We are so excited to launch our new Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask and to give you a little intro to what might be your newest favorite way to get your #LaszloGlow on.

What: Using our beloved hydrogel mask technology, we developed a mask specifically to target your eyes. The eye mask conforms to the contours of your eye to deliver an instant infusion of hydrating, healing, brightening nutrients into skin—de-puffing, smoothing, and making dark circles disappear! The mask is soaked in serum featuring a powerhouse of ingredients like…

Glycerin, a powerful moisture magnet, attracts and holds hydration, helping fill in fine lines and crow’s feet for softer, smoother-looking skin.

Vitamin B3, a natural illuminator, defies dark spots and discoloration by jump-starting skin cell renewal.

Gotu Kola and other anti-inflammatories calm stressed skin and improve circulation, reducing puffiness from allergies, pollutants and other assaults.

Where: Your eyes, obvs. You’ve heard it before but we’ll say it again. The area around your eyes is made up of your most delicate skin and requires some extra love!

When: Anytime, really! While our eye mask is multi-tasking, so can you. You can be cooking dinner. You can be getting ready for a night out. Or recovering from said night out! The clear appearance of these hydrogels make their appearance discrete, too. Your roommate might not even notice that you’re sporting these serum-soaked masks but she will certainly notice a difference in your skin after.

How: Apply to clean, dry under-eyes, avoiding eye contact. Leave them on for 10-minutes, remove gently and massage excess serum into your skin. Voila!

Who: Saving the best for last, the who is YOU. The Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask is suitable for all skin types! Open your eyes to the magic of our Multi-Task Serum Mask and you won’t look back.

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