It’s so easy to become enamored by a product and its amazing results without giving a thought to what’s exactly creating your #LaszloGlow. So, we’re putting the spotlight on the key ingredients that make up our bestselling products so you can understand the science of why your skin looks so great. And maybe drop some knowledge bombs at your next dermatologist appointment?!

SPRIULINA MAXIMA Of all the immune-boosting ingredients featured in our Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30, we have a soft spot for Spirulina maxima.  A high-powered algae extract, Spirulina maxima is found in both fresh and salt water. This superfood for your skin assists in immunity against free radicals (like air pollution and the sun) while also feeding collagen growth for firmness and bounce.

CHARCOAL Applying a black oil might seem counter-intuitive when trying to clean your face but the charcoal in our Detoxifying Cleansing Oil serves as a robust cleansing agent to draw out and trap impurities.The carbon in activated charcoal is what magnetically attracts toxins, oil and dirt from your pores to create a clean and clear complexion. It will not only make your pores cleaner but they will also appear smaller without that build up taking up residence on your face! Don’t blame us when you’ve jumped on the charcoal bandwagon and start incorporating it into all aspects of your life (hair, teeth, diet and more!).


SEA MUD Sure, we know that the Dead Sea makes for an extremely buoyant float and probably an Instagram to impress your friends at home, but did you know it boasts so many more benefits? The star ingredient in our Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar, Dead Sea mud has 26 minerals (like magnesium calcium, potassium and more!) that work together in overdrive to do it all for your skin; to detoxify and unclog pores, to protect and restore skin’s balance, to boost circulation and bringing oxygen inwards and toxins outwards, and more! Twenty-six is a TON of minerals, more than your average ocean mud, so we wouldn’t suggest slathering on mud from the closest body of salt water. Unless, of course the Dead Sea is your backyard, in which case we hope you’re taking advantage of that natural resource! (And can we come visit?!)

DAISY FLOWER EXTRACT While daisy flowers make for a delicate, happy bouquet, the Daisy Flower Extract in our White Marble Essence Lotion means business. It prohibits the creation of an amino acid necessary in the production of melanin to prevent future hyperpigmentation while lightening existing freckles and age spots with its organic acids. 

SWEET BIRCH The Sweet Birch Oil found in our Phelityl Night Cream contains salicylic acid and serves as a natural and mild exfoliator to boost cell renewal while you sleep. It will leave you looking refreshed and youthful as if you slept like a baby (even if you didn’t!). 

PROVITAMIN B5 While taking your vitamins has never been particularly glamorous ever since we had to ditch Flintstone Gummies in the name of being an “adult,” Provitamin B5 is the star of the show for two of our favorite Erno Laszlo products. Found in both our Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment and Hydraphel Skin Supplement, it acts as a penetrating moisturizer to deliver antioxidant support and bolster the skin’s healing process as well as the vital moisture barrier.

PRICKLY PEAR Prickly pear is a flower-bearing cactus that is native to the Dead Sea. Shoutout to the Dead Sea for really pulling its weight in our skincare arsenal!  If you think of how much moisture cactuses must retain to survive in dry climates then it will make total sense that we gave the prickly pear the nickname ‘ 24-Hour Smart Hydrator’ and that our Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask is a staple in our nighttime skincare routine, especially during the winter when our dry skin has low-key desert vibes (in a very non-trendy way).

VITAMIN E Now when Mom asks the secret to your youthful, glowing skin, you can impress her by telling her you took your vitamins! Vitamin E, a vital antioxidant and healing specialist found in our Timeless Skin Serum, fights off the effects of free radicals to preserve and restore the integrity of your skin.

ROSE Next time your significant other is looking to get on your good side, tell him or her to skip the dozen roses and gift you our Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion instead. Extracts from this Bachelor-franchise-favorite are featured in this silky serum to hydrate dry skin with its array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. While revitalizing and moisturizing your skin, it also is incredibly soothing for any sensitive or stressed areas. Plus, our Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion has a much longer shelf life than that bouquet from your corner bodega….

ALOE VERA Our fair-skinned friends are probably well-acquainted with this ingredient already but Aloe Vera is not just for relief from last summer’s sunburn that had you swearing up and down to never leave the house without SPF again. In our Antioxidant Complex for Eyes, Aloe Vera replenishes lost moisture with skin-plumping hydration to the sensitive eye area.

VITAMIN C As its name indicates, Vitamin C runs the show when it comes to our White Marble Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel. It serves as the trifecta of beautiful skin by reducing dark spots and dullness, lightening skin and jumpstarting collagen production. More than just your morning cup of OJ!

VITAMIN C FRUIT ACID COMPLEX (lemon, lime and orange oils) And an editorial asterisk to Vitamin C, the Vitamin C Fruit Acid Complex found in our White Marble Treatment Bar gently exfoliates and clarifies the skin’s surface.  Derived from both citrus and natural sugars (plus anti-inflammatory willow bark extract), the exfoliation not only brightens the appearance of your skin but allows other ingredients to be better absorbed.