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    October 05, 2015

    Rachel Fleit

    Co-Founder, HONOR NYC

    This week, we catch up with the unstoppable Rachel Fleit.  This Brooklyn based filmmaker, co-founder and former chief creative officer of HONOR NYC shares the story of her bespoke beauty ritual, her devotion to the iconic Sea Mud Deep Cleansing bar and how she stays in such fantastic shape. We also got the inside scoop on her cool vintage style and where she loves to shop. Follow her @RachelFleit #YouOnlyYou

    What do you do to get ready in the morning?

    My morning routine is almost the same every day, I meditate daily (except when I don't) and I take class at Physique 57, 6 days a week (on the 7th day I eat pancakes). My skin regimen is as follows: I use the Cleanse Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil, after that I use the Sea Mud Cleansing Bar, follow with a toner, the Phormula 3-9 Repair Serum and then the Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30. 

     What is the skincare product that you cannot live without?

    The Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30! I am a sun worshipper and the SPF 30 is my only hope! Plus it smells SO GOOD.

    Who is the most inspirational person you have met in your career?

    I think Barbara Flood--stylist, vintage collector and former actress/model inspires me the most out of anyone. Her personal style, her daily routine, her view on life and love-- she is simply the greatest. She has become an important part of my chosen family in New York.

    How does your beauty routine change when you travel?

    My routine doesn't really change except for tinier bottles! I hate to check baggage unless it's absolutely necessary, that's why I live for the Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar, it can always go in my carry on!

    What are your go-to places in New York to shop and eat?

    I don't actually like to shop in New York. I much prefer to buy my wares out of the city when I am travelling-- I mostly wear vintage clothing and the best place to buy vintage is not here. I do have my favorite standby's, Gea's Garden Jewels is one of my favorite stores for plants and dream catchers and other magical items. I also absolutely adore Love Adorned in Nolita for gifts and just to look around, it’s perfectly merchandised.  As for Eating, I am serious about that! I love Geido in my neighborhood for sushi, it has a really-great-won't-break-the-bank- Omakase and the best vibe. As for other favorite spots, Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria is one of my favorite places to really have a feast-- I often think of the pasta cacio pepe and the short ribs!  I also love Angelica Kitchen for healthy hippie food, Morgensterns or Chinatown Ice Cream Factory for ice cream, Petee's Pie Company for Pie, Russ and Daughters for Smoked Fish and all the delights, Nom Wah Tea Parlor for dim sum and Cafe Mogador because it's just so classic New York to me and makes me feel like I'm home. I could go on and on and on, I have secret spots that I refuse to divulge for fear of having to wait in a line one day. I love to eat in New York City, it's one of my favorite things to do.

    If you could tell your 20-year old self one thing as it relates skincare, what would it be?

    Stop smoking! Put on the sunscreen! But my 20 year-old self would definitely roll her eyes and give me the finger. 

    What’s your biggest skin concern and how do you treat it?

    My biggest skin concern is the area around my eyes. I used to smoke and I spend a lot of time in the sun, so I need to be mindful of the fine lines, I make sure to moisturize my eye area morning and night.

    What is always in your bag?

    Besides the keys/wallet/phone trio, I always have my Reebok Barre Slippers, and workout clothes. I am addicted to Physique 57 and take class nearly every day. I think it's the only thing that works and is one of the reasons I am so happy and strong. Seriously. I also always carry Lavender scented Raw Virgin Coconut Oil by Amara Essentials, Heat Wave lipstick from NARS, A bottle of water and a snack of some kind, I am at my best when fed!


  • Ritual vs. Reality: Taking the Time to Wash Your Face

    The Laszlo Latest
    September 28, 2015

    Do you wash your face every morning and night? We know, you’re busy. Your career is demanding, your kids need attention, and you just want to spend more time with your favorite guy. There’s never enough time to do everything! But if you want great skin, you MUST have a morning and evening cleansing ritual. Think of it like this: if you didn’t brush your teeth every day, what would happen?  Scary thought, right?

    Still not convinced? Check out these five reasons you should rethink your routine:

    1. Sleeping with your makeup on will age you.

    It’s true. Overnight, the skin needs oxygen to repair and renew itself. Sleeping with your makeup on blocks this process, leaving your skin looking dull, flaky and lined. Five minutes each night, or older looking skin? Not a tough choice in our book.

    2. Zits and pimples and pores, oh my!

    Even if you don’t wear makeup, excess oil, dead skin cells, and pollutants accumulate on your skin over the course of the day. If you don’t wash your face at night, your precious pores will get clogged and may even get BIGGER. Yikes! Over time, you’ll also see more lines, wrinkles and overall skin dullness. A pre-cleansing oil with a cleansing bar will easily remove these nasties from the surface of your skin.

    3. Skin regenerates while you sleep.

    While you sleep, circulation and blood flow increases, bringing vital nutrients and oxygen to the skin and allowing for increased absorption of skin-rejuvenating ingredients. If you don’t wash your face before bed, even the most powerful cream or serum won’t be as effective.

    4. Nighttime cleansing prevents skin dehydration.

    Skin loses hydration overnight. If you don’t wash your face before bed, your skin can’t effectively absorb moisture. Try a sleep mask like Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask to keep skin hydrated all night.

    5. Morning cleansing is important, too.

    Even if you wash your face before bed, you need to wash it again in the morning. Why, you ask? Because skin repairs itself at night, sloughing off dead skin cells and creating excess sebum that can’t be rinsed away with water. Hello, clogged pores and dullness! A good cleanser like our iconic Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar is a great choice to help with exfoliation and reveal brighter skin.

    So, now you know that cleansing is one of the best things you can do for your skin to keep it vibrant and youthful. Discover and customize your Erno Laszlo cleansing ritual and join a long line of women and men who know that cleansing is crucial to the beginning and end of their day, and to incredible, ageless skin. No matter how busy their schedules!

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