Do yourself (and your skin) a favor and read this.

Everyone has different ideas of what washing their face means. For some, it’s a quick swipe of makeup remover while others have a much more involved process. Here at Erno Laszlo HQ, we swear up, down and sideways by the magical powers of the Double Cleanse. (Disclaimer: In reality, these transformational powers are propelled by science and not magic.)

Not only is the Double Cleanse the foundation of all our skincare routines but also of our company. Our founder, Dr. Erno Laszlo, introduced the two-step ritual to his star-studded roster of clients in Hollywood during a time when women were washing their face with cold creams. (Gasp!)

While skincare philosophies have evolved immensely since then, we have heard every hesitation of the Double Cleanse in the book. And so many of them are misplaced! Since we never miss out an opportunity to sing the praises of this revolutionary skincare step, we are addressing these concerns below.

1. Two steps? Sounds excessive and time-consuming. Yes, the Double Cleanse is two steps. But before your blood pressure spikes thinking of how you barely have time to order Seamless for dinner, let’s just break down how important those extra 30 seconds can be for your complexion. Quite frankly, between dirt, pollution, sweat and oil, our skin is dirtier than ever. Anyone who has ever taken the L train during rush hour in the sweltering NYC summer can attest to this.

The impurities that are taking up residence on your skin, in your pores, and in between fine lines are both oil-based and water-based. As we all learned in elementary school science, oil and water do not mix. Enter our Cleansing Oil and Cleansing Bar, which gently remove both of these oil-based AND water-based impurities. The Cleansing Oil grabs onto and rids your face of sebums, silicones in your foundation, sunscreen and other natural oils while the Cleansing Bar tackles dead skin cells, bacteria, perspiration and more. (Fun fact: Your skin sheds 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute. Yuck. Since these dead skin cells don’t just fall off, you need to cleanse correctly to remove them.)

If you still think you’re too stretched for time or energy to add a two-step cleanse to your nighttime routine, think of it as an investment in the efficacy of the rest of your regimen. Not only can your skin not properly repair and regenerate while you slumber if it’s bogged down in toxic chemicals, but properly cleansing your faces allows the active ingredients in your serums and night creams to penetrate more deeply. Double Cleanse, double win!

2. Washing my face twice will leave it feeling as dry as the Sahara. This is a common misconception that we have heard time and time again. The good news is that our Double Cleanse will soothe and soften your skin without stripping it of any moisture. We’ve also created four Double Cleanse collections targeted towards specific skin concerns. If you struggle with dry skin, we suggest our  Hydra-Therapy Double Cleanse , which restores hydration while cleansing and leaves you with hydrated, nourished and smooth skin.

3. Putting oil on already oily skin seems like a recipe for a breakout disaster. While logically this sounds like a safe assumption, it’s untrue. Oil-based cleansers are actually super gentle and can help reduce acne instead of creating it by clearing your pores of that oil-based debris we mentioned before. Water-based cleansers just can’t latch on to sebum, makeup, or pollutants as well because of that whole oil/water science. Like removes like so if your skin is oily or you wear a lot of makeup, the Cleansing Oil is a necessity for a proper cleanse.

4. Putting a soap bar to my face?! Sounds too harsh. False. This is not like that bar of floral-scented soap found in your Grandma’s guest bathroom. Our Cleansing Bars are formulated specifically for your face and boast game-changing antioxidants and botanicals. Even still, if you have sensitive or easily irritated skin, we suggest our  Sensitive Double Cleanse . With anti-inflammatory plant extracts and soothing honey, it is specifically formulated to soothe and calm your skin while cleansing.

How-To Double Cleanse YouTube  here.

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