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  • #GlowBetter with Powder Masks

    The Laszlo Latest How To Videos
    May 23, 2017

    Powder Masking:

    Masking is the perfect way to get instant results. It can plump, boost, lift and hydrate so you can look refreshed. We recommend our Powder Masks daily, weekly or whenever you need that extra boost to give you a fresh faced glow.

    Why Powder Masks?
    It's a DIY at-home spa treatment that gives maximum benefit to the skin. The powder and liquid have the perfect ingredient mix full of powerful actives that work their magic when combined and applied. It goes from powder to rubber so you can feel the activation. The key ingredients delivered with thick texture penetrate deep into the skin. You can decide what your skin needs with our three concern-driven masks: Hydrate, Firm, or Brighten.

  • What Mom Really Wants

    The Laszlo Latest
    May 05, 2017

    May is all about Mom! She may be content spending time together as a family, but let’s be real, everyone always appreciates a little gift. We talked to the Moms in our lives about what they really want for Mother’s Day.

    Mom to be:

    “As a first-time mom-to-be, my skin has been freaking out. I would love a gift that helps calm my skin. I’m also only three months along and nervous about stretch marks.” – Emily

    First child or fourth, expecting mom to be should be gifted something thoughtful.

    Skin can panic during pregnancy. Between hormonal changes and stress, acne and irritation can be a real struggle. Our Sensitive Double Cleanse ($28) is a great treat for irritated skin and a great chance to wash away the stress.


     As her belly grows, stretch marks become a concern. Phormula 3-9 Cream ($275) is a nourishing blend of botanical oils, plant and marine bio-actives creating a protective and healing barrier at the surface of the skin, absorbing deeply to heal damage and hydrate skin.


    Pregnancy can also be uncomfortable, so give her some comfort. We love the Natori Shangri-La Robe ($98). The soft material from a nice robe is great for lounging around the house, especially in their third trimester.

     Natori Shangri-La Robe

    New Mom:

    “It’s a lot harder than people say.” – Katie

    A newborn takes a lot of energy from Mom. Why not be helpful and make their transition into their new lifestyle smoother?

    Our current gifting obsession is Simone Leblanc Gift Boxes ($50-$750). Their New Mom boxes are super adorable with a variety of relaxing treats for Mom as well as come chic baby accessories. 


    Since new moms are busy focusing most of their time and energy on their new little one, a face mask is a great gift for some real R&R time. We love recommending our Firm & Lift Hydrogel Mask ($16)  to any busy person. It helps revive tired, dull skin (aka women with newborns who get zero sleep).


    Another thoughtful gift is a housecleaning with Handy (they also do furniture assembly, interior painting, and more!).  Things can get a little crazy with a new baby and clean the house is often the last thing a new mom wants to do so take why not take some pressure off her to-do list?

    While the house is getting clean, spend the day exploring outside with the kids. We love the idea of giving mom a S’well Bottle ($25-$45) and doing a family hike. Stay hydrated and active! Just remember to double cleanse after!


    All women:

    “I love having a morning breakfast with my family, but I also would love the gift of time to get a few things done on my project list. Painting that hallway, cleaning out the garage… things I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Plus, if the family helps it’s a bonus.” -Teri

    Treat mom to a little much need me-time. This could be a facial at The Institute at Erno Laszlo (Price Upon Request) or a UTO (unpaid time off). Give them the day to treat themselves and do things they’ve been meaning to do.


  • Spring Refresh

    The Laszlo Latest
    March 15, 2017

    Refresh. Renew. Revamp. Spring time is nature’s makeover and the perfect time to reinvent your routine. And sometimes the best way to find that new you is to put things back in order. Here at Erno Laszlo, we’re all about maintaining that healthy, balanced lifestyle at home, at work, and with our skin – making sure to leave the extremes for winter. From a much-needed spring clean to an essential spring break, we asked our team here at Erno what the best ways are to click refresh for the season.

    Make You Time

    Kids. Jobs. Apartments. Pets. Friends. We spend so much of our days making sure everyone else is okay, it’s hard to take the time for a little self-reflection. Let the new season bring in some much-needed self-love and find a balance in your you time. How about some ultimate relaxation with a facial at the Institute, Erno Laszlo’s flagship in New York City, or an at-home ritual refresh with our Transphuse Rapid Renewal or illuminating Vitamin C-Peel. Whether it’s a night out with friends or a night in with yourself, a date with bey or a date with the beauty professionals at Lazlo, take a couple hours to just do you. 

    Make One Healthy Change

    We always say this, but if there is an unhealthy habit you’ve been wanting to kick, the change of season is a great way to get motivated. It could be as simple as drinking more water to reach that 8 -10 glasses a day goal, or it could be the time to really quit smoking (plus, your skin will thank you). Or maybe it’s time to actually stick to your new year’s resolutions to get fit in the a more temperate climate. Start now and try to have a positive outlook at your progress, giving yourself props when you meet small goals. For us, it’s to remember to wash our face every night – even after that glass of wine when bed looks so tempting. It’s a small step to a big change. Spending just two minutes to double cleanse will save your skin, leave you blemish-free, and ready to tackle all your other spring goals.

    Make A Trip

    Post-holiday at the office can be a bummer. Get out of that cubicle hibernation, book some PTO days, and find yourself somewhere new this spring. Puerto Rico, Paris, Vancouver – the world is your oyster (or baguette, or poutine). Go somewhere totally different or visit a friend or a family member to refresh, inspire and reboot your brain. To keep skin at its best during your travels we LOVE our Double Cleanse Travel Duos. It’s the perfect size for TSA, comes with a convenient travel case, and keeps your skin comfortable while you’re out of your comfort zone.

    Make A Difference

    Whatever it is about warm weather that makes us want to empty out our closets and start fresh, be impulsive, shake things up and do some good. Take a day going through old clothes, unworn impulse buys, and unused beauty products and donate to friends or your local shelter. Nothing is more rewarding than a clutter free lifestyle and a chance to give to others, plus, minimalism is SO in this year. 

  • Glowing Skin For Date Night And Beyond

    The Laszlo Latest
    February 08, 2017

    Whether you’re hanging out with your special someone or spending time with the people you love the most this V-Day, love is always in the air in February. Skin problems, however, are never in. So, while you’re busy sharing the love, give your skin some love too. Read on for our ultimate guide for getting healthy, radiant, and clear skin for date night, late night, and beyond.

    Your perfect couple

    Famous duos (think: Brad and Jen!) come and go, but our double cleansing duos will always be a perfect pairing. To get your skin totally flawless, start with a double cleansing duo – we recommend the Sensitive Double Cleanse to amp up the Valentine’s day spirit. And, it’s full of good-for-you ingredients like chamomile, coconut, and green tea to reduce redness, repair damage and leave your skin seriously refreshed.


    Oh – and if you haven’t found your perfect pair, discover the double cleanse for you by taking our skin personality test.

    Don’t Stress It

    Stress seriously wrecks your skin. And we all know that those “What ifs?” leading up to Valentine’s Day only up the ante. Whether you think a proposal is in the works, or you’re finally going on a first date with that guy you’ve had your eye on – don’t let the stress get to your skin.

    First step: deep breath. Stop stressing! Just be you. And then, try our Soothe & Calm Hydrogel Mask for a 15-minute fix that looks like you’ve never ever stressed before.


    Amp Up Your Beauty Rest

    Beauty rest isn’t the stuff of myth. It actually works. And, we know you’re always busy so how about multi-tasking? Try the Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask and get your zzz’s and radiant skin – at. the. same. time.

    sleep mask

    Get That “I’m in Love” Glow

    Dewy complexions are seriously in. Arrive to your date, girls’ night, or even work with refreshed glowing skin thanks to our Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion.

    refresh infusion

    Clear Your Schedule

    If it looks like you don’t have any V-Day plans, make a date with us. Turn your living space into a mini spa and invite your girlfriends to a spa night. We’re thinking manis, pedis, masking, and maybe even watching some trashy TV. Our favorite way to get the chill vibes going on a night in is with our Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment.




  • Skin Recovering 4.1.1.

    The Laszlo Latest Tips & Tricks
    December 06, 2016

    The holidays can take a serious toll on your glow – here’s how to get back on track. Non-stop partying, heavy food, and all that stress to impress can leave your complexion looking dull and fatigued instead of flawless and radiant.

    And while adding more makeup to your beauty routine is an easy (and tempting!) fix, too much makeup can leave your skin needing some major TLC. So whether you’re battling stress, late nights (and hangovers!), or just need a confidence boost – we have some ideas that will help you hit reset. So go ahead – hit pause before you go out and celebrate. We’ve got your back.  

    So you’re feeling… Stressed

    The end of the year is jam-packed with stress – it seems like there’s always too much to do! From traveling to finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, and cooking the perfect meal there’s always something or someone you need to take care of.

    If you’re waking up to new breakouts or if your skin is looking dull, take some time off and forget about your to-do list. (Seriously, your skin is the first to respond to stress!)

    Start by doing something for yourself like meditating, going on a long walk, or getting a manicure, and recalibrate your lifestyle to get that glow back.

    For best results, add the Sensitive Double Cleanse and Soothe & Calm Hydrogel Mask to your ritual. They’re jam-packed with good for your skin ingredients like chamomile, coconut, and honey to restore balance and help you get your glow on.

    The products:

    Sensitve Double Cleanse and Soothe & Calm Hydrogel Mask


    So you… stayed out later than you should have

    No shame. We get it. We’ve been known to stay out until dawn too. And it’s oh so tempting to do so during the holidays too – there’s always a party to go to or someone in town to grab a drink with.

    If you haven’t been getting your Zzz’s, you’ve probably noticed your skin looks dull or that your dark circles are looking more noticeable.

    First things first: if you’re stumbling home at 4 A.M. after too many glasses of champagne, make sure you double cleanse your face. Letting environmental pollutants, makeup, and dirt collect on your skin overnight can cause you to age faster, break out, and make your pores look enlarged.

    Assess the damage the next day and make sure you’re getting eight glasses or more of water in your system. We also recommend getting your sweat on: head to a spin class, bikram yoga, or go for a run.

    For a maximum detox and refresh to your ritual, add the Detoxifying Double Cleanse and Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask to your ritual. The cleanse exfoliates and detoxifies your skin with charcoal and deep sea mud. And, getting your beauty rest with a sleep mask on helps you wake up to hydrated, calm, glowing skin.

    The products: 

    Detoxifying Double Cleanse and Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask


    So you… need an extra boost of confidence

    If you’re nervous about hosting extended family, meeting your new significant others’ parents, or even if you’re worried you’re going to run into your ex… put down the liquid courage, and let’s get you looking (and feeling) your best.

    First off: you got this.

    Now let’s take a step back and help you get the TLC you need to feel your best. Try taking some time to focus on a new challenge (like learning to bake a pie!) or hit snooze and get some R&R.

    We like doing an at-home facial with our Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment and curling up on couch with a throw and watching some Netflix. The Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment is a dual phase mask that plumps, soothes, and refreshes skin. So – play hooky and take an afternoon to yourself. You deserve it.

    The products:

    Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment


    Not sure where to start? 

    Take our Skin Personality Test and get your complete ritual! 

  • One Does Not Fit All

    The Laszlo Latest
    September 19, 2016

    Trying to find the perfect skincare routine can be absolutely dizzying – there are thousands of products out there! We’ve made it easy to find the ritual for you: try our new Skin Assessment, and find your ritual in minutes.

    Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, mask…There are so many products everyone says you have to have and have to use: but that doesn’t mean that they’re right for you. And, just because a certain routine works for a Vogue editor or your friend (who has the time for a twelve step skincare ritual every night) doesn’t mean that it’s the right routine for you.


    Have you had the same skincare routine since 1993? If it works for you, keep it. But, if you have mixed reactions to products, it’s time for an update.

    Remember that as you age, and as stresses enter or leave your life your skin changes. It’s a good idea to re-assess your skin (and your skincare!) seasonally or after big life changes like a new job, cross country move, or pregnancy.

