green tea, long walks and Epsom salt baths. I find also making yourself truly "catch up on sleep" can truly pivot your week. So if you had a long weekend, force yourself to get ten hours of sleep Monday night and you'll feel like a different person Tuesday.  

    DK: I believe strongly in everything in moderation, so I never deprive myself if I'm craving something (and I think that balance makes us happy and more beautiful!) I eat a lot of greens and drink a ton of water. I also find that a diet high in healthy fats makes me feel really good - I notice a significant difference in my skin if I haven't had much (good) fat in my diet. So I try to make sure I'm incorporating things like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and nuts.


    2. What’s your go to product if you feel your skin needs a quick pick me up?

    LK: I love Luminous Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel. 

    DK:  The Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask is amazing. If my skin is feeling a little dry – I apply it before bed and my skin is hydrated and refreshed the following morning.


    3. What are your morning and/or evening beauty ritual?

    LK: I'm loving the Erno Laszlo products. I do the Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil, Sea Mud Soap and Hydraphel Skin Supplement toner and a great night cream, Firmarine Night Cream. I'm also loving the Antioxidant Complex for Eye after that. I’m also addicted to the This Works Deep Sleep Bath Oil, I don't even always use it in the bath, if I want a good night sleep I'll use it as a body moisturizer at night and it has the same effect sleep wise. The Aesop scalp and moisturizing hair mask as well as lip blooms citrus lemongrass balm, I put it on my lips and cheeks for dewiness! 

    DK: Although, I don't always wash my face in the morning, but if I do I use the Sea Mud Soap which I love. I use coconut oil for my body, as it helps with dry skin more than any moisturizer I've tried. In the evening, I’ll use the Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil and then the Sea Mud Soap.

    4. If you could tell your 20-year old self one thing as it relates skincare, what would it be?

    LK: Listen to your Mother and keep staying out of the sun! 

    DK: Eye cream! I wish I'd started using it earlier.


    The Laszlo Latest
    January 04, 2016

    The new year is here! Did you make any resolutions? How about the one where you amp up your cleansing ritual with a weekly mask treatment?

    That’s our collective resolution here at the Erno Laszlo office, and we’ve come up with a great mask combo that will not only nourish your weary post-holiday skin, but also detox and help clear up any breakouts or spots.

    Our plan is to start with the Anti-Blemish Beta Purifying Mask to exfoliate and detox. It’s great for blemish-prone skin and as a go-to skin-saver when your complexion has seen better days (think: holiday stress and overindulgence). This mask will remove excess oil, reduce redness and also help heal any imperfections. It has a clarifying, potent mix of botanical and antibacterial ingredients with a wonderfully relaxing, cooling effect. We love how soft and sooth our skin feels after using this!

    After detoxifying and preparing skin before bed, the next mask we can’t get enough of is the Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask. It’s heavenly! The amount of moisture it delivers into the skin is amazing, and it has a plethora of incredible anti-aging nutrients. The best part? Its weightless memory gel texture that smooths on lightly and melts right in, so you wake up to hydrated, restored skin. We love this in lieu of a heavy night cream, and the results are real!

    Ready to join us in our New Year’s resolution ritual? Share your plans and your progress on Instagram and tag us @ernolaszlonyc and  #laszloglow.



    The Laszlo Latest
    December 14, 2015

    If you haven’t heard of it yet or tried it for yourself, we’re sure you soon will! We’re talking about the peel-off mask, a breakthrough concept in mask treatments that has taken the skincare industry by storm.

    Often referred to as a “rubber-like” mask due to its firm, thick, gel-like texture once it dries, these masks include water and powder actives that you mix yourself. The result is a unique, skin-soothing skin treatment that easily peels off smoothly and effortlessly. It’s a great way to relax and destress your skin.

    These innovative masks are a perfect treat to combat dry winter skin, keep skin hydrated and even reduce breakouts and redness. We also love to take this mask with us when we’re on the go. Use it after a long flight, during your travels or after a day in the sun.

    The perfect way to jump in on the trend? Try the super-hydrating Skin Vitality Mask with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to attract and retain moisture to your skin. It is our top selling mask and does so much for your skin in just fifteen minutes. Fun and easy to mix and apply, try it once a week and show your skin some love.


    The Laszlo Latest
    December 09, 2015

    It’s holiday season, and that means celebrations, events and looking your most gorgeous, glowing best. Before the party, after the night out and all season long, it’s all about prepping, treating and nourishing your skin so you radiate with a refreshed, youthful glow. If ever there was a time to take your skincare routine to the next level, this is it!

