If we were forced to sit down and list out things that we would maybe probably definitely consider ourselves addicted to, masking would be #1 on our list. Masking should be a part of your weekly skincare routine but we’ve been known to mask Monday through Sunday during a particularly rough week. Coincidentally, Halloween is just around the corner, which is mask season, AND the perfect excuse to indulge our sweet tooth. Let’s indulge both of these “vices” with a masking (less Scream, more skincare) and candy pairing list!

Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask + Starburst All Pink (Limited Edition)

The appeal of our Sleep Mask lies significantly in the fact that your job for the mask is...sleeping. No hard work required! This is the same appeal of the All Pink Starbursts. You don’t have to use your dexterity or focus to pull out the pink ones from the general population of Starbursts. Plus, the similarities don’t stop there. Our Sleep Mask and pink Starbursts were pink before the millennial pink trend came onto the scene. (#Trendsetters?)

Detox & Exfoliate Hydrogel Mask + Justin's Organic Peanut Butter Cups Dark Chocolate

Detoxifying antioxidants are the name of the game for both our Detox & Exfoliate Hydrogel Mask and dark chocolate, which is why you can mask and munch on Justin’s Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups guilt-free.

White Marble Bright Face Powder Mask + Licorice

This pairing is quite natural as licorice extract is a power player in the White Marble Powder Mask. Licorice extract, which was used in Ancient China for its health benefits, helps brighten the appearance of dark spots. Licorice, the candy, will not help brighten dark spots but will brighten your mood, hopefully!

Soothe & Calm Hydrogel Mask + Champagne Gummy Bears

Our Soothe & Calm Hydrogel Mask is just what the doctor ordered when we need to take the edge off on behalf of our skin. Bubbly in the form of adorable little gummy bears helps take the edge off, in general. Hand in hand, these two form a luxurious and relaxing duo that will leave you looking and feeling your best.

Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel + Dark Chocolate-Dipped Oranges

A burst of Vitamin C for your skin is probably what you need if you’ve already gone ahead and heeded our advice with the previous four pairings. This duo will bring some brightness back into your skin and your immune system!

Now, you have all the makings for a sweet and spooky Halloween! Tweet us if you end up scaring your friends or family with a mask. And don’t forget, moderation is key. Backing away slowly from that bag of candy will probably be the hardest part. Reward yourself for a job well done with another mask?! (Too much? Never.)