You might recognize Heather Thomson from The Real Housewives of New York City, where she was a force to be reckoned with (and consistently looked flawless!). Her strength and tenacity are two characteristics that are replicated in her off-screen life. IRL, she’s climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and running marathons as if it’s NBD. This is why she’s our Glowdown this month and our inspiration for January (and beyond!), when our focus is revolving around wellness and self-care. 

The Basics

Name: Heather Thomson

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Public Speaker, Inventor

Location: Upper West Side, NYC

Astrological Sign: Aries

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Passionate, caring, and decisive.

When were you first introduced to Erno Laszlo and how?

Erno Laszlo was my first major skincare purchase many years ago. I was in my 20s traveling in San Francisco for business and found Erno Laszlo at Saks Fifth Avenue. I was impressed then and I had no idea what I was doing. It was my first true regimen in skincare. Fast forward to present day and my colleague and friend, Kristy Watson, is Erno Laszlo’s CMO! She told me the products were magic and they are. They are as beautiful as they were in my 20s and I felt nostalgic using them again.

What does Erno Laszlo mean to you?

I just had dinner with Kristy and I was telling her that, while I was familiar with the long heritage (My 20s were some time ago!), I wasn’t aware of the history of the brand. The story behind Erno Laszlo is intriguing. I had no idea how rich the heritage was. This coupled with the synergies we have makes me really excited to be included in the January campaign. 2017 was a  year of getting myself as healthy as I can be and I’ve enjoyed diving into the mindfulness of wellness and into both inner and outer beauty – so the partnership with Erno Laszlo made so much sense.

What’s your favorite Erno Laszlo product?

Vitamin C-Peel.  I want to eat it!  It’s a great product to have in your shower, especially with the cold weather.  I wash and then exfoliate with this peel and I look so much more awake with a healthy glow.


What does your typical fitness routine look like?

My workouts with my trainer Rua at TWF Performance Lab in NYC are so important to me. He has been so helpful with dialing me into my true potential. I also love outdoor sports and mountaineering, so being at the top of my game is important. I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa last spring and ran the New York City Marathon this past fall.  Two amazing journeys and accomplishments that, under Rua’s guidance, I could count on going into prepared for and injury-free.

How do you manage to balance health and fitness along with everything else on your plate?

My mantra – be where you are.  I work to focus on the task at hand and stay present. When I’m with my kids, I’m a mom.  When I’m working, I’m at work.  When I’m with friends, I’m with friends.  Being in the present moment gets harder in our multifunction on multiplatforms world...but it keeps me sane.

How do you keep your body and skin from freaking out after a particularly indulgent time, like the holidays?

During the holidays, it’s about getting the right amount of rest, water and exercise in with all of the commitments and demands the holidays bring versus overindulging. I enjoy the season and expect I’ll gain a few pounds in the celebration of it all but I keep it in check. My skin routine is pretty specific. I keep it simple so it’s achievable and so I can really take the ‘me’ time in the AM and PM to make sure I give myself self-care in those few minutes it takes me to indulge in that routine. I feel my best when my skin looks healthy and alive.

Share with us a little history about your relationship with fitness and health. Where did it start and how has it progressed?

I have always been an athlete and into fitness and health. I lost some years after becoming a mommy and, as I’ve gotten older, I have started to make it a true priority. It’s a lifestyle for me and I have a focused interest on nutrition that’s equal to fitness, which was not the case when I was in my 20s and 30s, after earning my nutrition certification from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Happiness is not a number on a scale. Feeling good is looking good. I feel strong and inspired when I am healthy  – so I spend time on it. 

Skincare & Beauty

Tell us about your relationship with skincare. Where did it start? How has it evolved?

I have always been into great skin and skincare, but after getting my face painted for years on the Real Housewives of New York, I prefer a natural look. I’m into a less-is-more makeup routine and, for me, beautiful skin is where it’s at!

Best beauty advice your Mom or Grandmother shared with you?

My mother and my grandmother told me not to over pluck my eyebrows! They did at the mercy of trend at the time and were left with nothing to do but rely on eyebrow pencil. So, I had some bushy brows in my 20s but I’m glad for that advice today.

What is your skincare/beauty guilty pleasure/confession? (We won't judge!)

Lasers and peels! I believe in the balance of science and nature.

Walk us through your typical morning and evening skincare routine. How and why does it differ on a daily basis?

I use a cleanser, moisturizer and a serum both morning and night. I use the Vitamin C-Peel two to three times a week in the shower as part of my morning routine. Once a week, I sleep with an exfoliator on for overnight smoothing.

Do you have a skincare or beauty hack to share?

I put Visine on blemishes to reduce redness.

Who is your #1 beauty icon?

Oh, there are too many to choose! From Grace Jones to Isabella Rossellini to Julia Roberts, Salma Hayek and Zendaya, the list goes on...

Et Cetera

Last Book You Read: No Barriers by Erik Weihenmayer

Last Selfie You Took: Skiing in the Berkshires with my family. (When not in vain, selfies can be so great!!)

Last Text You Sent: ”10:00am” to my best friend Pam – coordinating plans for her Good Charma event!

Last Thing You Ate: Sushi at BONDST, toasting in the New Year with friends.

Start your morning off right with Heather Thomson's Morning Smoothie! It's the perfect balance of greens, fruit and a protein boost!

2 Handfuls Kale or Spinach 

1 Cup Organic Blueberries 

1 Organic Banana 

1 Scoop/Serving of Organic Hemp Protein, I love Sunwarrior Raw Plant Based Protein 

1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk 

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