Real People. Real Rituals. Real Skin. Welcome to Erno Laszlo Skin Stories. We’re sitting down with our community to hear more about their most important relationship: the one with their skin.

It can be difficult to fit an extensive skincare ritual into a busy schedule — but it’s not impossible. No one knows that better than bridal stylist Grace. She’s put together a ritual that is all about exfoliation and hydration. “I have managed to follow a minimal yet effective skin regimine in my daily life,” she says. “A good skin day to me is definitely when my face feels moisturized and I’m well rested.” With a combination of powerful products and African home remedies, Grace has figured out what works and what makes her feel good in her skin.

“I understood that having dark skin was one of the most beautiful things about me.”
— Grace, Bridal Stylist

Learning to Love Her Skin

Today, Grace loves her skin, but that wasn’t always the case. “If you were to ask me the same question three years ago I’d be so embarrassed,” she says. “Not only was I suffering from severe acne, dark circles and discoloration, I was also insecure about the overall color of my skin. It took me a while to grow as a person, and when I did it felt like the universe was finally on my side. I understood that having dark skin was one of the most beautiful things about me.” She’s not alone in that love-hate skin journey. Many of us have a difficult relationship with our skin. We don’t like the texture, the color, breakouts or the dry spots. One day it’s glowing and radiant, the next day, not so much. “Though I’m young, my advice to younger, darker skinned African American girls is to keep searching for the perfect skin product,” she says. “It will definitely be a challenge, so prepare yourself for the inevitable.”

bright & balanced

“A very gentle product, not too harsh on the skin.”

Embracing Natural Remedies

“It had to be about two years ago when I realized how much a skincare routine is necessary,” says Grace. “Drinking lots of water also has an incredibly strong impact on the quality of your skin. Hydration is key!” When she’s done refilling her water bottle, Grace focuses on exfoliating and moisturizing before she hits the sheets. “I found that doing these two things really promote healthy skin,” she says. “I don’t exfoliate with the same product every night. Sometimes I’ll switch it up and use what nature has provided.”

She starts her routine with the Ambi Complexion Cleansing Bar and then exfoliates with oatmeal, pure charcoal (imported from Africa) or Garnier SkinActive Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. “The home remedies I use are exactly the same base ingredients that are found in lots of skincare products,” says Grace. Another home remedy she likes? Toning with boiled, fresh green tea leaves and pure aloe vera juice. She always ends her ritual with a layer of Pond’s Dry Skin Cream. And of course, more water!

Saying Goodbye to Dark Circles

Grace’s biggest skin concerns are dryness (we think she has the hydration part down) and dark circles. “I love to have an all-around even skin tone and fully hydrated, moisturized skin,” she says. “But these dark circles have got to go!” Our Antioxidant Complex for Eyes uses mulberry extract to brighten and aloe vera to keep that delicate area hydrated. And the Erno Laszlo Multi-Task Eye Serum Masks tackle dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Grace, we think we can help you say goodbye to those dark circles.