The leaves are changing colors. Skeletons and pumpkins are taking over store shelves and front porches. Sweaters and scarves are blissfully back in action. Family get-togethers are on the horizon. There’s only one thing left: a partner to enjoy (and get through) it all with. Cuffing season is officially upon us.

If you don’t know what cuffing season is, you’ve either been in a relationship for the past ten years or aren’t into the dating scene. For anyone who hasn’t heard the term, it refers to the time of year starting around October and ending around March when single people start yearning for that certain someone to hang out with during the cold winter months, a plus-one for all the inevitable seasonal festivities as well as someone to rewatch The Office with for the billionth time. “Cuffing season” first appeared in Urban Dictionary in 2011, and by now it’s become a full-fledged wintertime dating phenomenon. 

The colder it gets, the less you want to leave the house, so actually meeting people at this time of year IRL might be a challenge – enter dating apps. Wading through the world of dating apps can be a scary place from the cheesy pick-up lines to TMI pictures, but we’re swiping right on Bumble for putting the control in the hands of women to make the first move.

No matter where you meet someone, make it as enjoyable as possible with our tips and tricks. Who knows – you might even find the love of your life! (Hey, anything could happen.)

Romance or Fun?

It’s smart to go into cuffing season knowing your own motivations. Don’t rush into a relationship just because you don’t want to be the only single person at your office holiday party. Cuffing season is a lot more fun when you think of it as a dating adventure. 

After all, people are naturally less happy during the cold months because we don’t spend as much time getting precious vitamin D from the sun, which helps improve our moods during the summer. Having a date during the winter months is another natural mood booster, but don’t confuse an improved mood for true love, which only develops over time. You may end up super close to someone you meet during cuffing season, but you won’t know it until you’ve actually spent all that time together! 

How to Cruise Through Cuffing Season

With cold weather creeping in, it’s more necessary than ever to take the time to hydrate and care for your skin. We all want to look and feel our best when meeting potential dates, so date prep skincare is a must! 

Start getting ready the night before with our Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask, which delivers next-level moisture with our 24-hour Smart Hydrator ingredients – Prickly Pear, Green Ginger and Mugwort Extracts, all known for attracting water in challenging environments. For a mask you can indulge in the night before or the morning of, try our Pore Cleansing Clay Mask, which helps remove impurities without drying and only takes 15 minutes of your time. 

For the day of, our Hydra-Therapy Gel Cream makes a great primer thanks to its moisturizing yet mattifying effects, ideal so you won't look oily or sweaty from nerves! The smooth, matte finish will help your makeup stay perfectly in place, giving you one less thing to worry about. Keep your concealer looking flawless too with our Multi-Task Eye Gel Cream. Its lightweight cream-serum hybrid formula smoothes, brightens, and depuffs, so feel free to gaze into each other’s eyes all night long.

Cuffing Season Date Ideas

Speaking of dates, we come to our next tip. Netflix and chill is basically synonymous with cuffing season, but maybe you want to take your snuggling somewhere other than the couch.

1. Head to the cider mill/pumpkin patch.
Keep it classic and head to the cider mill, pumpkin patch, or ideally both. You can make your date take photos of you among the giant pumpkins so even if the relationship doesn’t last, the ‘gramworthy photos definitely will.

2. Cook together!
Few things can bring people closer together sharing a meal. Take advantage of the desire to stay indoors by cooking an elaborate, fancy meal together. Whoever is the better cook can be head chef, while the other can be a sous chef. But unlike the chefs in a fine dining establishment, the two of you can indulge in some wine during cooking to have even more fun. 

3. Take a trip to the animal shelter.
An unconventionally fun date for animal lovers during cuffing season is a visit to your local animal shelter. Many shelters let volunteers take the dogs for walks, which might be even more needed during the winter. Plus, whoever said that the winter snuggling had to be with humans?

4. Ice skating, snowboarding, skiing – or the winter sport of your choice.
The whole premise behind cuffing season is, in part, the desire to have someone to spend time with during the deep freeze. At the same time, having a partner makes being outside that much more tolerable, and even fun! Ice skating is always fun (especially in Central Park), you can hit the slopes in a super cute retro ski jacket, and if you’re feeling daring, grab a board and give snowboarding a shot.



At the end of the day, cuffing season is all about enjoying someone’s company during those months of the year that can be the hardest to get through alone. As long as you put yourself first and remember to have fun, cuffing season should be a winter blast. And if your cuffing season romance lasts, you’ll have a funny origin story that might just send someone to Urban Dictionary!