    Life changes don’t always mean having to scrap your routine entirely. Below are some quick fixes that keep your ritual in line for everything that life throws at you:



    As the humidity vanishes and the leaves go from green to red, your skin can get dry and irritated.

    A seasonal change can mean updating your Double Cleanse routine or adding a richer moisturizer into the mix – to keep your #LaszloGlow.



    As summer winds down, the effects from your European vacation or time on the beach may still be visible on your face (fingers crossed you wore SPF!). Add a hydration boost to help, like our Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion, a lightweight, deeply hydrating booster serum for fall.



    When you’re 40, your lifestyle looks a little different than it did at 22. It doesn’t matter if your age, taking a more personalized approach to your ritual means your skin will thank you. Entering a new life stage may mean adding an eye treatment to your ritual, like our number #1 eye cream, Transphuse Eye Refiner to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



    Stress feels like a regular feature of modern life. Between career and personal life, things can get crazy. If your complexion has taken on a sallow, dull tone– act fast. Layer on a hydrating gel sleep mask overnight to restore hydration, and wake up to a glowing complexion the next day.  Best part?  No downtime, simply apply before bed and wake up refreshed. 

  • The Power of Two

    The Laszlo Latest
    August 16, 2016

    Here at Erno Laszlo, we believe the best things come in pairs. See why we believe in the #PowerOfTwo.

    So what’s all the buzz about “two?” In today’s world, time is the ultimate luxury, and quickly rinsing your face at the end of the day is the easiest way to save time. But you’re actually losing time this way – skincare shortcuts have long-lasting, negative effects that you’ll spend more time fighting in the end. Think: breakouts, wrinkles, clogged pores…

    How do you get around that? A concern-led double cleansing routine with active ingredients that work at the cellular level. This is your road map to beautiful skin.

    We believe in four key concerns (Detoxifying, Calming, Firming, and Hydrating), so we designed cleansing routines around them.

    Find your Power of Two.

    Detoxifying Double Cleanse:

    This cleansing duo features our iconic Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar (it’s been a customer favorite since the 1970s)!

    Our new Detoxifying Cleansing Oil is the perfect pair to your Sea Mud Cleansing Bar. This oil includes ingredients like charcoal, grape seed oil and seawater.

    These ingredients work together to open up your pores, draw out impurities and combat the everyday buildup of toxins on your skin.

    Who is this for?

    – People with larger pores and pollutant build-up on skin.

    – Ideal for those who live in urban environments

    The result?

    Tighter pores and smooth, glowing skin.

    Shop All Exfoliate & Detox

    Soothing Double Cleanse:

    Our Sensitive Cleansing Oil and Bar are all about soothing and calming skin. They gently cleanse your skin and remove irritants while simultaneously delivering soothing ingredients.

    The Sensitive Cleansing Oil features almond oil and fatty acids to reduce and protect against inflammation and promote skin renewal.

    Our Sensitive Cleansing Bar has chamomile and green tea extract to support skin’s healthy glow and defend it from damaging free radicals. When combined, you get a deep cleanse without stripping your skin of its natural, healthy oils.

    Who is this for?

    – People with sensitive skin that is easily irritated or have rosacea.

    The result?

    Even-toned skin that looks refreshed and calm.

    Shop All Soothe & Calm

    Hydrating Double Cleanse:

    Get hydrated with our Hydra-Therapy Cleansing Oil and Phelityl Cleansing Bar. This duo delivers rich moisture to your skin as it cleanses.

    Our new Hydra-Therapy Cleansing Oil has avocado oil, vitamin B, and rosemary extract: these three ingredients work together to nourish and protect while plumping those fine lines and wrinkles that we’d all like to avoid.

    Plus, the Phelityl Cleansing Bar delivers a rich lather when combined with the Hydra-Therapy Cleansing Oil. Safflower seed oil and fatty acids balance your complexion by mimicking the same nourishing oils and pH balance that are naturally in skin. 

    Who is this for?

    – People who experience dry, tight and/or flaky skin or need an extra hydration boost.

    The result?

    A true #LaszloGlow featuring plump, hydrated skin.

    Shop All Hydrate & Nourish


    Firming Double Cleanse:

    Get that bounce. Our new Firmarine Cleansing Oil knows how to deliver.

    The oil’s Marine Complex penetrates pores and begins lifting and firming skin. The Firmarine Cleansing Bar delivers Spirulina Maxima, vitamin C, and E and shea butter to lift, protect, and soften skin.

    When these products are put together, you get a deeper cleanse. Plus, unique time-release technology works both day and night—lifting, smoothing and firming skin long after you’ve cleansed.

    Who is this for?

    – People who want an extra lift to their skin or are experiencing a decline in skin elasticity.

    The result?

    A smooth, lifted complexion.

    Shop All Hydrate & Nourish

    Not sure where to start? Take our Skin Assessment Test and discover #ThePowerOfTwo.



  • Get to know our Lead Therapist, Judit G

    The Laszlo Latest
    July 29, 2016

    Need a facial treatment? No problem! Our Lead Esthetician, Judit Galambosi, has been our go-to facial and skincare expert for over 3 years. We caught up with her at The Institute at Erno Laszlo to talk all things skincare and discuss the importance of finding the right products for your skin.

    How did you come to NYC and the Erno Laszlo Institute? What’s your background in skincare? 

    I was born and raised in Hungary where I received my esthetics education 18 years ago. I then worked in London for 7 years, where I furthered my education and helped run a spa for 5 years. I joined the Erno Laszlo Institute as the Lead Therapist when a former client invited me to interview. I loved the Erno Laszlo approach to facial treatments, and I’ve been here for 3 years now.


    What’s your favorite part about working as a skincare expert?

    Making people feel better about themselves! I grew up with cystic acne, which made me very self-conscious. Regular facial treatments changed the condition of my skin for the better – which in turn helped me gain my confidence back. We all have something we would like to improve about our skin and I love embarking on that journey with my clients.


    What is the most common concern among people you meet?

    There are two concerns that people discuss with me the most: acne and anti-aging. Basically everyone I meet wants to have clear, radiant skin or asks how to slow-down or reverse the signs of aging.


    What do you notice first when meeting a new client?

    It all depends on the individual.  We begin with a thorough consultation before we start our treatments and while I am talking to the client I am already analyzing the condition of the skin. On a surface level you can easily notice the overall texture of the skin: this includes any blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, flakiness, excess oils, and overall skin health.


    What does a good skincare regimen look like?

    The proper at home ritual doesn’t have to be extensive to be effective. One has to start with a strong foundation, which is with a thorough double cleanse system.  This purifies and prepares the skin for better penetration of the products to follow. The next, most important step is finding a moisturizer which is most suitable for your skin’s needs. A moisturizer is going to nourish and protect your skin’s best assets. Lastly, an eye cream is essential because the under eye area is thinner than the rest of your skin and therefore requires special attention.  I always tell me to add a mask 3-4 times a week.  It’s not only relaxing, it truly will add a nice layer of hydration and glow to your complexion. 


    Why should people change up their routine morning and night?

     Your skin has different needs during the day and the night. In the morning one wants to focus on protection. During the day our skin is exposed to excess oil, make-up, dirt, bacteria, pollution and environmental elements. It is important to use products that will provide proper defense and help prevent skin damage. At night is when your skin repairs and rejuvenates. While we are asleep our bodies rest and in return have extra energy to repair itself. The focus at night should be on nourishing and hydrating the skin. It’s a great time to use serums for targeted concerns since the active ingredients are smaller on a molecular level allowing for more effective product penetration.


    What’s the importance of a double cleanse with an oil and cleansing bar?

     Our nourishing cleansing oil soothes and softens the skin while gently breaking up excess oil, make-up, impurities, and pollution without stripping the skin of its own moisture. When massaged together with our targeted cleansing bar it creates a rich cleansing mask that deeply cleanses the pores by emulsifying and removing impurities from the skin.

    When should people start taking their skincare ritual more seriously to avoid signs of aging? How important are facial treatments as a part of a good skincare regimen?

    Almost all of the fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, rougher skin texture we associate with aging are caused by sun damage. It’s never too early to start protecting and preventing the skin by applying sunscreen every day all year around, starting at childhood. The UV penetration can be equally strong all year round, even in the winter, make sure you are using SPF every day. The “official” aging process starts around the age of 25 so starting a bespoke and more targeted skin care routine that includes regularly scheduled facial treatments around that age is essential in preventing and slowing down visible signs of aging.


    How does diet play into a good skincare regimen?

    Poor nutrition can accelerate skin degeneration.  Just by eating the right foods we can begin to minimize or even prevent common skin problems. Skin is built from the inside out and feeding our body with proper nutrition and antioxidants can help maintain a healthy, radiant complexion. The best defense against free radical damage (breakdown of cell DNA/aging) is a diet which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. A proper diet paired with topical application of products that contain essential vitamins and antioxidants can keep the appearance of your skin healthy and clear. For a healthier body and radiant skin make sure your diet is well balanced with fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish.


    What’s the most common misuse of skincare products do you see?

    Using products that are unsuitable for their skin type. Having a professional skin evaluation bridges the gap between beauty and science.  I have seen a lot of people try to "self-diagnose" and compensate for being overly oily by using very harsh cleansers that only further irritate the skin and exacerbate the problem without looking into root cause of their skin condition.  At The Institute, regardless of if you’re a walk-in or coming in for your regular facial treatment, we always conduct a thorough skin analysis on the client in order to recommend the correct products. With this knowledge, we can educate our client on the true condition of their skin and what products they can use to achieve the best results. Using a product just because it works for your friend isn’t really the best way to create your own skincare ritual.


    What is your favorite EL product to recommend to new clients?

    Our foundation for healthy skin and a great skincare routine is the double cleanse. The first product I recommend is always the best cleansing oil and soap duo to prepare the skin for better penetration of the products that to follow. The Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask is also a favorite of mine. It’s a lightweight gel mask packed with antioxidants that gives extra hydration to the skin overnight and let’s be honest, every one’s skin can use a nice hydrating boost!




  • How Do You Mask?

    The Laszlo Latest
    July 12, 2016

    Get the scoop on Erno Laszlo’s full line of masks (including our brand new Hydrogel Masks!) and find out how masking can help you treat your skin concerns.

    Here’s the skinny – masking is all the rage. You’ve probably seen people posting their masking selfies on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook… You name it. If all this masking has left you a little confused, we’ve compiled the ultimate masking guide to help you find the perfect mask for your skin.   

    Beyond The Selfie: The Sheet Mask

    Our White Marble Sheet Mask = instant gratification. Just apply your mask and indulge in some you time. Our suggestions? Meditation, reading, or maybe even binge watching Netflix. After 15-20 minutes, remove the mask for brighter, glowing skin. We like using this mask in the morning when we have a big day ahead, or after work to refresh before dinner with friends.

    In Perfect Form: The Modeling Mask

    Modeling Masks, like our Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment (aka our famous pink mask) are a must-have when prepping for any big event. Think: weddings, family reunions or holiday parties. When you apply our pink mask to the skin, it delivers intense moisture and calms the skin. This mask requires time to mix and apply to the skin. It is an extremely effective mask with real results but best used when you’re not rushing off to the next big thing. Some of our clients use this daily for a week or month to really hydrate, plump and renew their skin.


    The Perfect In-Between: The Hydrogel Mask

    When you crave the results of a modeling mask and only have time for a sheet mask, that’s where our NEW hydrogel comes in. It peels on and off like a sheet mask but the hydrogel gel material contours to the skin like a modeling mask. It is mess free and great at delivering a boost on the go. Both sheet masks and modeling masks require you to relax or they will get messy when you move around. With hydrogel, you can multi-task. The gel texture helps the mask stay put. So, take care of the vacuuming or cook dinner while you’re masking. You can always travel with a few. Since these masks are mess-free, toss one into your carry-on and  restore your skin in-flight when you get away this summer. Our hydrogel masks are designed to treat three specific skin concerns – delivering active ingredients to address how your skin is feeling.

     Exfoliate & Detox after a long weekend with friends.

     Soothe & Calm while in-flight to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed when you land.

     Firm & Lift when you need that extra boost to look your best.