    To help you with your pre- and post-party skincare ritual, we’ve put together two skin-perfecting, super-hydrating, anti-aging sets that were hand-picked by our Lead Therapist at The Erno Laszlo Institute in New York.

    Holiday Pre-Party Prep Set

    Picture-perfect, selfie-worthy skin is all yours with the Holiday Pre-Party Prep Set. It will illuminate, hydrate and diminish lines and wrinkles in a flash.

    Your pre-party ritual starts with the exfoliating, brightening peel. Exfoliating helps remove any dead skin cells, evens out skin tone and preps skin to absorb all the wonderful skincare products you apply after, especially the age-defying mask. Applying this mask after exfoliating will do wonders for intensely hydrating and giving your skin the fresh, dewy look you’re going for.

    Once you’ve allowed the age-defying mask to do its magic, rinse off and apply the repair serum to lock in moisture with incredible antioxidants.  It contains gold flecks for bright, illuminated skin, so you look glow-y all night. The transformative finishing touch? The eye repair cooling gel. It stimulates micro-circulation for vitality and vibrancy around the eye area and strengthens against future damage.

    Prepare to reveal your most radiant skin and prepare for your close-up!

    After-Party Purify & Repair Set

    Long nights have nothing on the After-Party Purify & Repair Set! Bounce back from the season’s celebrations with this detoxifying, rehydrating collection.

    The first, most important step in your after-party beautifying regimen is removing your makeup with our duo-phase makeup remover. It works great, even on waterproof mascara. Follow your cleansing regimen with the purifying mask to detoxify and really clean out those pores. It feels fabulous on the skin after a long night!

    If you’re ready to call it a night after removing the detox mask, you can go straight to applying the sleep mask. It has a refreshing memory gel texture that is so soothing and hydrating. Just apply and you’re ready for some sweet dreams about the beautiful skin you’ll wake up to!

    For some extra moisture (which we all need this season to defy the dry winter air and reverse the dehydrating effects of alcohol), apply the super-hydrating infusion and then the sleep mask. Voila! You’ll wake up to a refreshed, rejuvenated look, no matter what time you finally got some beauty rest.

    Ready to celebrate the season with gorgeous, glowing skin? Check out these fabulous pre-party and after-party skincare sets for a beautifully bespoke, fabulously radiant holiday. Show us your party ready look on Instagram.  Tag us @ernolaszlonyc and #LaszloGlow.



    The Laszlo Latest
    November 30, 2015

    ‘Tis the season to gift great skincare!

    This time of year, it’s all about glowing, vibrant skin and looking gorgeous for those holiday events. That means keeping up a twice-daily cleansing regimen and boosting your regular skincare with advanced anti-aging treatments. To help make the most of your winter routine, we’ve gathered a must-have list of our favorite products, perfect for gifting or adding to your own ritual.

    Make the season bright with the White Marble Treatment Bar ! This dual-action cleanser gently exfoliates as it cleanses to clarify, brighten and revitalize. It also fights dark spots with powerful time-release brighteners and smoothing fruit acids to balance skin tone.

    Want to introduce a friend to the bespoke cleansing ritual? The Sea Mud Detoxifying Double Cleanse Set makes a fabulous gift. It includes Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil and our iconic Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar that work together to exfoliate, condition and refine skin. It also comes with our signature Erno Laszlo travel-friendly soap dish.

    If there’s one serum that will give you that holiday glow, it’s Transphuse Day Serum . We call it our “quick fix dermal filler” and for good reason! Its state-of-the-art formula minimizes the micro-contractions in the skin, relaxing tense facial muscles and providing a noticeably younger appearance. It also boosts collagen and diminishes lines, while optical diffusers give your skin incredible radiance. Perfection!

    As much as you love your beautiful party makeup, you simply must wash your face thoroughly and remove every last trace before bed! Multi-Phase Makeup Remover  Is great for dissolving all makeup, including oil-based cosmetics, dark lipstick and waterproof mascara. It’s also gentle and soothing and protects against irritation.

    During the holidays, getting your beauty sleep is more important than ever. We love the Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask for its amazingly weightless, memory gel texture. It saturates skin with intense moisture and vital nutrients overnight so you wake up looking refreshed. This is a true treat for skin!

    Armed with these five powerhouse products and your daily cleansing regimen , your skin will have everything it needs to get through the holidays and beyond. Get ready to shine bright and glow all season long!