A new year is here and it has never looked so bright!  As the world continues to change and society at large becomes increasingly more conscious of the environment, Erno Laszlo is striving towards continual growth of our own awareness and responsibility to both the planet and our loyal customers. We care about the planet as much as you do. When we did a survey last spring, many of you inspired us to make all the moves we are making in 2020 and beyond.

We are excited to announce Erno Laszlo’s Clean Promise, which is our take on clean ingredients and our commitment to having all our products clean by the end of 2020. We started this journey back in 2009 and are now moving into the final stages, making us one of the first heritage brands to update their entire range.

We have also committed to the New Plastics Economy by partnering with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, an organization that is on a mission to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

To kick off the new year, our clean promise, and first sustainable project, we’ve redesigned the packaging for our cult-classic cleansing bars. We have removed the plastic soap dish and replaced it with beautiful new parchment paper. The packaging is now made from 0% plastic to reduce unnecessary waste. This spring, we will also be updating and launching a brand new soap dish that will be created from 100% recycled Erno Laszlo packaging.   

What’s inside the bars is clean too: all three of the soaps abide by our clean standards. And while the packaging boasts a great new look, the bars themselves are still made from the same efficacious formula. They have always been formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, and formaldehyde and we have not altered any of the ingredients or product formulations.  

To help kick off your resolution, celebrate our “clean for your face, clean for the planet” campaign with an update to your cleansing ritual. Try Dr. Laszlo’s innovative double cleanse if you haven’t already, which pairs a bar with its matching oil to combat your specific skin concerns. Check out Skincare 101 to learn more about cleansing and our signature double cleanse!