    For The Long Haul: The Sleep Mask

    Sometimes life is too crazy for a 20 minute mask, that’s why we LOVE our easy, drama-free Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask. This is for those lazy nights where you know your skin needs hydration, but you don’t have time or energy for a full treatment. Simply apply to clean skin before bed and wake up to glowing, hydrated and calm skin. We recommend keeping this one on your nightstand and using it twice a week. It’s perfect after a long, stressful day.


    The Laszlo Latest
    June 21, 2016

    It’s summer, and we’re celebrating by sharing our best warm-weather skincare secrets. Get the inside scoop on how Lead Esthetician, Judit, Global Training Director, Hyang, and Senior Director of Digital, Catherine, care for their skin.

    Judit – Lead Esthetician at The Erno Laszlo Institute

    What is your must-have product?

    If I had to pick just one, I would choose the Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30. I was a sun worshiper in my youth, but now I would never leave the house without sun protection. It contains Spirulina maxima and seawater, so apart from the sun protection I am getting the nutritional benefit my skin needs to keep it firm and glowing.

    How do you adjust your ritual for summer?

    I always pay close attention to what my skin is telling me and adjust my routine accordingly. This adjustment could differ from year to year as our skin is constantly changing.  Recently I just swapped my Transphuse Line Refining Cream with the Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask. It has a lightweight gel texture that keeps my skin well hydrated overnight.

    What’s your #1 skincare tip for flawless skin?

    Don’t skip your routine. No matter how tired you are or how late you get home, always follow your daily ritual. One night is all it takes to clog pores, cause breakouts and lose the glow of your skin.  As Erno Laszlo famously said: “Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.”

    What is your favorite summer get away or activity?

    I love driving, but I don’t have a car in New York. When I can, I’ll rent a car and go on random road trips for a few days. My plan for this summer is to explore upstate New York.


    Hyang – Global Training Director

    What is your must-have product?

    I am a frequent air-traveler with a busy lifestyle and at the end of the day, my skin gets very oily and dehydrated, leaving my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. For years I’ve been looking for a perfectly balanced moisturizer that’s light and hydrating, and I’ve found it in the White Marble Translucence Cream. I love the luxurious, creamy texture and the refreshing hint of citrus. It’s not just a wonderful moisturizer, but a true skin brightener loaded with powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C and Chinese Plum. It keeps my skin hydrated and bright while I’m on the go.

    How do you adjust your ritual for summer?

    Extra sun exposure, heat and frequent cleansing makes my skin sensitive during the summer. Whenever my skin needs help, I put on the Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Mask to calm and soothe the skin. It is a fantastic rescue mask that works wonders in less than 20 minutes! It’s also an excellent mask to use after receiving treatments such as waxing and laser hair removal. In the summer, I’ll include more brightening products in my regimen. For example, the White Marble Treatment Bar keeps my skin cleansed, exfoliated and brightened, all in one.

    What’s your #1 skincare tip for flawless skin?                

    Honor your skin by nourishing it in two ways: topically and internally. Our skin is the first line of defense against environmental assaults. In order to defend our body, our skin needs constant nutrients, not only from topical products, but also from nutritious foods. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is crucial for good health and good skin.

    What is your favorite summer get away or activity?

    Terranea Resort in California is one of my favorite places on earth. It’s built on a bluff, so it has a breathtaking oceanfront view. I love hiking in Terranea while admiring the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to do some dolphin watching! It’s a gorgeous place.


    Catherine – Senior Director of Ecommerce and Online Partnerships

    What is your must-have product?

    This is a toss-up between the Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask and the Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair. I use Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair morning and night to keep my lids hydrated and looking refreshed on a daily basis. An esthetician once told me that eye cream is a must in your daily ritual from the time you are in your early 20’s, so I’m trying to make up for lost time! The Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask is great as I travel frequently, and I always apply it just before a long flight. I also use it bi-weekly when I’m at home to keep my skin hydrated, especially in the winter months.

    How do you adjust your ritual for summer?  

    I lighten up my routine. For skincare, I’ll swap out my serum/moisturizer/make-up routine for a serum/tinted moisturizer routine. I love Phormula 3-9 Repair Serum and always use it, regardless of season. I also like to switch from the hydrating double cleanse to using just the Phelityl Gel Cleanser. Of course, my moisturizer or tinted moisturizer must have an SPF, all year round.

    What’s your #1 skincare tip for flawless skin? 

    Don’t pick at blemishes! (I wish I was better at taking my own advice!)

    What is your favorite summer get away or activity?

    Road trips! I love taking off for the beach, going camping, or exploring a new city. Now that I live on the west coast, I’m looking forward to cruising the Pacific Coast Highway this summer.  Plus, I can travel by car with my Poodle/Bichon mix, Bernie. He’s the best navigator.


    What does your summer skincare ritual look like? Show us on Instagram and tag @ernolaszlonyc #LaszloGlow

  • DAD - WE ❤ YOU

    The Laszlo Latest
    June 13, 2016

    So to celebrate, we’ve put together a few ideas for Father’s Day fun. We’re sharing some of our favorite spots in New York to treat your dad too, but we think as long as you do a little something to show the love, you’re golden.

    Let’s face it, dads are so much easier to please then moms. 


    You know him well, and there are some things that never change. A Mets vs. Braves game might be just the ticket to make his day, or even a trip to his favorite museum.  The Met has a great rooftop!  Want to do something really random but fun? A great haircut from the one and only Rudy’s Barbershop is something he won’t soon forget.


    Nothing says love like good food and drink, and a nice steak dinner with dad seems pretty fail-proof. The Old Homestead Steakhouse serves up the biggest, most delicious steaks in the city in a classic, old New York setting. We also love the 21 Club, a former speakeasy with a great vibe. If you want to go really old school, Pete’s Tavern is a casual, vintage bar with great burgers, and it’s also been around since 1864. If you’re looking for something a little trendier, try The Lucky Bee, a farm-to table Asian restaurant with fabulous curries and cocktails. 


    He might scoff at the idea of a bespoke facial at the Erno Laszlo Institute, but we guarantee that the moment his treatment begins, he’ll forget all about those hesitations! Why not surprise him this year, and even indulge him with an Institute membership? He’ll be so glad you did.  And if a facial is out of the question, give him a new shaving kit.  Our iconic Sea Mud Soap + Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil creates a great lather that softens the hair for a close shave while continuing to protect the skin from a sharp blade. If you are in SoHo stop by the Institute and one of our brand ambassadors will give your dad (and you) a free sample to try and a moment of celebrating 1927, when the brand launched.  It’s a beautiful 10,000 square space, with a vintage glam vibe.  Fun to pop on over. 

    So how are you planning to treat Dad this year? Share your Father’s Day photo on Instagram and tag us! @ernolaszlonyc #LaszloGlow #welovedad


    The Laszlo Latest
    May 11, 2016

    We’ve all heard it a million times, but it bears repeating: always wear SPF! No matter the time of year, even if it’s cold and cloudy, the sun can damage your skin. Anytime you’re outdoors, you should plan on applying sunscreen to areas that will be exposed to the elements. If you’re not sure why, we’ve got a few good reasons:


    Yes, we will all acquire a few lines and wrinkles as the years pass, but if you use sunscreen regularly, you will notice a huge difference in how your skin ages. Ever witnessed the skin of a sun worshipper or someone who doesn’t use sunscreen? The proof is truly in the (sun-protective) pudding!



    Freckles are cute. Dark spots are not! When sun damage turns into brown spots on your face, hands and chest, you’re seeing the sun exposure and sunburns of your youth coming back to haunt you. And the older you get, the more this damage becomes apparent. But all is not lost! Using sunscreen now will protect from further damage, and lucky for all of us, there are powerful skincare products available to correct and lighten skin in amazing ways.



    Ah, dry skin. In addition to causing wrinkles and dark spots, the sun also dries skin out considerably. When skin is dehydrated, wrinkles are enhanced and we can look older than we are. A good sunscreen will not only protect your skin from the sun, but will also keep skin moisturized and flake-free with an emollient-rich formulation.



    What else to say on this one? Nobody wants cancer. By simply applying sunscreen every day, you’re protecting your skin from cancer in the best way possible. If there was ever a reason to wear sunscreen, this is it.



    Firm & Lift: Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30

    Hydrate & Nourish: Phelityl Day Lotion SPF 15

    Repair & Rejuvenate: R.E.M. Day Lotion SPF 30

    Purify & Control: Oil Control Day Lotion SPF 15


    Do you apply sunscreen every day? Share on Twitter and tag @ErnoLaszlo #LaszloGlow



    The Laszlo Latest
    April 28, 2016

    “Call your mother.” It’s something we hear all the time, and there’s a reason for that. Taking time on Mother’s Day to show the moms in our lives that we appreciate them is so important! Whether it’s your own mother, your mother-in-law, your best friend, or even yourself, this is the day we put aside to celebrate all the moms we know and love.

    Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holidays.  We have been sharing skincare through generations of mothers and daughters.  We hear over and over again the connection we are able to make on something so important and personal. 

    If you’re thinking of going beyond the usual Mother’s Day card and doing something special this year, we’ve got a few ideas to help you show your love in true New York style!



    For a truly indulgent way to say “I love you,” nothing compares to a day of beautifying. The Institute at Erno Laszlo offers a bespoke facial treatment tailored to your skin concerns.  It’s the first year we are offering this, book a session for mom and yourself and spend the day together, luxuriating your skin and slowing down your mind.   



    Nothing compares to a big celebration with family and friends. If you are creative (and daring) enough to cook a fabulous meal at home for a large group, this is the way to go. Of course, if you’re just too busy to host a gathering, brunch or dinner at the perfect restaurant is a great way to treat mom. Three of our favorite places in the city include Supper, Egg Shop and Buvette. Time to treat and be treated!



    While spa days and incredible meals are things we’d all love to enjoy and give, sometimes our finances nudge us in a different direction. It can be just as meaningful (if not more so), to simply spend time and express your love in a way that doesn’t involve spending a lot of money. Why not grab coffee or tea and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge together? There’s also the Highline and window shopping in the Meatpacking District. Just taking the time to be together can mean everything.



    If you’re a mom, you know how precious your alone time is. Why not treat yourself to a day out, doing what you love most? Maybe its yoga, going to the gym or a SoulCycle class. Perhaps you love going to bookstores and getting lost in a new book. Or, maybe you just want a day at home to take a bath, do your favorite mask and snuggle up with a magazine. Do whatever you want – you deserve it!


    How are you planning to spend this Mother’s Day? Share a photo of you and your mom on Instagram and tag us using our handle @ernolaszlonyc and our brand hashtag #LaszloGlow.


  • Wonder Workouts & Glowing Skin

    The Laszlo Latest
    April 04, 2016

    One of the best things you can do to get that youthful glow and defy the aging process is exercise. Whether it’s yoga, running, cycling or gym time, working out is a no-brainer when it comes to looking and feeling vibrant. But could your workout be affecting your skin negatively?

    We talked to a few of our fanatically fit co-workers to hear all about their favorite ways to sweat it out, and how they keep that Laszlo Glow post-workout.



    I do a ton of walking in New York, so when I actually workout, I focus on cardio workouts like Peloton Cycle. I just joined ClassPass and can’t wait to try new classes throughout the city! I tend to have sensitive skin that will break out easily. The combination of studio-provided towels and shared equipment doesn’t help. I bring the Sea Mud Detoxifying Cleansing Ritual Trio to wash and tone my face right after each class. This trio provides a deep cleanse but also calms my sensitive skin. I always follow with REM SPF30 before leaving the gym. It gives me the moisture I need, plus I never skimp on the sunscreen!



    I love FlyBarre classes. They give me great results and are incredibly challenging. I never leave for a class without Anti-Blemish Beta Wash in my bag. This cleanser is perfect for acne prone and oily skin! I love using it on those days I have an extra-tough workout and want to wash my face afterwards, or plan to go from my workout to meeting a friend. It makes my skin feel so refreshed, and enhances my post-workout glow.



