• Erno Laszlo studies skin pathology and skin disease at the Royal Hungarian Elisabeth University of Medical Sciences in Budapest, later completing his studies in Berlin with Professor Max Joseph, "the father of modern dermatology."

  • Dr. Erno Laszlo heals Hungary's Princess Stephanie acute acne, restoring her self-esteem and developing the pre-cursor to today's pHormula 3-9: the original, pHormula 3-1.

    Dr. Laszlo successfully treats Frida Gombaszögi, one of Hungary's most celebrated actresses, after she is shot in the face at point-blank range by a rejected suitor.

    Encouraged by his successes, Dr. Laszlo opens the first Erno Laszlo Institute of Scientific Cosmetology in Budapest.

  • Dr. Laszlo goes Hollywood and is offered a supervisory job in the makeup department at Warner Brothers Studios. Though he declines the offer, he begins to build a Hollywood A-List clientele that will eventually include Katharine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Lillian Gish and Paulette Goddard, among others.

  • Dr. Laszlo opens his Institute on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Not only were appointments difficult to get (99% of applicants were reportedly turned away), there was an air of secrecy about the doctor. The Duchess of Windsor called the institute "The House of Silence" because there were so many secrets kept within its walls. Photo Credit: Erno Laszlo with the Duchess of Windsor photographed by Henry Grossman

  • Film legend Greta Garbo visits the Erno Laszlo Institute for the first time and becomes not only a devotee, but also a close longtime friend of the Doctor.

    The list of European royalty and New York society seeking treatment at the Institute includes Cecile de Rothschild, Gloria Vanderbilt, Cecil Beaton, Doris Duke and the Duchess of Windsor, who remained a client (and friend) of Dr. Laszlo for more than 26 years. (The Duke of Windsor became a client himself, in 1954.)

  • Dr. Laszlo launches his eponymous skin care collection with 15 products available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue New York. To preserve the high level of personal service and customization that were Erno Laszlo hallmarks, products were sold on a membership basis, with a planned limit of 15,000 members. Membership quickly exceeded the limit and by 1954 had to be strictly frozen at 25,000.

  • Marilyn Monroe was not only an Erno Laszlo devotee – he formulated pHormula 3-8 specifically for her – but also a close friend of the Doctor. When newspapers around the world carried photos of her death bed, jars of Erno Laszlo Active pHelityl Cream could be seen on the nightstand.

    During the 1960s, the list of famous clients seeking treatment from Dr. Laszlo grows to include Jacqueline Kennedy and her sister, Lee Radziwell, Hubert de Givenchy and the luminous Audrey Hepburn, who observed that "50% of my beauty I owe to my mother, 50% to Erno Laszlo."

  • The Erno Laszlo line is so successful, the Institute laboratory can no longer meet production demands. Dr. Laszlo sells the operation to Chesebrough Ponds to meet demand.

  • Women's Wear Daily announces that Erno Laszlo has become the "in-demand" brand at department stores, saying: "Laszlo is the pivotal line now."

  • Dr. Erno Laszlo dies of heart failure. The company he founded – and his legacy of innovative, problem-solving skin care – live on.

  • Woody Allen immortalizes Erno Laszlo's black Sea Mud Soap in the movie Annie Hall. In it, his character observes of Annie, "I found this in the apartment. Black soap. She used to wash her face eight hundred times a day with black soap. Don't ask me why."

    Erno Laszlo's iconic, original cleansing bar is formulated with therapeutic Dead Sea mud to remove impurities and exfoliate the skin.

  • Erno Laszlo's Eye Care Rituals are introduced. Caring for the delicate skin around the eyes becomes a special focus for the company.

  • A researcher at Erno Laszlo discovers a formulation and hand-written notes in a vault containing Dr. Laszlo's personal correspondence and formulas. The formulation proves to be the last - and most powerful - iteration of the Doctor's most powerful, healing treatment: pHormula 3-9, still available today.

  • With anti-aging being a chief client concern, Timeless Skin is launched. To this day, the dramatically effective age-preventative serum remains a must-have product for our loyal clients.

  • Erno Laszlo introduces Transphuse Surgiceuticals. Formulated with state-of-the art technology to arrest the visible signs of aging, the collection delivers results previously possible only with invasive medical procedures.

  • Laszlo Blue Firmarine SPF 30, created with the super-nutrient algae Spirulina Maxima to firm, nourish and hydrate the skin revolutionizes the skincare market.

  • Erno Laszlo launches The Hollywood Collection, a limited-edition selection of custom-blended skin care formulations inspired by Erno Laszlo’s most famous and iconic devotees: Greta Garbo, Ava Gardner, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe.

  • Opening of the new Institute in New York City.