With the holiday season behind us (and with it the excuse to overindulge in all of our favorite guilty pleasures), we are in the market for a comprehensive detox to head into 2018 full steam ahead. Detox your mind, body, and skin with the below suggestions and you’ll find yourself back to looking and feeling your best. We can’t make any guarantees, but it will almost be like that month-long open bar didn’t even happen.



White Marble Hydrogel Mask 

Our newest Hydrogel mask has quickly become a favorite of ours for its instantaneous results! Designed to break up dark spots and disrupt the appearance of uneven skin tone, the White Marble Hydrogel Mask delivers desperately-needed brightness to dull skin.


Detox Double Cleanse

The Detoxifying Double Cleanse is a staple in our skincare routine year-round but especially when we want to eliminate toxins and buildup on our skin. It features charcoal, which draws out and traps impurities from your pores, in addition to seawater and grapeseed oil to boost circulation and cell renewal for a clean and clear complexion!


Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask

Our new Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask is another new product that took us little to no time to develop an obsession for. It instantly infuses the delicate skin around your eyes with nutrients like Gotu Kola, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to boost circulation and wake up tired skin!




The focus in January is still beverages, just of a healthier variety. Jumpstart every morning with a glass of water supplemented with the juice from half a lemon. Lemon will not only rehydrate your system but it promotes the flushing of your digestive system. Skip the 3pm coffee run and opt for an afternoon tea to boost your energy with natural caffeine and antioxidants.


Dry Brushing

We always incorporate a weekly exfoliation session with our Vitamin C Peel but dry brushing is a great way to extend that exfoliation to your body. It boasts a long a list of benefits including stimulating the lymphatic system, boosting circulation, removing dead skin cells, improving appearance of cellulite and more!



Whether it’s a hangover or a head cold, we are always big proponents of sweating it out. Our preferred method of doing this is sitting in the sauna instead of overexerting ourselves in an early morning workout class, but both methods work!




When your mind is cluttered with thoughts or anxiety, even a simple 5-minute meditation can drastically calm your mind and allow you to focus on a task or process the environment around you in a healthy manner. We’re fans of the app Headspace, especially for beginners!


Social Media Shut Down

Okay, we’re not animals. We’re not suggesting the impossible and asking you to deactivate your social media accounts. Just step away from all social media for a reasonable amount of time. Whether it’s a day or an hour, going offline can allow your mind to check out and reset for a complete detox.


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