    For me, it’s hot yoga and Pilates all the way. I love Y7 Studio for yoga. It mixes traditional yoga with Hip Hop music! Gramercy Pilates always has a class available so it's my go to spot for a quick pick-me-up class. Both are so rejuvenating and make me feel really strong and lean without building too much muscle. The Pilates machines often make my hands dry, so I always have Phormula 3-9 Repair Balm in my workout bag. It’s so rich and heals dryness quickly. The heat from the yoga class can also dry my skin out. I make sure to replenish my skin’s glow with Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil and Cleansing Bar post workout. For an extra boost I use Hydra-Therapy Sleep Mask. When I use this mask I always wakeup with plump, hydrated skin.

    What’s your favorite workout routine and skincare ritual? Share on Instagram and tag @ErnoLaszloNYC #LaszloGlow


  • Get that Wedding Season Glow

    The Laszlo Latest
    March 25, 2016

    The season for exchanging vows is upon us and we all know what that means: revamped regimens to help us look and feel our absolute best. Whether you’re getting married, playing bridesmaid or attending as a guest, weddings give us a great reason to start a new program. We want to trim down to look fabulous in that dress, eat nourishing foods to keep our energy levels up, and take immaculate care of our skin so we can glow, glow, glow on that very important day!


    Three months might seem like plenty of time to prepare for the big day, but trust us, this time will fly by and you’ll be glad you started early. Start cutting out foods that might bloat you, like dairy and gluten. These foods can also cause inflammation in the body and lead to acne, so they’re best avoided as much as possible. Kicking off a new workout routine now will also pay off down the road, as will working out at least four times a week. Remember to keep up your twice-daily cleansing ritual and also incorporate a weekly mask, like our White Marble Sheet Mask or the Luminous Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel.


    Halfway there! Hopefully you’ve stuck with eating better, working out more and pampering your skin, because now it’s time to really kick it up a notch. Boost your workouts by increasing to 5-6 days at the gym per week or extending your current workout by 15 minutes or more. If you can, cut out sugar and alcohol. The extra calories and bloat aren’t worth it, and both can make skin look sallow and dehydrated. You’ll notice a real difference in how you look and feel.


    At three weeks out, you should be looking and feeling great. If those last few pounds are refusing to let go, or your skin seems to be having a “moment”, a tried-and-true solution is a cleanse and detox for the whole body. You can do a juice cleanse, take cleansing supplements, or try a new eating plan according to what you know works for you. Just be careful and consult your doctor before you start! We love doing a juice cleanse for 3-5 days; it really jumpstarts your energy and fat-burning power.


    Almost there! Hopefully you’ve stuck with your program, and if you have, you’re probably feeling pretty amazing. This is the week to keep things going, but also make sure to take some time to relax. If you’re in New York, this is the perfect time to schedule a bespoke treatment at The Erno Laszlo Institute. Your skin will love you for it.

    Ready to say “I do” to glowing skin, all season long? Share your summer wedding look on Instagram and tag @ErnoLaszloNYC


    The Laszlo Latest
    March 15, 2016

    Ready to rehydrate and replenish skin after a long winter’s nap?

    It’s time to bring skin back to life with a mega-dose of much-needed moisture, and we’ve got the perfect solution: the Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment Daily Hydration Mask.

    We love this best-selling mask for so many reasons. Similar to the ever-popular rubber mask, its texture is unlike anything we’ve used before. It has a fabulous cooling sensation on the skin and is a breeze to peel off once it dries. It’s also just so much fun to mix and apply! Our secret weapon to boosting its hydrating and firming effects? Apply a serum before doing the mask, and you’ll see even better results! Depending on what you’re looking for, we have a few ideas to help you make the most of your mask and give it a beautifying boost.


    Want to supercharge skin with intense moisture and potent anti-aging nutrients? Try layering on Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion before your mask. It’s a super-light, silky serum that feels like a dream and goes above and beyond to help skin preserve precious moisture. It really helps reverse the damage from long-term dryness, very common in the winter months.


    We can’t say enough about the damage-defying powers of our new White Marble Collection, and the Radiance Emulsion is no exception. This is a staff favorite due to its silky, fast-absorbing texture and ability to work deeply to recharge dull, discolored skin and banish dark spots. If your post-winter skin is looking a bit tired, try White Marble and bring on the brightness!


    Our go-to serum and a classic in the Erno Laszlo family is Transphuse Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol. It always gives us great results. It turns back time with nutrient-rich active ingredients reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while repairing and preserving the skin’s natural vitality. This one always gives us that unmistakable glow.

    Layer your favorite serum with the Hydration Mask and share your results on Instagram! Tag @ernolaszlonyc #LaszloGlow


    The Laszlo Latest
    March 07, 2016

    Spring is finally on its way and if you’re feeling anything like us, it can’t come soon enough! The cold winter weather has us eager for spring’s arrival and the fun that goes along with the season’s quintessential getaway: Spring Break!

    And while we’re sure you won’t neglect your skincare ritual during your travels (right?!), we’ve got a few ideas to give your routine the extra boost it needs while you’re on the go.



    If there’s one thing we’re stocking up on for our travels, its sunscreen. Whether you’re taking a sun-drenched beach vaca or hitting the slopes for some downhill skiing, this is a no-brainer. Every day, you should apply a sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30 to keep sun damage and aging at bay. Our favorites include Firmarine Day SPF 30 for drier skin and Oil Control Day Lotion SPF 15 for oilier skin that needs a lighter touch, followed by a stand alone sunscreen if you are going to be outdoors for an extended period of time (and re-apply often!).



    It’s far too easy for skin to get dehydrated while traveling. Air travel is known for dehydrating skin and depleting moisture, and we often don’t drink enough water while we’re jet-setting. Keep drinking that water! Beyond that, our Refresh Infusion is a lovely solution to in-flight dryness or if you’re planning to spend time in a drier climate. You can apply the Hydra-Therapy Sleep Mask while in-flight to ensure your skin stays moisturized and glowing.



    It happens: you spend a lovely day at the beach and now you’re left pink with a sunburn! The solution: apply Skin Vitality Treatment for an instant cooling effect and follow it with a rich, moisturizing balm like Phormula 3-9. Be gentle with your skin and always reapply sunscreen after swimming or being out in the sun for more than a couple hours. Sun protection breaks down quickly in water and also loses its power to protect skin from sunburn after a certain amount of time.

    Enjoy your travels! And remember to keep skin healthy, protected and nourished–wherever the week takes you.

    How do you plan to spend your Spring Break? Share on Instagram and tag @ernolaszlonyc #LaszloGlow


    The Laszlo Latest
    February 29, 2016

    When shopping for skincare, what’s on your priority list? Is it the brand, the reviews, or the claims about the product’s efficacy? In our book, the most important thing to look for in your search for the perfect skincare is proven, powerful ingredients.

    If your products don’t include ingredients that have been found to make visible changes to your skin you may be wasting your money! There are many wonderful anti-agers to look out for, but we’ve edited it down to three favorites we can’t do without.



    Yes, vitamin C is a well-known defense against the common cold, but this popular nutrient is also a major superpower when it comes to battling signs of aging like sagging, dark spots and dullness. It boosts and regenerates vitamin E (which also benefits skin) and even stimulates growth of the cells that help produce collagen and elastin, essential for firm, strong, smooth skin. As if that wasn’t enough, this powerful anti-aging agent also has antioxidant benefits to help fight free-radical damage, lighten hyperpigmentation and minimize oil production to prevent acne and decrease inflammation.

    Ready for a big dose of this powerful antioxidant? Try the Luminous Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel one or two times per week for smooth, radiant skin.



    Charcoal has been used around the world for centuries as a powerful cleanser and detoxifier. It’s widely used for purifying skin, whitening teeth, and even absorbing poisons from the body. It has an amazing capacity to attach to toxins in the stomach and absorb them before they can get into the bloodstream, which explains the concept of using charcoal in beauty products: it acts like a magnet to attract and absorb dirt and oil from your skin! When impurities come into contact with the charcoal, they attach to it and get washed away when you rinse.

    While it might seem counterintuitive to wash your face with something that looks like it’s only going to make your skin dirtier, you’ll be amazed at how your skin looks so much cleaner and brighter.

    Experience the cleansing, detoxifying power of charcoal with the Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar.



    Our bodies naturally produce hyaluronic acid. This skin-plumping, joint-lubricating substance is also a fabulously effective moisturizer and can draw a tremendous amount of water to the skin—about 1,000 times its weight! It will relieve dry, parched skin and is light enough to blend seamlessly with makeup. We also love hyaluronic acid because it won’t irritate skin or compromise the effectiveness of other skincare ingredients you might be using. We like to use a hyaluronic acid serum and then follow with a rich moisturizer to really hydrate skin.

    For a deeply moisturizing, but lightweight serum, layer Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion under your moisturizer for instantly plump, smoothed skin.

    What are your favorite skincare ingredients? Share on Instagram and tag us @ernolaszlonyc #LaszloGlow

  • Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

    The Laszlo Latest
    February 23, 2016

    Our favorite season is just around the corner, beckoning us with hints of fresh breezes, budding trees and all things spring. We can’t wait, and to celebrate, we’re taking our spring cleaning to the next level. Want to join us?

    From your skincare routine to your makeup drawer, it’s time to clean up your beauty life! If you want the dewy, beautiful skin that’s on trend this spring (who doesn’t?!), it’s time to revamp your skincare ritual, detoxify your skin and get rid of all that clutter!



    While it can be hard to toss your old, beloved makeup and skincare products, it's also absolutely crucial. Editing your beauty stash means a more streamlined and consistent routine that can only bring positive results and, hopefully, happier, healthier skin. You might even rediscover something you shelved a while back that’s perfect for your skin now, helping your complexion and your wallet.

    A good rule of thumb: if there’s a product you haven't picked up in over a month, chances are you’ll never use it. Find a way to let go of attachments, whether it was that misguided eyeshadow palette purchase or the eye cream you couldn’t live without at the time. It can be liberating to declutter and move on. 

    Also, always look at expiration dates, especially on items like sunscreen. Certain ingredients can cause skin reactions when they’re expired, so if you have anything that’s more than a year old, it’s best to toss it. A good method to keep on top of this is to write down the dates of purchase on the bottoms of your jars and bottles.



    Now that you’ve properly pared down your makeup and skincare items, it’s time to reassess what you’ll realistically use for the coming months and what you might need to purchase to round out your routine. A change in season means a change in how you care for your skin, so this is the time to put away your heaver winter creams and treatments and think light: detoxifying cleansers, oil-free moisturizers, and of course, higher SPF.

    The Sea Mud Soap is our personal favorite to bring back out as the temperatures warm. It’s incredibly detoxifying, exfoliating and nourishing. Use it with the Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil and your skin will look and feel as fresh as a spring daisy. This is also a great time of year to focus on lightening and brightening and keeping skin clear of sun damage. Switch up your Sea Mud Cleansing routine with the White Marble Treatment Bar every other day, and also try the White Marble Sheet Mask at least once a week for a powerful brightening boost.


    Ready to join us and spring clean your beauty routine? Share your before and after pics on Instagram and tag @ernolaszlonyc #LaszloGlow


  • Keep Them Guessing: Beautiful Skin at Any Age

    The Laszlo Latest
    February 16, 2016

    Let’s be honest: when it comes to getting older, few of us are elated with the idea. Sure, wisdom, experience and maturity are all very important to a happy, balanced life, but in our opinion, having great skin and bringing beauty into our later years is just as important!

    As we age, our skin goes through its own process. Instead of thinking in terms of “losing your looks,” think about it as accepting that your looks and your skin will simply change over time. The most important thing we can do to support our skin’s process is start a daily cleansing ritual as early as possible and never give it up. This is an investment that will pay dividends later! We can attest to generations of women who have used Erno Laszlo and followed a cleansing ritual religiously: if you take care of your skin, it will show and you will glow – no matter your age!



