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  • Mask-erade: Which Mask Is for You?

    The Laszlo Latest
    October 31, 2014

    Everyone knows the secret to the perfect Halloween costume is a great mask. But when dealing with skincare, choosing the right one can be confusing. Check out our quick guide to help you find the correct mask for your skin type.

    Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment  is a soothing and energizing peel-off treatment that provides a burst of replenishing moisture to any skin type. This two part mask includes ingredients such as Vitamin B5 which pulls moisture into the skin and binds it to dehydrated cells, and is not only effective but fun to mix! It is perfect for frequent travelers or anyone who wants to give their skin an extra drink of water.

    Transphuse Age-Defying Mask is the secret to more youthful looking skin. Its concentrated anti –aging complexes, which include Vitamin E, Sea Butter and Antioxidant packed Cranberry Seed Oil, moisturize, firm and plump the skin to banish fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a glowing and healthy complexion.

    Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask is Erno Laszlo’s first mask made specifically for use overnight, perfect for any skin type. It contains 24 Hours Smart Hydrators such as Winged Kelp Extract and Extract of Prickly Pear that work together to strengthen skin’s defenses while hydrating and brightening your skin as you sleep.

    Anti-Blemish Beta Purifying Mask is the ultimate solution for blemish prone skin. This acne treatment helps remove excess oil to heal and prevent breakouts, while peppermint and Eucalyptus oils cool the skin for soothing relief. It can be used over larger effected areas or as a spot treatment to zap blemishes quickly.

  • Quick Blemish Fix

    Tips & Tricks
    April 15, 2013

    For a quick blemish fix before an event or party:  Use Anti Blemish Beta Purifying Mask one day before your event followed by Conditioning Preparation applied directly with a Q-tip. Continue dabbing the blemish with Conditioning Preparation to speed healing.
  • Grace

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    October 21, 2014
  • The Ritual

    How to Videos
    September 01, 2014

    The Ritual is one of Dr. Laszlo's five principles for attaining healthy, balanced skin. In just two minutes twice a day, you will achieve the"Laszlo Glow" through gradual exfoliation and conditioning.