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A beautiful space in SoHo where you can enjoy the rich history and decoration while receiving world-class care.

The science of art

Making Beauty Happen

  • The Method

    Beautiful skin takes commitment – not a miracle

  • Innovative Facial Treatment Regimen

    Introducing a new, cutting edge youth asset management program, developed by The Institute Research Group and customized for you.

  • Nutrition Boosting Super Serums

    Available exclusively at The Institute to enhance your treatments and the maintenance between.

The Method

Decades of Dr. Laszlo’s patient experience and consistent results have proven that improving your skin is unique to each individual with each skin type and condition requiring a unique regimen. At the Institute our members regularly meet with a skin therapist for skin assessments and treatments based on their skin conditions, type and skin concerns.

We are a membership based concept because it was Dr. Laszlo’s philosophy based on years of practice and realizing results takes dedicated, regular treatments. Your membership experience at The Institute begins with a comprehensive skin analysis. The knowledge obtained in this consultation gives our Skin Therapists the vital information needed to create a fully customized treatment regimen for you and the changing needs of your skin.

Developed with decades of experience in treating generations of clients, this signature program is characterized by its meticulous management of master level nutritional boosting facial treatments which work to trigger and bank the physical components or the “youth assets” that characterize young skin. Results can be measured by the skin’s improved elasticity, tone and radiance.

Innovative Facial Treatment Regimen

The Institute sets a new standard in how we care for skin as it changes in reaction to the numerous biological and environmental factors affecting it over the short and long term. Developed by The Institute Research Group, Sequential Skin Rejuvenation is a fully customized and proprietary treatment protocol that dovetails with the Erno Laszlo philosophy of long-term, preventative care to achieve and maintain beautiful skin. Regular, Sequential Skin Rejuvenation treatments effectively coax the skin into rebuilding its own volume and elasticity in a pattern that is wholly natural to the individual.

These exclusive European treatment sessions, designed to address and improve the appearance of your individual skin type and condition, use a combination of high potency Super Serums, cellular regenerating peels and advanced technology treatment options.

Nutrition Boosting Super Serums

Used in your customized treatment sessions, your Skin Therapist may also prescribe you home usage units of these potent serums to maintain your regimen in-between treatments.

Anti-Wrinkle and Plumping Concentrate
This hyper-active serum promotes dermal repair and stimulates cell regeneration, while preventing against future damage to the skin, for a smoother, ageless appearance.

Intensive Brightening and Radiance Serum
Contains intensive, patented, skin-lightening ingredients which work to decrease melanin synthesis, imparting luminosity and an even tone.

Firming and Lifting Intensive Serum
Enriched with concentrated actives, this serum works with your skin to build molecular networks underneath its surface, visibly tightening and lifting to reveal a firmer, more youthful complexion.

Highly Concentrated Moisture Serum
Active ingredients combined with a vitamin complex impart significant hydration to the skin.

The membership

Beautiful Skin Requires Commitment

Regularly scheduled, sequenced treatments deliver optimal results. Clients are invited to join The Institute Membership and benefit from a year-round skin maintenance program closely supervised by a Skin Therapist.

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