    In your 20’s, your skin will be at its best. Barring any breakouts, skin is elastic, taut and smooth. This is the PERFECT time to start taking serious care of your skin: it’s all about prevention in this decade. Maintain skin’s overall glow with a weekly antioxidant-rich treatment, we like to recommend Luminous Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel as a weekly skin detox. It’s also important to keep skin hydrated! Be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid skin dehydrating actions, like tanning and drinking caffeinated drinks. If you need an added boost to your skin hydration try our Refresh Infusion and Sleep Mask from our Hydra-Therapy collection. In your 20’s you may also have later nights: studying all-nighters or partying to dawn. Whichever, be sure to always remove makeup after a night in or out and apply a restorative eye product to hydrate the sensitive skin around eyes. We love our Multi-Phase Makeup Remover and Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair. Of course, we’ve all heard it before, but we have to reiterate: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!  Try Phelityl Day Lotion SPF 15 or REM Day Lotion SPF 30.



    If you’ve nourished your skin and stuck with a cleansing ritual, by the time you’re in your 30’s, your skin should still be looking and feeling great. Subtle skin changes might begin during this decade, so it’s important to keep up your cleansing ritual and moisturizing treatments, as well as sunscreen – always use sunscreen! This is also the perfect time to bring a few new items into your arsenal for targeted concerns. Our Transphuse collection will minimize fine lines and wrinkles and our Firmarine collection helps firm and lift skin. Two skin issues many of us face during our 30’s.



    Many Erno Laszlo Devotees express having concerns surrounding dull or discolored skin in their 40’s. If we don’t address these dark spots early, they only become more apparent with time, ultimately taking away our healthy glow. We love to recommend our White Marble collection to women and men with this concern. The active ingredients will target hyperpigmentation and keep skin looking bright and translucent. Additionally, if you have not started incorporating anti-aging products in your 30’s, now is the time to invest. Our Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol from our Transphuse collection will start reversing the signs of aging. Many of our clients see major improvements after only one month of use.



    The older we get, the drier our skin becomes. This is part of the natural aging process and, for women, also becomes more of a concern after menopause as hormone levels have a direct effect on skin. When skin is dry, it is more prone to wrinkling and lines become more apparent. Incorporate hydration focused products into your skincare ritual. We like to recommend the use of a hydrating mask at least once a week. The Hydra-Therapy collection offers a Sleep Mask that is insanely easy to add to your routine and results are visible the very next morning! We also strongly encourage clients to incorporate heavier creams into their skincare lineup. Our Transphuse collection will lock in moisture and defend against future wrinkles – perfect for a nightly revamp! Our Firmarine collection nourishes skin and protects from sun damage – firm, lift and protect all in one!

    If you have more serious skin concerns we recommend speaking with a dermatologist before use of any product.

    What are your anti-aging must haves? Share your posts with us on Instagram by tagging @ernolaszlonyc and using #LaszloGlow in your comment.


  • New York Fashion Week: Where to Go, What to See

    The Laszlo Latest
    February 08, 2016

    Once again, Fashion Week is upon us here in the Big Apple and we always get so excited: the unbelievable shows, the celebrity sightings and the buzzing energy that ramps up all over the city. So if you’re in NYC for the week and you’re wondering where to go and what to do, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite haunts and top spots. Get ready to see and be seen!

    Where to Stay

    We can’t say enough about the architecture and beauty of The Standard Hotel. If you’re thinking to splurge and really treat yourself, this is the place to book. If you’re looking for something on the smaller side, The Mercer is a lovely boutique hotel close to SoHo's high-end shopping area and Greenwich Village, while The James is a modern, chic option that’s also in Soho.


    Where to Prep

    Looking for the perfect blowout or a new cut and style from a true-blue New York City salon? We love Bumble and Bumble; their edgy, cool style is quintessential NYC and their hair products are always on point. For impeccable color and even more amazing products, Rita Hazan is a true master. Her salon is amazing!


    Where to Drink

    There are so many incredible places to sit and sip in New York, but there are a few tried-and-true favorites we always return to. For an upscale, elegant experience with a number of bar options for drinks, The Standard Hotel is a must (yes, we love this place). Ralph Lauren’s woody and warm Polo Bar is also a sight to behold, with a drink menu that will have you craving a newfound favorite. Last but definitely not least, STK Rooftop is an undeniable choice for views, location and the perfect lounge vibe.


    Where to Eat

    Again, we could go on and on about the restaurants in New York, but a few favorites among the Fashion Week crowd include Acme, Narcissa, Dirty French and Balthazar (always Balthazar!). Chelsea Market also has a number of great food options, as well as cute shops. And if you’re looking for the best chocolate chip cookie in town, City Bakery is your place.


    Where to Shop

    Even if you’re just window shopping, Dover Street Market is luxury shopping at its best. This seven-story, multibrand fashion emporium was designed by Comme des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo and is simply gorgeous. Next on the list, Brookfield Place in the Financial District is an upscale retail spot that’s in a great location as many shows have moved downtown to be closer to the new Conde Nast offices. Perfect for midday shopping and strolling!


    Where to People Watch

    Hands down, Chelsea and the Meatpacking District is where you want to spend time during Fashion Week if your goal is to spy a few models and celebrities. There are innumerable spots to enjoy lunch or grab a coffee before a gorgeous walk and some fresh air on the Highline. Milk Studios is also a famous media hub where fashion, photography and art come together and is definitely worth a look.


    Of course, you can’t be out and about without gorgeous, glowing skin, so we’ve got a few ideas to boost your Fashion Week skin-perfecting ritual:

    1)      Cleanse morning and evening

    Every skin type benefits from a twice-daily cleansing ritual, and this is the perfect time to reinforce this habit. Dry skin will love the Hydrating Cleansing Ritual Trio while oilier skins do fantastic with the Sea Mud Detoxifying Cleansing Ritual Trio. For extra brightening and anti-aging, the White Marble Treatment Bar is a must.

    2)      Try a mask every other night

    Prep skin before a night out with the Luminous Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel. It brightens and exfoliates while providing the perfect canvas for makeup application. After your evening out, recover skin with the White Marble Sheet Mask or try the Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask overnight for beautiful results by morning.

    Having fun and looking fabulous this Fashion Week? Share it all on Instagram and tag us @ernolaszlonyc #LaszloGlow.

  • Everyday Skin Concerns & The Remedies We Love

    The Laszlo Latest
    February 01, 2016

    If you’re as devoted to taking care of your skin as we are, you know that the investment of time is crucial to maintaining your glow. So, what about those days when your regimen doesn’t seem to be enough and your skin is having a “moment”?

    Whether it’s a sudden breakout or your fine lines look a little deeper than before, keep in mind that your skin reflects what’s going on inside your body and can clue you in to imbalances that go beyond a great skincare routine. Our food choices, hormone levels, and physical activities all affect our skin. 

    Fortunately, treating skin with a little extra TLC during these times can go a long way in defying the less-than-beautiful reactions and flare-ups we all encounter.



    Whether it’s lack of sleep, genetics or the unfortunate process of aging, tired-looking eyes or dark circles have haunted us all at one time or another. The skin around our eyes is also very thin, so this is where sun-worshipping or a long night out tends to show up first. The fix? A firming, brightening eye treatment that contains nutrient-rich, soothing actives. We love Transphuse Eye Refiner as it covers all the bases.



    Freckles are adorable…when you’re 12. While we know the passage of time isn’t so friendly to us former sunbathers and beach bums, even typical daily sun exposure will eventually show up as hyperpigmentation on your face, chest and hands. Put those spots to sleep with the new White Marble collection – it’s a fantastic brightening regimen to try in rotation with your regular ritual.



    You know them: the laugh-lines and crinkles that start innocently enough. These expression lines on the forehead, between the eyes and around the mouth are the result of repetitive use and UV damage. Rather than vowing to never smile or laugh again, we recommend keeping skin moisturized and nourished with a powerful mix of antioxidants. The Hydra-Therapy and Transphuse collections have everything you need to keep you glowing (and smiling!).



    If your skin is looking dull, take a closer look at your pores. They might be getting bigger! And did you know that large pores are basically sagging pores? UV damage (our old friend) causes collagen walls to break down, while makeup, pollution and your skin's natural oil can stretch out your pores over the years. What to do? Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! The Sea Mud Detoxifying Double Cleanse Set will keep skin exfoliated and free of pore-expanding toxins, while our Light Controlling Lotion is perfect as a light oil-free toner.



    Ah, breakouts. They just show up, uninvited and demand our full and immediate attention! Sounds like a bad houseguest, right? The answer is to kick these guys straight to the curb and not let them settle in. Try the Anti-Blemish double cleanse, followed by the Purifying Mask. You’ll never even know they were there. 



    Dry, parched skin and sensitivity seem to go hand in hand. When skin is lacking moisture, it’s also prone to inflammation. Try products that pack a hydration punch, but are also gentle and contain non-irritating ingredients. The Hydra-Therapy collection is soothing to skin and leaves a wonderfully protective barrier of all-day moisture.

    What are your biggest skin concerns and how are you treating them? Share with us Instagram and tag @ernolaszlonyc using our hashtag #LaszloGlow.


  • Top Ten Winter Skincare Wonders

    The Laszlo Latest
    January 25, 2016

    Winter is officially, undoubtedly here and with it, weather that wants to do a number on your skin. Between the super-cold temperatures outside and the warm, dry air indoors, all skin types could use a skincare upgrade this season.

    Our motto? Moisture, moisture, moisture.

    If you’re ready to winter-proof your routine, we’ve put together our top ten treatments to keep your skincare regimen winter-appropriate and perfectly on point, from head to toe.


    Switching up your cleanser in winter can make a huge difference in targeting specific skin concerns. We love the Hydrating Double Cleanse Set for incredible hydration, but you also can’t go wrong with the Sea Mud Detoxifying Double Cleanse Set. It’s perfect for every skin type. Follow with your favorite, hydrating moisturizer


    Using a serum before you moisturize is one of the best things you can do to keep skin from losing moisture throughout the day. If your skin tends to be a bit oiler, Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion is an ultra-light, soothing formula with a great mix of antioxidants. For drier skin, you can’t miss with Phormula 3-9 Repair Serum. It has a powerful nutrient-rich mix of moisturizers that also strengthen skin.


    Using sunscreen all year is a no-brainer. Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 is a fabulous anti-aging powerhouse with a beautiful, rich formulation, while R.E.M. Day Lotion SPF 30 is a lightweight option that soothes and repairs.


    You know how important it is to wash your face at night, but almost as important is what you apply afterward. Help skin rejuvenate and recover with an overnight treatment like the Luminous Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel to exfoliate, brighten and soothe. For a quick fix, the Hydra Therapy Memory Sleep Mask for a major moisture boost.


    Pampering your skin in winter means making sure you treat your hands and body, too. Hands are especially vulnerable to the elements this time of year, so using a hand lotion like Luminous Intensive Hand Treatment SPF 25 will protect them from the cold, dry air as well as the aging effects of sun exposure. Phormula Repair Balm is one of our richest formulas and perfect for those extra-dry areas, like elbows, knees and anywhere you need more hydration.

    So how are you stepping up your winter skincare regimen? Tell us more on Instagram and tag us! @ernolaszlonyc #LaszloGlow


    The Laszlo Latest
    January 19, 2016

    As if the cold temps, potential blizzards and overall winter blues weren’t enough, some of us also have to deal with breakouts in the colder months. Who knew that the aggravating acne and pesky pimples we battle during summer can rear their ugly heads (pun intended) during winter, as well?

    This is primarily due to the drier air we’re exposed to. As our skin gets dehydrated, the dead skin cells build up on the surface of the skin, trapping oil and bacteria and ultimately resulting in clogged pores. No thank you!

    Keep in mind that fighting breakouts with common acne products when it’s cold and dry may only increase dryness and flakiness and ultimately make skin worse. The drier your skin, the more irritated it can get. And remember, even if your skin is generally oily or currently breaking out, it’s important to use a good moisturizer to keep skin healthy and hydrated. 

    Because skin has different demands during this complexion-compromising season, treating it with the right products is vital to keeping it clear, smooth and hydrated. If oily skin is your main concern, using the right cleanser can make all the difference. Our Oil-Control Cleansing Bar deeply cleanses and refines, while the Anti-Blemish Wash is a convenient gel formula that’s super refreshing and also incredibly calming for irritated winter skin. Our ever-popular Hydra-Therapy and Phormula 3-9 collections are also wonderfully soothing for redness, irritation and dryness.

