The Principles
The ritual

The ritual


Tailored to each of the seven Erno Laszlo skin personalities, The Ritual ensures thorough cleansing, gradual exfoliation and the stimulation of circulation to the skin, to impart the famous "Laszlo Glow." Performed twice a day, The Ritual gives skin a 24-hour cycle of continual, gentle conditioning and renewal.

the four steps

erno laszlo's twice daily regimen of care

  • The Principles

    the cornerstone of the ritual

    Combine your prescribed cleanser with the Erno Laszlo Splashing Technique to exfoliate, oxygenate and stimulate blood flow. This step prepares skin to fully benefit from toning and moisturizing.

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  • The Principles

    treatments that balance

    Erno Laszlo toners balance your skin's pH, attract and bind moisture to the skin and provide lasting absorption of excess oil. A quick sweep primes the skin for moisturizing.

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  • The Principles

    Feel smooth and look flawless

    Day moisturizers quench and protect, while night moisturizers repair and replenish your skin as you sleep. The result is round-the-clock hydration and cell renewal.

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  • The Principles

    80% Treatment - 20% Finish

    Our tinted finishing formulas both treat and cover—controlling surface oils, tightening pores and providing a sheer, matte finish that allows your natural radiance to shine through.

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The 30 splashes

the 30 splashes

Erno Laszlo formulas maximize the skin's ability to benefit from the cleansing and replenishing properties of water. Each Ritual requires 30 splashes in comfortably hot or warm water to:

  • Deeply and thoroughly cleanse the skin
  • Exfoliate skin cells and flush out toxins
  • Plump and soften the skin
  • Exercise and strengthen the capillaries
  • Accelerate cell renewal
  • Enhance the absorption of moisturizers
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erno laszlo's system for accurate skin type classification


12 noon

12 Noon represents Normal, or balanced, skin. The further the hour from 12 Noon, the more severe the condition needing treatment.

am hours

"Minus" or A.M. skin types lack oil. These drier skin types need specific help to better balance moisture levels.

pm hours

"Plus" or P.M. skin types have an excess of oil. These skin types need to control shine and tend to experience breakouts.

the five skin personalities

erno laszlo's unique and specific skin type classifications

extremely dry/dry slightly dry normal/combination slightly oily extremely oily/oily

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