Here’s a secret about us: we’re kind of obsessed with astrology. (Who isn’t, though?) Then again, it might not be much of a secret, considering our Summer Skincare Horoscopes and Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes. Now we’re turning the astro-spotlight specifically on our best-sellers – turns out, there’s an Erno Laszlo must-have that perfectly corresponds with each sign of the zodiac. Which one are you? 


An intense sign deserves a powerful product. With innovative detoxing abilities from charcoal that draws out impurities while refining skin, an AHA Fruit Blend that removes dead skin cells, and Kiwi Extract that rejuvenates the skin while you wait, our Exfoliate & Detox Mask packs a punch as the ideal representative for passionate Aries. 


Practical, loyal, and a bit stubborn, Taurus is not a fan of change and craves stability. At the same time, Taureans can also be quite fond of luxury and comfort. Both of these traits are perfectly reflected in our Timeless Skin Serum, a classic serum with a long history that is as luxurious as it is effective. 


Gemini loves to think fast and act fast, but they also love socializing and being around people. They want to look good doing it, too, but they have no desire to spend a lot of time getting there. The instant radiance of our White Marble Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel is an excellent match; it may be two steps – just right for Gemini’s two sides – but it only takes a few minutes to work its magic!



For Cancer, there’s no better choice than our Pore Cleansing Clay Mask. It may look tough on the outside but it’s actually very hydrating. It cools at first, then dries into a silky sensation that leaves your skin feeling soft. This is just like the Cancerian crab, who may have a hard shell that seems intense, but is actually quite soft on the inside: intuitive, loyal, and oh so charming.


For attention-loving Leo, there’s no better match than our fan-favorite Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask. Just picture it: Leo mid-flight, on their way to the next exciting destination on their itinerary, indulging in a mid-flight nap while simultaneously attracting attention by having this eye-catching pink mask on. Leo will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to hit the town with radiant, moisturized skin!


Virgo is super productive and focused on getting everything just right, so the ideal match is fast-applying and as multi-tasking as Virgo is: naturally, our Multi-Task Eye Gel Cream. This gel cream accomplishes three things in one, much like Virgo every time they plan to do literally anything.


Libras represent balance in the zodiac, so our pH-balancing Phelityl Night Cream is the the most obvious choice. One of Libra’s biggest pet peeves is disharmony of any kind, including when it comes to their skin. Our night cream matches the skin's natural pH to restore it to perfect harmony, Libra’s ideal state. 


Intensely ambitious at their best and power-hungry at their worst, Scorpio is perhaps best defined by a passionate outburst – much like the bursting encapsulated charcoal in our Pore Refining Detox Double Cleanse. The charcoal works like a magnet to draw out dirt, impurities, and pollutants – perfect for Scorpio’s magnetic personality! 


Sagittarius is always on the move, following their wanderlust but also questing for knowledge. The ideal match is our cult-favorite Light Controlling Lotion, as this toner leaves their face soothed and perfectly prepped for all the adventures ahead!


If there’s one word that best describes Capricorn, it’s probably driven. (Some might say workaholic.) Their disciplined persona is best matched with our Transphuse Eye Refiner, which is as equally as hardworking when it comes to smoothing and plumping the eye area.

Eccentric Aquarius marches to the beat of their own drum. Totally independent and yet easygoing, this sign is best matched with a cooling but potent gel like our Antioxidant Complex For Eyes. Aquarians equally love art, sci-fi, and technology, so with its DNA strand swirl of green, they will be drawn to the gel’s futuristic feel.


Don’t cry, Pisces – we didn’t forget you, you’re just at the end of the zodiac line! As an emotional water sign, your must-have match is our ultra-hydrating Hydra-Therapy Boost Serum. Given the chance, Pisces would never leave the tub, as long as their favorite book of poems and a glass of wine are both within reach. This serum is basically that same feeling, but on your face.