    If you’re having a sudden breakout that needs treatment ASAP, our go-to is the Anti-Blemish Beta Purifying Mask. It clarifies and absorbs oil, healing and soothing skin with a potent mix of botanicals.

    Keeping these products in your arsenal and switching up your treatment regimen during winter will give you the clear, acne-free skin you want, all season long.



  • Your Bright Future is Here

    The Laszlo Latest
    January 14, 2016

    A common thread we’ve noticed when talking with our influencers here on the blog: they all wish they’d been better about wearing sunscreen in their younger years. Why? Because as we age, all that sun worshipping starts rearing its ugly head… as brown spots!

    Also known as melasma, this sun damage is real and only becomes more apparent as the years go by.

    Lucky for all of us with a history of basking in the sun’s rays, skincare continues to advance in fabulous ways, giving us incredible options available to help reverse and prevent hyperpigmentation. Also, keep in mind that this time of year is great for repairing discoloration. Since we’re generally getting less UV exposure during the winter months, it’s easier to treat sunspots, melasma and even acne scars.

    Ready to discover a new brightening ritual? We’ve just launched our newest, most advanced brightening collection and we are so excited! This breakthrough technology not only corrects hyperpigmentation and dullness, but it also refines skin tone so it looks lighter and more translucent.

    Start by cleansing as you normally would, using the White Marble Treatment Bar. Follow this with a light application of the Radiance Emulsion. This will prep your skin for moisture and give your skin an extra boost of spot-banishing antioxidant power. Once the emulsion has absorbed, layer on the Translucence Cream for intense, skin-brightening moisture.

    Finally, the icing on the cake: the Sheet Mask. If you really want to lighten and brighten, this mask is the answer. Leave it on for 10 minutes, and then simply massage in any serum that is left over. Make this your ritual each morning and evening, and we promise you’ll see the results. Here’s to beautifully brilliant skin by spring!

    Share your brightening ritual with us on Instagram and Twitter. Tag us @ernolaszlonyc and use our White Marble hashtag #BrilliantlyYou.


    The Laszlo Latest
    January 04, 2016

    The new year is here! Did you make any resolutions? How about the one where you amp up your cleansing ritual with a weekly mask treatment?

    That’s our collective resolution here at the Erno Laszlo office, and we’ve come up with a great mask combo that will not only nourish your weary post-holiday skin, but also detox and help clear up any breakouts or spots.

    Our plan is to start with the Anti-Blemish Beta Purifying Mask to exfoliate and detox. It’s great for blemish-prone skin and as a go-to skin-saver when your complexion has seen better days (think: holiday stress and overindulgence). This mask will remove excess oil, reduce redness and also help heal any imperfections. It has a clarifying, potent mix of botanical and antibacterial ingredients with a wonderfully relaxing, cooling effect. We love how soft and sooth our skin feels after using this!

    After detoxifying and preparing skin before bed, the next mask we can’t get enough of is the Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask. It’s heavenly! The amount of moisture it delivers into the skin is amazing, and it has a plethora of incredible anti-aging nutrients. The best part? Its weightless memory gel texture that smooths on lightly and melts right in, so you wake up to hydrated, restored skin. We love this in lieu of a heavy night cream, and the results are real!

    Ready to join us in our New Year’s resolution ritual? Share your plans and your progress on Instagram and tag us @ernolaszlonyc and  #laszloglow.



    The Laszlo Latest
    December 14, 2015

    If you haven’t heard of it yet or tried it for yourself, we’re sure you soon will! We’re talking about the peel-off mask, a breakthrough concept in mask treatments that has taken the skincare industry by storm.

    Often referred to as a “rubber-like” mask due to its firm, thick, gel-like texture once it dries, these masks include water and powder actives that you mix yourself. The result is a unique, skin-soothing skin treatment that easily peels off smoothly and effortlessly. It’s a great way to relax and destress your skin.

    These innovative masks are a perfect treat to combat dry winter skin, keep skin hydrated and even reduce breakouts and redness. We also love to take this mask with us when we’re on the go. Use it after a long flight, during your travels or after a day in the sun.

    The perfect way to jump in on the trend? Try the super-hydrating Skin Vitality Mask with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to attract and retain moisture to your skin. It is our top selling mask and does so much for your skin in just fifteen minutes. Fun and easy to mix and apply, try it once a week and show your skin some love.


    The Laszlo Latest
    December 09, 2015

    It’s holiday season, and that means celebrations, events and looking your most gorgeous, glowing best. Before the party, after the night out and all season long, it’s all about prepping, treating and nourishing your skin so you radiate with a refreshed, youthful glow. If ever there was a time to take your skincare routine to the next level, this is it!

    To help you with your pre- and post-party skincare ritual, we’ve put together two skin-perfecting, super-hydrating, anti-aging sets that were hand-picked by our Lead Therapist at The Erno Laszlo Institute in New York.

    Holiday Pre-Party Prep Set

    Picture-perfect, selfie-worthy skin is all yours with the Holiday Pre-Party Prep Set. It will illuminate, hydrate and diminish lines and wrinkles in a flash.

    Your pre-party ritual starts with the exfoliating, brightening peel. Exfoliating helps remove any dead skin cells, evens out skin tone and preps skin to absorb all the wonderful skincare products you apply after, especially the age-defying mask. Applying this mask after exfoliating will do wonders for intensely hydrating and giving your skin the fresh, dewy look you’re going for.

    Once you’ve allowed the age-defying mask to do its magic, rinse off and apply the repair serum to lock in moisture with incredible antioxidants.  It contains gold flecks for bright, illuminated skin, so you look glow-y all night. The transformative finishing touch? The eye repair cooling gel. It stimulates micro-circulation for vitality and vibrancy around the eye area and strengthens against future damage.

    Prepare to reveal your most radiant skin and prepare for your close-up!

    After-Party Purify & Repair Set

    Long nights have nothing on the After-Party Purify & Repair Set! Bounce back from the season’s celebrations with this detoxifying, rehydrating collection.

    The first, most important step in your after-party beautifying regimen is removing your makeup with our duo-phase makeup remover. It works great, even on waterproof mascara. Follow your cleansing regimen with the purifying mask to detoxify and really clean out those pores. It feels fabulous on the skin after a long night!

    If you’re ready to call it a night after removing the detox mask, you can go straight to applying the sleep mask. It has a refreshing memory gel texture that is so soothing and hydrating. Just apply and you’re ready for some sweet dreams about the beautiful skin you’ll wake up to!

    For some extra moisture (which we all need this season to defy the dry winter air and reverse the dehydrating effects of alcohol), apply the super-hydrating infusion and then the sleep mask. Voila! You’ll wake up to a refreshed, rejuvenated look, no matter what time you finally got some beauty rest.

    Ready to celebrate the season with gorgeous, glowing skin? Check out these fabulous pre-party and after-party skincare sets for a beautifully bespoke, fabulously radiant holiday. Show us your party ready look on Instagram.  Tag us @ernolaszlonyc and #LaszloGlow.



    The Laszlo Latest
    November 30, 2015

    ‘Tis the season to gift great skincare!

    This time of year, it’s all about glowing, vibrant skin and looking gorgeous for those holiday events. That means keeping up a twice-daily cleansing regimen and boosting your regular skincare with advanced anti-aging treatments. To help make the most of your winter routine, we’ve gathered a must-have list of our favorite products, perfect for gifting or adding to your own ritual.

    Make the season bright with the White Marble Treatment Bar ! This dual-action cleanser gently exfoliates as it cleanses to clarify, brighten and revitalize. It also fights dark spots with powerful time-release brighteners and smoothing fruit acids to balance skin tone.

    Want to introduce a friend to the bespoke cleansing ritual? The Sea Mud Detoxifying Double Cleanse Set makes a fabulous gift. It includes Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil and our iconic Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar that work together to exfoliate, condition and refine skin. It also comes with our signature Erno Laszlo travel-friendly soap dish.

    If there’s one serum that will give you that holiday glow, it’s Transphuse Day Serum . We call it our “quick fix dermal filler” and for good reason! Its state-of-the-art formula minimizes the micro-contractions in the skin, relaxing tense facial muscles and providing a noticeably younger appearance. It also boosts collagen and diminishes lines, while optical diffusers give your skin incredible radiance. Perfection!

    As much as you love your beautiful party makeup, you simply must wash your face thoroughly and remove every last trace before bed! Multi-Phase Makeup Remover  Is great for dissolving all makeup, including oil-based cosmetics, dark lipstick and waterproof mascara. It’s also gentle and soothing and protects against irritation.

    During the holidays, getting your beauty sleep is more important than ever. We love the Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask for its amazingly weightless, memory gel texture. It saturates skin with intense moisture and vital nutrients overnight so you wake up looking refreshed. This is a true treat for skin!

    Armed with these five powerhouse products and your daily cleansing regimen , your skin will have everything it needs to get through the holidays and beyond. Get ready to shine bright and glow all season long!


    The Laszlo Latest
    November 25, 2015

    Keeping up your Erno Laszlo daily cleansing regimen is so important in maintaining the beautiful skin you want. But just as important? Your daily nutrition. What you eat every day has an incredible impact on the health of your skin. The more you consider good nutrition a necessary part of your daily cleansing ritual, the better your skin will look. Think of it as the final crucial step in your cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine.

    We’ve done our research and found a few proven power foods that can help boost your skin health in addition to your daily skincare routine.


    Berries are packed with skin-friendly antioxidants that are effective in neutralizing damaging free radicals and are an excellent source of vitamins C and E, riboflavin and fiber. Their nutrients help the body to produce collagen, the substance that helps keep your skin smooth and supple.

    Try blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and cranberries, as well as the “superberries” goji and acai – they pack a mighty skin-boosting punch!


    Red, orange and yellow vegetables all contain carotenoids, which are the pigments that give the vegetables their color. Carotenoids are converted by your body into vitamin A, a natural antioxidant that can help slow down the aging process by providing protection from free radicals and toxins. Beta-carotene also protects your skin from sun damage.

    Veggies high in beta-carotene include pumpkin, red and orange peppers, carrots and even dark leafy greens. In the greens, the carotenoid pigmentation is "covered up" by chlorophyll, the pigment that gives the greens their color.


    Youthful, elastic skin is a good sign that a person has ample collagen, a structural tissue that is one of the most valuable proteins in the human body. The proteins we consume are necessary for tissue repair and construction of this new tissue. They help build collagen and create lubricating, moisturizing ceramide in the skin.

    Good sources of protein include fish, chicken, dairy, eggs, red meat, legumes like beans and peas, and nuts such as walnuts and pecans.

    Incorporate a few or all of these foods into your daily menu as you keep up your daily cleansing regimen and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy, gorgeous, Laszlo Glow!


    The Laszlo Latest
    November 09, 2015

    Q&A with our Lead Therapist, Judit.

    Remember how your skin glowed the last time you had a great facial? Imagine how beautiful your complexion would look with regular facial treatments, customized for your skin!

    We sat down with one of the seasoned skin therapists from the Erno Laszlo Institute, to discuss the philosophy and some of the most cutting-edge, results-driven treatments they offer.

    How would you describe a facial at the Institute?

    We like to call it the best, most bespoke skincare experience in the world! We always take the time with each person to focus on their skin and what they’re looking to achieve. We start with a thorough skin assessment and then discuss options and what we recommend.

    The ultimate goal is to make an immediate difference in the skin and slow down the aging process. With our cutting-edge technologies, we can definitely help do that, and our clients love the instant results they receive.

    What are your favorite treatments?

    All of them are so amazing, it’s hard to choose. I love LED Light Therapy and Bioptron Light for their unique abilities to affect skin change in so many ways. Oxymist Oxygen is a powerful healing technology that calms, rejuvenates and activates skin renewal. And you really can’t go wrong with Microdermabrasion. It smooths and brightens the skin and makes every treatment that follows that much more effective.

