The holidays seem to be the time when you have a month-long lapse of judgement and forget that you’re not in college anymore. Oh, yeah. Our body cannot bounce back after a night of shots, champagne or even two glasses of vino. Even if you’ve been able to avoid the open bar situation at the influx of holiday parties, New Year’s Eve is looming around the corner and if you manage to get to 2018 without a hangover...well, you’re stronger than us and can you please slide into our DMs with your secret??

The hangover symptoms vary based on the person and their poison of choice from the previous night but what about when your skin is suffering from the same hangover? Waking up with a pounding headache and a churning stomach is exponentially worse when it’s accompanied with dull, parched, irritated skin. Lucky for you, we’ve got the hangover cure for you face mastered to a skincare science.


Okay, so this might be the trickiest part. We always swear to guzzle water before bed when we get home after happy hour ran over into happy hours (and hours). Realistically, holding ourselves to this promise in an inebriated state of mind isn’t always possible. That being said, we STRONGLY urge you to not skip your Double Cleanse. Trust us, your skin will thank you later. We’re partial to a mix of the Hydra-Therapy Cleansing Oil with the Deep Sea Mud Cleansing Bar to begin hydration and detoxing while you slumber. Skipping this step will put you in a far worse state in the morning. Trust us.


After waking up (and if you’re truly dedicated to the anti-hangover cause, double cleansing again), ease into the curing process with a Soothe & Calm Hydrogel Mask. Chances are moving too much causes the room to spin and your head to throb so just lay immobile in bed for a little while longer while the Honeysuckle Extract calms skin and Rose Oil fights inflammation and locks in moisture. After removing the mask, massage the leftover serum into your skin. This will boost circulation and drain lymphatic fluids that are building up in your face. (Gross, but real.)


Particularly if salt-rimmed margaritas were your beverage of choice, your skin is as dry as your mouth. Enter Glacier Freeze Gatorade and our Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion Serum. This silky serum instantly restores hydration to the thirstiest of skin while also reversing any visible signs of dehydrated skin by plumping, soothing and smoothing skin. Okay, looking presentable for brunch is seeming more feasible!


Even if it wasn’t that late of a night, your body and skin are lethargic from lack of quality sleep. Our Antioxidant Complex For Eyes is like that Venti Latte that you can’t stop thinking about. Store it in the refrigerated for a refreshing, wake-up call for tired eyes. It detoxifies, de-puffs and improves elasticity for the delicate eye skin. Ditch those dark circles and schedule in an afternoon nap, if possible.


Is there ever enough hydration after a night of drinking and debauchery? The answer is no. White Marble Translucence Cream is our favorite way to moisturize while also bringing some brightness back into our lackluster skin. It’s fast-absorbing properties fight skin-dulling oxidation and environmental stressors (an unofficial synonym for champagne).


While we usually reserve our Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask for nighttime, we love applying it after our hangover routine to lock in all of the moisture and nutrients. Particularly, if the rest of our recovery consists of napping on the couch and ordering Seamless.

And there you have it! Pair this entire routine with your tried and true hangover cures (Bacon, Egg & Cheese, on deck) and you are well on your way to resuming life as a fully functioning adult! Glad we were able to get through that together. Have any other hangover hacks you swear by? Share with us on social, @ernolaszlonyc! We’re a friendly bunch, even if you catch us hungover on a Sunday!