When talking about skincare, the conversation tends to be exclusively reserved for the face. Or the neck, if you’re talking to a skincare expert. A lot of people forget about the neck but it’s just as important as the face as it’s often the first place you see signs of aging. So, we’ll start off this lesson on body skincare by telling you to pat, press and massage any excess product onto your neck. The skin on your neck is thicker than your face so feel free to massage product a little bit more firmly Easy enough, right? Now that temperatures and hemlines are rising, we are coming face-to-face (or should it be face-to-body) with limbs and skin that have been in hibernation all winter. It’s time to get our body back into shape to see the light of day.

Detoxifying Double Cleanse 

We swear by the Detoxifying Double Cleanse when our skin is feeling grumpy and we’re dealing with breakouts. So, why wouldn’t we turn to this skincare savior when dealing with blemishes or breakouts elsewhere on the body?! We apply the signature Double Cleanse to our back, chest, booty, etc. to keep breakouts at bay.


Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel Next step, exfoliation. Out Vitamin C-Peel lives in our shower so we can use it in any areas that need a little exfoliation all over. You can apply it anywhere that you have dry, rough skin. We love to use it on the reg for our elbows. You’ll be left feeling as smooth and soft as a baby’s bum!


Phormula 3-9 Repair Balm While we’re sure you don’t skip a body lotion to moisturize your entire body, sometimes dry skin calls for a little something more. Enter the ultra-hydrating and super repairing Phormula 3-9 Repair Balm. We keep this on our nightstand and massage it into our cuticles and hands (hands are also one of the first places to show signs of aging!) and any other extremely dry areas.


Add these steps into your new skincare routine for your body and you will be well on your way to glowing, hydrated skin from head-to-toe!