    Are repeat treatments necessary?

    Definitely. That’s the core of our belief system, that the best results came from ongoing treatments. That’s not to say you’re at the Institute every week, but it’s crucial to stay on top of things with regular treatments and an at-home regimen. We always provide a detailed skincare routine for clients to continue at home. That’s really the key in keeping skin looking great. Beauty takes commitment!

    Are there any treatments or technologies that might be too harsh for certain skin types?

    It really depends on the client’s skin. If someone is having an active breakout or they suffer from rosacea, I might steer away from microdermabrasion, but most of our treatments are very safe for most skin types. They’re effective without being harsh.

    What’s your favorite part of being a Skin Therapist?

    Seeing the results in my client’s skin and how happy they are after a treatment is the best feeling.

    In closing, what’s the best skincare advice you can give our readers?

    Always cleanse your skin, every day and every night. It’s what our brand is based on- the center of it all. If you do nothing else, wash your face.

    Click here to book an appointment at The Institute. 



    The Laszlo Latest
    October 08, 2015

    Beautify Your Skin, Pre- and Post-Party

    What's not to love about Halloween? Getting dressed up, going to parties, indulging in tasty treats...but all the revelry and costume makeup can take a terrifying toll on your skin! Have no fear: we've put together a wicked list of skin-pampering masks that will keep your complexion glowing and radiant, no matter how late into the night your enchanted evening lasts.


    Before you say boo and don that costume, make sure your skin is properly prepped. Your first step is applying Luminous Dual Phase Vitamin C-Peel: a gently exfoliating, Vitamin C-powered peel that will help your skin get the most from your pre-party mask. Follow this step with one of our favorites:

    Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment: a magic potion you mix yourself, this revitalizing mask refreshes skin with a cooling rush of moisture. A 15-minute indulgence and a customer favorite.

    Transphuse Age Defying Mask: cast a spell with your smooth, firm, youthful skin. This anti-aging, line-minimizing mask rinses off easily and only takes five minutes if you're short on time.


    Made it home from your night of fright without turning into a pumpkin? Congrats. If ever there was a time your cleansing ritual needed a boost, it's tonight! We recommend trying one or both of the below:

    Anti-Blemish Beta Mask: there's no hocus-pocus here, this detoxifying acne mask will help give you clear spot-free skin. Breakouts be gone!

    Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask: Wake up to supernaturally gorgeous skin with an intensely hydrating overnight gel mask that restores youthful elasticity and locks in nutrients while you sleep.

    Now that you're prepared with a few skin-saving tricks up your sleeve, it's time for an evening of treats. Put on your favorite mask and get ready for a thrilling night!

  • The Top Reasons to try Pure Flow Fitness Today

    The Laszlo Latest
    September 12, 2014

    Forget fad diets and juice cleanses, the latest detox craze is now available in two new treatments at The Institute! Here is a list of reasons why you need to grab your yoga pants and head down to The Institute to try Pure Flow Pulsations and Pure Oxygen today.

    Pure Flow works on the principle of "counter-pulsation" small cuffs worn on your legs pulse in sync with your heartbeat, helping oxygen-rich blood flow more easily through the body.

    Pure Oxygen uses a custom designed hyperbaric chamber, which helps the body absorb up to four times more oxygen than it would on its own.

    Sessions are only 45 minutes, and are easy to fit into your busy schedule. Less time than most people typically spend at the gym.

    The treatments cure fatigue and increase energy, which allow you to be more focused and productive, making the treatments ideal for athletes and people who lead active lifestyles.

    Cell renewal is increased while free radicals in the body are neutralized to promote ant-aging and leave you refreshed and glowing.

    The increased oxygen flow provides immediate relief from jet lag and improves sleep patterns for more restful sleep.

    Increased blood flow helps decrease water retention while spiking the metabolism to help manage and maintain healthy weight loss.

    Pure Flow and Pure Oxygen can be partnered with your Institute facial treatment, giving your whole body a complete renewal.

    For more information, or to book an appointment, please call The Institute at 212-300-4111.

  • Erno Laszlo Is Making A Splash in Shanghai!

    The Laszlo Latest
    September 02, 2014

    What was it like to meet Kevin Tsai ?

    CD: He’s a huge fan of Erno Laszlo, as are many of his friends. I was very grateful that he found the time to help us celebrate the launch in Shanghai. We had a lot of fun joking around together. He told me that the only thing he takes seriously is his skin care.

    What is the most exciting thing about launching in Shanghai?

    CD: It was wonderful to see how many people already knew our iconic products and how pleased they were about us finally launching in China. It’s the first step in what will be an amazing journey for us.

    Is Shanghai very different from New York? Which city do you like better?

    CD: There are many similarities between New York and Shanghai, the people are open to the world but at the same time they are confident and proud about their city and cosmopolitan culture. It’s also a very demanding place, rather like New York, where only the best can succeed. I enjoyed visiting, everyone was very hospitable but New York is our home.

    Why do you believe it is important to bring Erno Laszlo to China?

    CD: It’s all about the results people are getting and how this news is spreading on the social media sites. We already have thousands of fans and they have been calling for us to enter China for some time. I think now is the ideal time.

    What was your favorite event from the opening festivities?

    CD: Cutting the ribbon on our beautiful counter at the Jiu Guang Department store. It was a very special moment for me seeing all those smiling faces..

    Check out some images from this exciting launch below, and visit us at the Jiu Guang Department Store, No. 1618 Nanjing West Road JingAn District, Shanghai.

    For more updates on our new counter in Shanghai, be sure to follow us on our social media channels:

    Facebook | @ErnoLaszlo
    Twitter | @ErnoLaszlo
    Instagram | @ErnoLaszloNYC

  • Summer Vacation Essentials Checklist

    The Laszlo Latest
    July 17, 2014

    Summer vacations are always fun but planning for them can get overwhelming. Follow our quick guide when packing to make sure you have the essentials on your trip!

    Bring The Basics

    Being on vacation is no excuse to forget to wash your face! Keep yourself squeaky clean at your destination with our iconic Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar. Each bar also comes with its own travel-friendly soap dish, which make them perfect for vacation!

    Stay Hydrated

    Vacations can leave you feeling dry; to prevent this, make sure to always have a water bottle and a few hydrating essentials stashed in your bag! Phelityl Day Lotion SPF 15 keeps you covered. Its SPF protection will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays while moisturizing so you can stay worry free out in the sun.

    Avoid Wrinkles

    To avoid a wrinkled mess in your suitcase roll your articles of clothing tightly before stashing them in your bag instead of folding them. To avoid other fine lines and wrinkles make sure to bring along Timeless Skin Serum to apply after cleansing and toning.

    Stay Fully Charged

    Phone charging cords are the most forgotten item when traveling. To keep all your devices’ power cords straight, store them in an old sunglasses case for easy access. To keep yourself looking fully charged as well, make sure to pack Antioxidant Complex for Eyes. This complex will brighten dark circles, reduce puffiness and revive the tired eyes that the non-stop action of vacations can bring.

    Pack A Backup

    If you end up having a little too much fun in the sun, make sure to pack Phormula 3-9 Repair Serum to repair any sun damage. Its golden shimmer will even out your appearance and keep you looking fresh and fabulous for the remainder of your trip.

  • How Larkin Clark Gets Her Laszlo Glow

    The Laszlo Latest
    July 03, 2014

    Summer is in full swing. Brand ambassador Larkin Clark, a New York City-based lifestyle writer and photographer, dishes on what keeps her going and glowing.

    This time of year, the city is pure magic – glittering skylines, inspiring street style, and outdoor feasts have me jotting notes and snapping photos wherever I go. Here are a few ways I keep my skin and body feeling sharp while I work and roam.

    1. Body Balance
    Beauty starts on the inside – literally. Before breakfast, I drink a glass of water with lemon to balance my system. I also whip up nutritionist Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie, which I learned about as an editor at DailyCandy. It’s cleansing and filling at the same time. Give it a whirl.

    2. Clean Slate
    I always wash my face before putting on makeup. The Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar sucks up oil, stops inflammation, moisturizes, and tightens my pores. It can also be used as a facemask: I create a lather, let it dry for 5 minutes, and rinse. Then I tone with Light Controlling Lotion. It’s like a little spa trip for my face.

    3. Sun Protection
    I’m religious about sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy outside. Phelityl Day Lotion with SPF 15 is a big step up from drugstore finds. It’s rich but not greasy and tackles fine lines with a cocktail of vitamins.

    4. Moving and Grooving
    To keep the creative juices flowing, I take walks in the park near my apartment, work out with my awesome trainer, Molly Coogan, and go to dance and yoga classes. Sometimes I’ll just blast music and have a 5-minute dance break all by myself – anything to reconnect with my body after hours behind a computer.

    5. Sleeping Beauty
    At the end of a long day, hitting the hay with makeup on is tempting. Instead, I add some Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil to my Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar lather to prevent breakouts (and foundation streaks on my pillow). A few dabs of Antioxidant Complex for Eyes ensures I’ll be bright-eyed the next morning.

    Watch Larkin’s Wellness Ritual video for more tips and keep up with her at

  • The Old School Secret to a Perfect Shave: Soap & Oil

    The Laszlo Latest
    June 13, 2014

    The first step in achieving the perfect shave is choosing the correct products.  If you are prone to irritation when shaving, using Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil and the Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar can reduce irritation and improve the quality of your shave if you follow these few easy steps.

    Always cleanse before you start

    Resisting the urge to dry shave to save time is extremely important due to the naturally stiff texture of facial hair. By using Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil and the Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar you are able to soften the hair and exfoliate at the same time, removing dead skin cells and stubborn hairs.

    Lather generously and shave carefully

    By using Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil and Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar together, a rich, conditioning lather is made that creates a protective barrier between the skin and your razor. This combined with a sharp blade moving in soft upwards strokes will reduce any irritation caused by contact.

    Rinse and Finish

    When shaving is complete make sure to rinse your face with cool, clean water. This important step will wipe away any left over soap residue leaving behind only soothing natural ingredients from the 12 essential oils packed into the Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil to calm the skin and prevent any irritation.

  • Tackling Great Skin: Sean James shares his Erno Laszlo Ritual

    The Laszlo Latest
    June 02, 2014

    As a former NFL player, I know the importance of having a regimen in place in order to achieve excellence. Being a professional athlete has also taught me the importance of maintaining structure and simplicity in everything I do.  I apply these ideas of discipline and excellence not only to how I train my body, but also to how I care for my skin.  Erno Laszlo’s skincare routine provides that structure and simplicity for me.

    My Three-Step Ritual:

    1: Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar

    Cleansing with the Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar has become an essential part of my daily ritual. It’s super detoxifying because of the mud from the Dead Sea.  This cleansing bar cleans my skin from the inside out.  Not only does it make my face the deepest clean possible, the outward appearance of my skin is significantly improved.  When I use the bar consistently, my skin is smoother and I’m much less prone to breakouts.

    2: Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil

    I like to use the Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil and the Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar hand in hand. They work together to create such a rich lather that not only goes above and beyond while cleansing, but is great for shaving too. The essential oils in this product are soothing and leave my face feeling clean but still soft and comfortable.  This is extremely important to me, as my skin is very sensitive.  Before starting my Erno Lazlo routine, my face would become extremely irritated from shaving, and I’d end up with bumps on my face after each shave.  Since I’ve started using these two products to shave, I have found my skin to be far less irritated and much smoother.

    3: Hydraphel Skin Supplement

    Using Hydraphel Skin Supplement immediately after cleansing leaves my face feeling quenched and provides me with enough moisture to make that feeling last all day. Since I travel frequently for work, I keep a small bottle of it in my bag so I can apply it on the plane to refresh my skin.

    As a model for many different brands, it is imperative that I always look and feel my best.  Establishing a skincare ritual with Erno Lazlo products has been a simple and worthwhile addition to my daily routine.  The products are easy to use and they have made a remarkable difference in the health and appearance of my skin.  Erno Lazlo has given me the perfect cleansing and shaving system.  In less than 10 minutes a day, I now can clean and shave my face in a way that ensures the health and appearance of my skin and helps give me the comfort and confidence to take on my day.

