As Director of Makeup at Glamsquad, an on-demand and in-home beauty service, we could not wait to unpack Kelli’s wealth of beauty and skincare knowledge. Her professional experience in and of itself is enough to warrant our very first interview in ‘The Glowdown’, a new series bringing you inside the beauty cabinets of an array of inspiring and beautiful women . But seeing Kelli’s stunning beauty and radiating confidence IRL had us putting our foot down and demanding answers. Okay, we still politely requested an interview with her but read on to find out all of her secrets (We should be applying blush where?!).

The Basics

Name: Kelli J. Bartlett
Age: 30
Occupation: Director of Makeup & New Services at Glamsquad, Makeup Artist
Location: Gramercy Park, New York
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Favorite Erno Laszlo ProductHydrogel Soothe & Calm Mask

When were you first introduced to Erno Laszlo and how?I was first introduced to Erno Laszlo when I visited NYC as a very young girl. My Nana and I walked through Saks Fifth Avenue and I spied the iconic black soap. Years later, I remember seeing the same soap in Woody Allen’s ‘Annie Hall’. Now, part of my job at Glamsquad is to oversee and vet makeup and skincare partnerships, plus service add-ons. When it came time to pick a face mask partner, there was no question in my mind! The Hydrogel Masks are a game-changer and a perfect prep for makeup as well as being a spa-like treat.

What does Erno Laszlo mean to you?Erno has always been synonymous with glamour, luxury, science, diligence and results. Erno Laszlo’s rich heritage and clientele hooked me, but the methodology and results are what have kept me loyal.


Tell us about your relationship with skincare. Where did it start? How has it evolved? My relationship with skincare started at an early age. My Nana was a BIG believer in a rigorous skincare routine and she believes that good skin was a result of good habits! The minute I was old enough, she took me to receive my first skincare consultation and taught me the benefits of a consistent regime. I remember feeling so excited about the multi-step process. Even when I was younger, it was always a joy and a treat to spend time pampering. Over the years, it has evolved into being an essential part of my job; not only am I caring for other’s skin but also sharing my passion and joy for skincare with clients and other makeup artists so that we can empower women to find their own glow. There is SO MUCH product out there and I love curating the best of the best.

What’s the best skincare or beauty advice your Nana shared with you? My Nana was a constant source of beauty advice and she remains one of my pillars of inspiration every day. She always stressed that you should remove your makeup before going to bed and apply just a little bit of lip or cheek, just in case there was a “fire in the night!”. I love the idea of being a bit glamorous before bedtime! She also believed in taking your vitamins every day and staying hydrated. She always used to say that “Your body cries for water!”.

What is your skincare guilty pleasure/confession? (We won't judge!)Long luxurious facials (which I save diligently for), bubble baths and rosé. I often light a candle, apply a mask, listen to NPR and drink wine while in the tub!

Walk me through your typical morning and evening skincare routine. How and why does it differ on a daily basis?

MorningI typically workout most mornings so before I go dance it out at 305 Fitness, I will rinse off my [Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask] and throw on moisturizer and some Rosadan to help control my rosacea and skin flushing. (Wahooo!) Post-workout, I generally just rinse with cool water in the shower so I don't strip my skin.

Evening Nighttime is where things get really fun! I will remove my makeup with a makeup removing wipe first. (I use MAC, Olay or Neutrogena - whatever I have lying around.) Next, I cleanse my skin with Dr. Macrene’s 37 Actives Cleanser and tone with p50W by Biologique Recherche. I then apply Erno Laszlo’s Phormula 3-9 Eye Cream and the Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask.

BeautyDescribe your standard beauty routine. How does it differ from daytime to evening?Try as I might, I am not an “out-the-door in 5 minutes” kind of gal (much to the chagrin of former boyfriends and friends)! I love the getting-ready process. I delight in taking my time, having a coffee, bumming around in a robe, but the reality is that my AM routine has to be super efficient or else I won’t get out the door. Days are long so my AM routine sets me up for success for the whole day.  

EyesI always start my makeup the same way - with MAC Paint Pot in “Layin’ Low” smeared across my lids, which is the perfect orangey-brown to make my blue eyes pop. It also is like a 2-in-1 primer/eyeshadow; it conceals my eyelids and allows me to apply eyeshadow later in the day if I am feeling ambitious. Next, I curl my lashes with the Troy Surratt eyelash curler, then prime my lashes with Lancome CILS BOOSTER  XL. I then gel my eyebrows in place with Mary Kay’s brow gel and add a few flicks of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz in Caramel.

FaceSkin is simple - I use Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick in the lightest shade and I apply it with an  Artis Oval 6 BrushCle de Peau concealer is my best friend for under eye circles and the rare blemish. The Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Palette is next (in Intensity One), which I throw into the hollows up the cheeks and across my forehead so that I have some structure to my face.

LipI am constantly having different love affairs with lipstick and I generally use whatever lipstick I used on my lips on my cheeks. I draw cat whiskers on the apples of my cheeks, then blend with my hand before applying mascara (Lancome Hypnose in Deep Black has been my go to for 12+ years) and I’m running out the door!

EveningFor night, I try and dial up the drama - mostly with bold, smoky and metallic eyes. I love Pat McGrath’s eyeshadows; They are so pigmented and give a flash of metallic on what I like to call “dinner-plate” eyes. They are the types of eyes that you can’t necessarily see right away, but when you look down at your dinner plate, you get a POP of wow! I am also obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock ‘n’ Kohl Eyeliner in Barbarella Brown. As a redhead, black can be super harsh on me so this color is a DEEP brown (like coffee grounds), which works perfectly!

Do you have a beauty hack to share?My favorite hack is to add a bit of blush to your eyebrow bone at the end of the makeup. It just pulls everything together!

You’re stranded on a deserted island and can only bring 5 skincare/beauty products. What are they?Troy Surratt Eyelash CurlerLancôme Hypnose Mascara in Deep Black NARS Dolce Vita Lip PencilHampton Sun SPF 70 for kidsErno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Sleep Mask

The beauty space is constantly evolving. What are your thoughts on its current status and how that impacts you as a woman?I find that women are more confused than ever about beauty. They see these Instagram makeup “enthusiasts” applying contour with a whisk, overdrawing their eyebrows, etc., and they are so overwhelmed. Women are constantly apologizing to me and worried that they “should” be doing more, applying more, using more, etc.  Beauty and makeup is all about the way you want to feel and the things you can do to empower yourself to feel like the best version of you, whether it’s super glam or stripped down and raw. There is power in all of it.

Who is your #1 beauty icon?My #1 beauty icon is my Nana, if you couldn't guess! She made people feel beautiful on the inside and out. Her style was always put together and glamorous. I have also always admired Diana Vreeland, a true self-made woman who saw beauty in the rare and exotic.

Et Cetera

Last Book You Read: Diana Vreeland Memos: The Vogue Years

Last Text You Sent: “Come! Some work colleagues and I have a GLAM event!” LOL

Last TV Show/Movie You Watched: GAME OF THRONES! (I know I am SO late to the party… But I just started watching and now ALL these inside jokes are making sense.)

Last Thing You Ate: A Maple Cruller from Daily Provisions (OY MAN!)