The Institute Experience

The Institute –Erno Laszlo’s sprawling, three-level SoHo spa– is quite a sight to behold. Complete with luxe leather staircases, painstakingly designed treatment rooms, and mementos from Dr. Laszlo’s day, it attracts both longtime devotees and fresh newcomers.

Though the Institute’s first floor is open to the public, the lavish treatment rooms downstairs are off-limits to non-members. So what exactly goes on in the rooms below? We spoke to skin therapist Colleen about what makes the Laszlo experience so unique.


“The greatest thing of all is that we customize our treatments for each person every time they come in. Each facial is 75 minutes long, and we decide what needs to be done each time a client comes in. Generally speaking, we cleanse the face thoroughly and always exfoliate. We massage the décolletage, hands, and arms and use a galvanic current to penetrate ingredients deeper into the skin and soften the sebum to make extractions easier. An extraction involves bringing the oil out of a blackhead or pustule. Most spas feature a skincare menu instead of total customization. For example, they’ll offer an anti-aging facial or mineral-algae facial. At the Institute, we’ll treat skin on a client’s forehead differently than the skin on her chin.”


“Erno Laszlo demands a real commitment. Clients must be willing to put the work in at home on their skin and make an additional commitment with an Institute membership. This isn’t a one-time treatment. By the same token, our skin therapists are also very dedicated to serving clients’ needs. We have been trained by a seasoned aesthetician to fully understand the equipment and flow of the procedures.”


“We’ve received some very positive pieces of feedback from our clients. Their excitement about our customized programs and guidance every step of the way keeps us going strong.”


“The Institute is aesthetically pleasing because Dr. Laszlo believed that the skin is a result of our entire well-being. Therefore, the artwork and general sense of glamour and luxury is part of an overall lifestyle that cares for the whole person.”

 Super Serums:

“Our super serums are made in the Institute’s special lab and don’t appear on the retail market. This exclusivity is in the spirit of Dr. Laszlo and really makes the experience unique.”

To learn more about the Institute, visit our special landing page here.

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