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Erno Laszlo New York


The Birth of Bespoke

Having perfected the world’s most coveted complexions from Europe to Hollywood, Dr. Erno Laszlo brought his bespoke skincare philosophy to New York City in 1927.  There, he introduced his storied clients – from Greta Garbo and Jackie O. to Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe – to his signature double cleanse and cultivated the brand’s customized approach to skincare. 

“I owe 50% of my beauty to my mother and the other 50% to Erno Laszlo,” - Audrey Hepburn

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  • 2/20 Dr. Erno Laszlo was born in Hungary in 1897.
  • 3/20 He studied skin pathology and disease at the Royal Hungarian Elisabeth University in Budapest and completed his studies in Berlin with Professor Max Joseph in 1921, “the father of modern dermatology.”
  • 4/20 In 1925, he healed Hungary’s Princess Stephanie’s acute acne developing Phormula 3-1. He was the first to develop products for acne-prone skin.
  • 5/20 In 1927 Dr. Laszlo opened his first Erno Laszlo Institute of Scientific Cosmetology in Budapest. The state-of-the art facility included a mini lab for completely personalized formulations he used in his bespoke treatments.
  • 6/20 In the 1920’s he treated Frida Gombaszogi, one of Hungary’s most celebrated actresses after she was shot in the face by a rejected suitor. His success led him from the world of theater to the land of movies as he headed to Hollywood in 1937.
  • 7/20 He was the first to create a skincare ritual. Women use to wash their face with cold cream to remove make-up. He emphasized the importance of cleansing with a cleansing oil and bar. Known today as the “double cleanse.”
  • 8/20 In 1939, he launched his bespoke skincare philosophy and opened The Institute on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. It was for members only. The Duchess of Windsor called The Institute “The Ho­use of Silence” because there were so many secrets kept within its walls.
  • 9/20 In 1940, film legend Greta Garbo visits the Institute for the first time and becomes a devotee and longtime friend of the doctor.
  • 10/20 Dr Erno Laszlo was coveted by Hollywood’s and society's most sought after – Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Cecile de Rothschild, Gloria Vanderbilt and Doris Duke just to name a few.
  • 11/20 Phormula 3-9 is a famous collection that began in the early 1920’s. Marilyn Monroe had Phormula 3-8 specifically created for her scar on her stomach. When newspapers around the world carried photos of Marilyn Monroe’s death, Phelityl Cream could be seen on her nightstand. She was a lifelong devotee.
  • 12/20 Since the early 50’s Erno Laszlo was the darling of the press. Editors from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country featured him and his methods regularly. In 1967 Women’s Wear Daily announced that Erno Laszlo has become the “in-demand” brand “Laszlo is the pivotal line now.”
  • 13/20 The muse of Coco Chanel and the World’s first “Supermodel” Suzy Parker joins the famous faces of Laszlo, and becomes a lifelong devotee.
  • 14/20 A long standing partner in business Erno Laszlo launched his first commercial skincare line at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York in 1952. Sweeping success and line extensions follow.
  • 15/20 In 1973 Dr. Erno Laszlo died of heart failure. His brand and legacy continue to live on today through product innovation.
  • 16/20 In 1977 Woody Allen immortalizes the Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar in Annie Hall. Allen has been called over to Annie Hall’s apartment to kill a large spider with a tennis racquet in the bath tub. While he is in the bathroom he sees a bar of black soap: A: “What is this, you got black soap?” D: “Its for my Complexion.”
  • 17/20 As product innovation continued Erno Laszlo was more in demand than ever before. To preserve the high level of personal service and customization, products were sold on a membership basis, with consultation only. Membership had to be capped at 25,000 members.
  • 18/20 In 2012 The Institute of Erno Laszlo emerges in downtown SoHo with a new take on the membership and introduces bespoke facial treatments to the public.
  • 19/20 Celebrities, social media influencers and beauty editors rediscover the bespoke treatments that make the exclusivity of The Institute so coveted. This new generation of devotees reignites the desire for bespoke services and unparalleled formulations that makes Erno Laszlo a destination for the skincare obsessed.
  • 20/20 In fall of 2016 our pioneering heritage comes a full circle by reinventing the Double Cleanse, a concept Dr. Laszlo first developed in 1935. With modern-day beauty clients in mind Erno Laszlo unveils five concern specific cleansing duos with highly effective actives delivering instantly visible results.