You need your beauty sleep, yet when you close your eyes, your brain is racing and you just can’t slow down. Whether it’s due to caffeine, stress, or anything in between, everyone has struggled with falling asleep at some point or another. If that’s currently you, keep reading to find out how to defeat insomnia once and for all.

1. Decompress after a long day.

Sometimes the biggest sleep-killer is the fact that you haven’t given yourself time to properly wind down from your long, busy day. Meditate, get a facial, draw yourself a bath… these are all simple ways to practice self-care that are sure to help you lighten the load of your mind. When your body is naturally relaxed, it’s so much easier for your mind to follow suit.

2. Practice yoga before bed.

Yoga is so effective as a mental decompression tool that we decided to single it out. Practicing yoga before bed can benefit the sleep your body gets throughout the night to help you beat insomnia once and for all.

It’s also a great opportunity to use Multi-Task Eye Serum Masks or even our Exfoliating Detox Hydrogel Mask while you’re engaged in yoga poses before bedtime. Some of the best poses to help you fall asleep are Child’s Pose, Supported Half Frog Pose, and Reclining Bound Angle Pose – learn more about how to bend your body into these shapes here!

3. Add products to your skincare routine that contain ingredients known to promote better sleep.

A variety of ingredients used in skincare products – from lavender and chamomile to aloe vera – are reported to have sleep-enhancing effects. Try our Transphuse Night Serum, which contains lavender oil – a medicinal botanical and mood-balancer – to help soothe and stimulate the skin while simultaneously encouraging a good night’s rest.

The NASA-inspired memory gel of our Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask is another great option, as it contains prickly pear, green ginger, and mugwort extracts, AKA our 24-hour Smart Hydrators. They gained this moniker for their ability to attract water in challenging environments, but mugwort is the one we’re calling out here for its sleep-boosting abilities. If you can’t stay asleep throughout the night, mugwort may be able to help! Why not try it via the overnight moisture therapy of this mask?

4. Use sleep apps to help you get better rest.

It’s true that simply putting your phone away an hour before bedtime can help your eyes relax and prep you for better sleep, but your phone can help you best insomnia in other ways too. We’re talking about apps. These days, there is an app out there for literally everything!

Just a small selection from the many sleep-related apps available include HeadSpace for its super simple guided meditation practices; White Noise for – you guessed it – white noise, which helps you discover the perfect soundscape to help you fall asleep faster; and Sleep Cycle, a sleep tracker that evaluates your sleep and wakes you up at the most ideal time.

Is counting sheep actually a real thing? We’re not sure about that, but we are sure about the four tips above. From decompressing with a bath to winding down with white noise, it’s time to kiss your insomnia goodbye! A well-rested body is the first step to perfectly glowing skin – you can count on us to take you the rest of the way.