  • Stop Time: Preventing Signs of Early Aging

    The Laszlo Latest
    May 23, 2014

    It’s possible to stop time and prevent your skin from aging too quickly. There are some things that you have under your control when it comes to your skin. As time passes, the skin is exposed to sun and other factors that break down collagen. Some of these factors include UV rays, weakened elastin and collagen, genetics and daily facial expressions. Many of these factors are unavoidable, but sun damage speeds these up. Ultraviolet rays penetrate skin and damage elastic fibers that result in wrinkles forming and age spots to appearing. However, the amount of wrinkles and spots that develop are dependent on the amount of sun exposure. Here are ways to stop the damage now.


    AVOID THE SUN. Contrary to popular belief, a suntan is an indication that damage has occurred in the skin. It is important to wear sunblock at least SPF 15 or greater and remember to reapply. Sunscreen isn’t only for the beach, as many people assume. Your face and hands are most frequently exposed so it is important to apply generously every day. Rays are the strongest between 10 AM and 3PM. Luckily many people are at work during this time, but if you work outdoors or spend time outside during these hours, it is important to be even more careful.


    LIMIT YOURSELF TO A GLASS OF WINE AT DINNER. Although a glass of red wine is full of skin protecting resveratrol, in excess, the alcohol content can be dehydrating for the skin. Heavy drinking usually correlates with a bad diet resulting in the skin being deprived of the nutrients it needs for cell turnover and other factors that minimize aging. Skin constantly repairs and regenerates itself, so it is important to maintain a diet with antioxidants like vitamin A, B, C and E. To ensure a healthy intake, aim to eat five to seven servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day.


    EXFOLIATE. Why is a baby’s skin so soft?  It’s because a baby’s skin cells turn over very quickly--every 14 days.  As we get older, the rate of cellular turnover slows down, leading to dull skin and wrinkles. After age 50, the rate of cellular renewal slows down to a month and a half to three months. Washing your face with Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar helps bring newer, fresher cells to the surface because it contains natural exfoliants to reveal the radiance hidden beneath.


    START SPLASHING.  Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood icons followed a special technique to maintain their beautiful skin.  They splashed 20 times in soapy treatment water to deeply and thoroughly cleanse the skin, then splashed 10 times in clean, running water.  This technique has been proven to exercises the pores, making the skin stronger and more resilient with incredible tone.  It is also a natural way to flush out toxins while plumping and softening the skin.  Make this part of your daily ritual, to maintain beautiful, healthy skin and to prevent the signs of aging.

  • Hollywood's Favorite Alternative Beauty Treatments

    The Laszlo Latest
    April 14, 2014

    Modern medicine and recent breakthroughs have caused us to trade in holistic and natural beauty treatments for products, procedures and surgery. The results are usually only temporary because they do not tackle the root of the problem. Thus, celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Usher, Dr. Oz, Suzanne Somers and Shailene Woodley are using holistic therapies and treatments because they provide long lasting results. From colonics to coconut oil, these celebrities are trying different methods to remain beautiful and healthy. According to the National Institutes of Health, alternative medical treatments such as massages, acupuncture and herbs are embraced by 38% of Americans. Below are some popular treatments in Hollywood.


    This popular meal replacement trend has changed the lives of many people who swear by the life-changing experiences they’ve had juicing fruits and vegetables. This practice floods your system with powerful nutrients and antioxidants. By replacing a meal like breakfast or dinner with an all-natural blend of ingredients like kale, spinach, pineapple and coconut water, you will see your skin start to glow as you flush out the toxins and reset your system. Juice cleanses are perfect if you want to increase energy, heal digestive issues and just feel better overall.

    Coconut Oil

    In recent months coconut oil has been named the go-to beauty product by celebrities, bloggers and young women alike. There are many ways to use the oil from a leave-in conditioner, to a wonderfully scented moisturizer for skin and even boosting metabolism and your immunity. Celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, swears by coconut oil since it helps strengthen tissues and improves the rough and flaky texture caused by dead skin. She told the Huffington Post, "Virgin coconut oil is composed of medium-chain-length fatty acids, or triglycerides MCTs, which are shown to have many health benefits, including raising the body’s metabolism, and acting as an antiviral, anti fungal and antibacterial agent."

    Sea Mud

    The Dead Sea, where sea mud is produced, has a unique composition of 26 minerals, such as magnesium, bromine, iodine, zinc, copper and multiple salts, which have significant effects on psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

    When applied to skin, the rich mud draws out toxins and other pollutants—unclogging pores to reveal younger, healthier looking skin. Fine grains within the mud boost the cleansing benefits, sloughing away dead skin cells, dirt particles and impurities on skin’s surface, revealing the radiance beneath. As it detoxifies, the mud also firms, tones and tightens skin, and encourages natural hydration, helping combat wrinkles. Reap all of the benefits from the sea with Sea Mud Cleansing Bar.



  • Interview With Hillary Matlin

    The Laszlo Latest
    March 14, 2014

    Q: What does an archivist do?

    A: The archivist’s mission is threefold: 1. To arrange materials and make them easier to 2. Preserve for future usage and 3. Make the materials available to users. What this really means is that an archivist is what I like to call an active historian, we not only help gather historic information, but we are the gatekeepers of what goes into the historic record.

    Q: How did you become an archivist?

    A: I graduated with a degree in History of Art and Classical Archaeology at a time when museums stopped hiring. I enjoyed working with the physical materials of history. I sometimes think of being an archivist as being an archaeologist for paper. As an undergraduate I studied art history and archaeology, focusing on decorative arts (pieces that are not just artistic but also serve a practical function, for example, cosmetic bottles.) I am really excited by the stories that these items can tell. I then spent one summer working at my school’s archives and I got a very similar thrill from seeing what great stories can be told with materials such as old catalogs or letters. After I graduated, I realized what I really wanted to do was to be involved with a way to make sure that the past is a living dynamic thing instead of something we keep in a box stored away. So, I got my master’s in Library and Information Science with a specialization in Archives.

    Q: What about the Erno Laszlo archives especially appeals to you?

    A: Well, for one thing, I really love how many fields of history the materials encompass. Not only do they cover the history of Dr. Laszlo and the company, but also it’s social history, film history, women’s history, fashion history, art history, history of medicine, Jewish history and European and American history. Dr. Laszlo interacted with so many people and spheres that I think it likely that many different people will find the story interesting.

    Q: What’s a good example that you can tell us about?

    A: We have these great series of newspaper clippings from the early forties of Dr. Laszlo writing how women could be more charming. He says women should stop blowing cigarette smoke out of their noses and throwing their food into their mouths to avoid smearing their lipstick. Not only is the advice interesting and funny, but it also tells us that enough women were acting this way for Dr. Laszlo to comment on it. This is an interesting piece of social history that may not make it into the history books otherwise.

    Q: What is your favorite thing about working with the Erno Laszlo archives?

    A; I love telling people about the neat things I’m finding out as I work with the collection. That’s why I love my new Tumblr, page, http://ernolaszloarchives.tumblr.com It’s a great way for me to informally share all the great things I’m learning as well as related information. Additionally, as we have a fairly small collection, I love doing research on Dr. Laszlo, his employees and clients to see what else we can learn. I get to study materials all over the world in order to verify and build on the existing information.

    Q: If you could find one piece of information from the Institute, what would it be?

    A: I guess it would be cheating to say all the client records. I would be happy with just one client card. From what we can gather, a client card would have the visitor’s name, who referred her, her clock, the date of every treatment and every preparation prescribed and numerous other details. It would be neat to see what Dr. Laszlo thought was important about his clients. If I couldn’t have that, I’d settle for any correspondence between Dr. Laszlo and his family. We know very little about them and any kind of information would be very helpful in tracking down any living relatives.

    Q: What do you do for fun?

    A: I’m such a nerd; I spend a lot of my spare time researching Dr. Laszlo and his clients. Dr. Laszlo is such a mysterious man; we barely have any personal information about him, not even his cause of death. I can spend hours trying to come up with more places that might be able to tell us about him. I also really love teasing out the connections between Dr. Laszlo’s clients. Many of them are siblings, in-laws, best friends etc of other clients. However, my favorites are the clients who are subsequent wives to the same husband. I’m trying to create a web of relationships for the known clients, it’s very sticky. When I’m not doing that, I really enjoy any kind of trivia competition and collecting cookbooks, especially vintage ones.

    Q: What’s your favorite thing about the Institute?

    A: I love the members’ lounge, I think it’s exquisite. I like to sit there and imagine myself in Dr. Laszlo’s office waiting to meet with him. Some days when I’m researching him, I feel like we’re having a conversation. He’s very coy.

  • Layering 101: Maximizing the benefits of your Erno Laszlo Eye Care

    The Laszlo Latest
    September 20, 2013

    Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair is a revolutionary eye care product because its unique gel-cream texture allows it to be layered with other products to maximize the benefits of your current eye care ritual.

    Helpful Tip: Always keep in mind to apply the lightest textures (serums and gels) first and apply heavier lotions and creams second.




    The first signs of age manifest around the eyes in the form of expression lines and deep creases.  For an extra boost in anti-wrinkle power, apply Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair first, then seal with Transphuse Eye Refiner. When these two products are combined, they immediately target and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while boosting collagen and elastin production to strengthen the delicate skin.


    Dehydration can cause the skin around the eyes to become crepe-like and dry. Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair and Ocuphel Emollient Eye Cream combined together provide intense hydration to the delicate eye area, leaving it supple and smooth.

     Because the skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the face, not only is it more vulnerable to damage, it is the first place where we notice hyperpigmentation that manifests as dark circles. To combat panda eyes, use a combination of Luminous Eye Complex 
     followed by Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair to immediately brighten the under eye area for a more awake look.


    Under eye puffiness is caused when fluid gets trapped under the eye, and is usually most severe when you wake up. When Firmarine Eye Serum is applied first, then sealed in with Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair, they work in synergy to immediately tighten under the eyes, for a lifted, more youthful look.

  • Phelityl – For Optimal Skin Function

    The Laszlo Latest
    April 03, 2013

    Did you know? “pH level” refers to how acidic or how alkaline a substance is. The more acidic, the lower the pH; the less acidic, the higher the pH. (For example, battery acid has a pH level of 0, while bleach, which is highly alkaline, has a pH level of 13. Water – considered neutral – has a pH level of 7.) On a scale of 0-14, the skin’s natural pH level is around 5, making it slightly acidic.

    Why is skin slightly acidic? The skin’s surface has a naturally protective film called the acid mantle, made up of sebum (free fatty acids) mixed with lactic and amino acids from sweat. The acid mantle functions as an invisible barrier, keeping good stuff like lipids and moisture in, and bad stuff like pollution and bacteria out. If the acid mantle is disrupted – if the skin’s pH level is made too alkaline or too acidic – then skin can become prone to dehydration, accelerated aging, inflammation, breakouts and other conditions.

    Protect the acid mantle. Many of us use soap and water to achieve an oil-free, “squeaky clean” feeling, but because most soaps are highly alkaline, they actually neutralize the skin’s acid pH, stripping away its natural defense systems. Therefore it is important to consider the pH level of the cleansers, moisturizers and other products we use on our skin – to avoid removing protective oils and disturbing the acid mantle.

    Phelityl to the rescue. Erno Lazlo’s phelityl formulas feature a unique moisturizing complex with a pH nearly identical to that of the skin – to help preserve the acid mantle and maintain optimal skin function. Some of our devotees’ favorites include:

    Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil and Phelityl Cleansing Bar – used together, they dissolve impurities without stripping the skin. Prefer a foaming cleanser? Phelityl Cleansing Gel, suitable for all skin types, gently cleanses without drying and nourishes the skin with rich plant oils, in one simple step.

    Phelityl Day Lotion SPF 15 offers weightless protective moisture while maintaining the fatty acids essential for skin function. At night, Phelityl Night Cream seals in natural moisture to plump and refresh the skin.

    Erno Laszlo’s original Active Phelityl Intensive Cream offers all-purpose, 24-hour moisturizing and protection for all skin types.