Hi Customers, Friends and Family -


It has been quite the month.  As we all start to understand both the short and longer term implications of COVID-19 in both our personal and professional lives we wanted to share our commitment to our customers, friends and family.  We will be turning 93 years old in 2020 and while we have been around along time, these are certainly unprecedented times.  

We are planning on keeping ernolaszlo.com open for business for as long as the government allows.  We have taken important steps to protect our employees and customers during this pandemic.  Our office employees have been working from home since March 2nd.  We will continue with this change for as long as deemed necessary.  We are following the guidance from the CDC and government officials.  

Our fulfilment partner has put processes in place to ensure their employees are all wearing gloves and wash their hands every 30 minutes while packing out .com order(s). We pulled together a short video to demonstrate what our operation currently looks like for each order we process. 


In addition, our fulfillment  partner has hired a maintenance team that will be focused solely on the cleanliness of all high traffic areas, machines and workstations.  All warehouse employees are splitting shifts to decrease the amount of people in the facility at one time. 

We believe in the power of community and wanted to show a small token of gratitude to the service providers working day and night to combat this pandemic. Doctors, nurses, grocery stores, pharmacy workers, police, the fire department, teachers, government and military professionals and so many more are on the front lines and working to keep us safe and healthy.

We hoped to have brightened the lives of the nominated front line workers. Since May, we have donated 3,000 (Skin)Care Packages, each to a hero recommended by our community. It is part of our mission to empower others through well skin.

If anyone has any questions, ideas or suggestions how we can make a difference during this difficult time,  please contact our CEO Charles Denton at cdent[email protected].


With Love,

Erno Laszlo Team