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  • Once referred to as the House of Silence—where the beauty secrets of the most admired Hollywood icons and royalty were kept—The Erno Laszlo Institute of Scientific Cosmetology on Fifth Avenue was the go-to place for pioneering anti-aging skin care.

    The tangible results drew immediate acclaim and the patronage of the most influential individuals of a generation, including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy.

  • After a 40-year absence, The Institute steps boldly into the future in New York’s downtown SOHO. At The Institute we provide members with a new, ground-breaking approach to long-term skin care. The therapies are supported by an unparalleled level of personalized service and offered in an environment of extraordinary beauty and quiet refuge.

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The Method

"A new paradigm"

The Institute introduces a new, cutting edge youth asset management program called Sequential Skin Rejuvenation, a fully customized and proprietary treatment protocol that dovetails with the Erno Laszlo philosophy of long-term, preventative care to achieve and maintain beautiful skin.

Developed with decades of experience in treating generations of clients, this signature program is characterized by its meticulous management of masterlevel nutritional boosting facials which work to trigger and bank the physical components or the “youth assets” that characterize young skin.

Regular, Sequential Skin Rejuvenation treatments effectively coax the skin into rebuilding its own volume and elasticity in a pattern that is wholly natural to the individual. Results can be measured by the skin’s improved tensile elasticity, tone and radiance.

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The Membership

"Beautiful Skin Requires Commitment"

Regularly scheduled, sequenced treatments deliver optimal results. Clients are invited to join The Institute Membership and benefit from a year-round skin maintenance program closely supervised by a Skin Therapist. The knowledge that is obtained from the regular skin assessments gives the Skin Therapist the vital information needed to create a fully customized treatment program for each individual.

To find out more about our Membership offering, please contact us directly.

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Art and Beauty

"The Loss or lack of beauty is the world's greatest ill"

There is an elegance and quality to The Institute that takes you back to an era when the client was all-important and excellent service reigned supreme. It’s multi-floored, multi-functional layout is set against the simple, post-modern form of the building it inhabits. Every aspect of the building—its use of materials, color, light and shape—pays homage to and builds upon Dr. Laszlo’s vision. The Institute will be home to ongoing events ranging from lecture series, musical performances, readings and film screenings.

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Our Heritage

"Since 1927"

The story of The Institute begins in 1927, when the young, renowned dermatologist Dr. Erno Laszlo opened his Institute of Scientific Cosmetology on Szervita Square in Budapest, Hungary on the fifth floor of the Rózsavölgyi Building. Dr. Laszlo’s Institute in Budapest quickly gained notoriety for the research and development conducted there, as well as for the privileged class of European and American clientele it attracted.

Encouraged by his success in Europe, Dr. Laszlo ventured to the United States where he opened his New York Institute at 667 Fifth Avenue in November 1939. It was both a place of science and sanctuary, and this approach propelled the doctor to great fame in a very short period of time.

At the core of Dr. Laszlo’s philosophy was the belief that physical beauty is one part physiology, one part psychology, and one part philosophy. This concept of the “beauty trinity” recognizes the miraculous nature of the skin while acknowledging its deep connection to the human soul. Dr. Laszlo’s Institutes of the 1900s were designed with this connection in mind. Before receiving treatment, clients met with him in his wood-paneled, art-filled library. Seated at his large mahogany desk next to an elegant black marble fireplace, he took his patients through his signature assessment.

The Duchess of Windsor, a long-time Erno Laszlo devotee, dubbed The Institute “the House of Silence” for the discretion with which Dr. Laszlo handled his clients. It was a moniker that perfectly captured the superlative level of care and attention to detail that has defined the Erno Laszlo brand ever since.

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In the press

NUVO | Spring 2013

“…his presence is felt in this new space, in his distinctive and forward-thinking products, and among the clients who still flock to buy them”

Read More | March 2013

“Erno Laszlo CEO Charles Denton told…We work on the canvas, and they work on the finishing touches”

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Vogue Japan | March 2013

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Financial Times | January 2013

"The interior evokes the glamour of a bygone era...Meticulous attention to detail has been put into recreating the original decor"

Read More | February 2013

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The Hollywood Reporter | February 2013

“…on a fast trip to frosty New York, indulged in a little derma-vacation at the Institute, and found it to bet both a healing and an aesthetic dream”

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Vanity | January 2013

"In the best beauty news of 2013 so far, Marilyn Monroe's go-to dermatologist has returned to Manhattan in a big way"

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Avenue | January 2013

"Caviar canapes were passed around while guests clinked their flutes of champagne in Soho last month"

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NY Times Style Magazine | Winter 2012

"Sign up for a Skin Transformation membership at Erno Laszlo's Institute and get a personalized series of facials, peels and laser resurfacing"

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DuJour Magazine | Winter 2012

"The West Broadyway space will sell the brand's much-lauded products and revive Laszlo's long-term, bio-restorative approach to skin treatments"

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Just Luxe | December 2012

“So many of the world’s most glamorous celebrities passed through those doors that the Institute was referred to as the “House of Silence”

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Fab Fit Fun | December 2012

“Just when our skin is feeling dull, lackluster, and sans a youthful glow, skin care experts Erno Laszlo come to the rescue with a chic new Soho boutique”

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Refinery 29 | December 2012

“…Marilyn owned her perfect visage to one man, Dr. Erno Laszlo”

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Imagine | November 2012

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Vogue Germany | November 2012

Read More| November 2012

“..the Erno Laszlo Institute-where the beauty line’s eponymous founder once concocted his creations – is re-opening on West Broadway in New York’s Soho”

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PureWow | November 2012

“…it seems more and more like celebrity dermatologists are a dime a dozen. But if ever there were one to remember (and still swear by), it would be the late Erno Laszlo”

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Black Book | November 2012

“The snazzy new location boasts three stories, complete with a crystal chandelier and a members-only den”

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Vogue US | November 2012

"A skin-care legend is reborn at a sprawling new spa in New York"

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Gotham Magazine | October 2012

“Laszlo was a skincare expert to the stars, counting women like Monroe, Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, and Jackie Kennedy, among those who sought his advice and treatment”

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