This year, our holiday campaign Laszlo For All was inspired by brand self-reflection and discovery. We launched our new website this past summer, redefining our take on beauty and how we fit into the dynamic, every changing landscape. We have a beautiful 92-year-old heritage, the legacy of a doctor whose goal was to make women look and feel beautiful from day one and products that deliver on their promise. But wow, how things have changed since our launch in 1929. 

Three years ago, we started asking ourselves a few big questions. What’s next? How do we fit into the skincare conversation? What do our customers expect from us? We met and listened to all kinds of customers living across the globe with different skin, ethnicities, age groups and life choices. We enjoyed hearing all their stories so much we created our entire Real Skin, Real Stories campaign around them.   

We realize that skincare can be complicated, so we launched our new Clean Consult and Lifestyle Skin Assessment Quiz to help simplify the process of finding the ideal products to match both lifestyle and specific skin concerns. Another question we asked ourselves: what does it truly mean to be inclusive? For the first time, our Laszlo For All Holiday Campaign shows a wide range of models, both men and women, enjoying the spotlight and loving life together.  

This took us down the path to partnering with Project Beauty Share, as it’s important for us to give back to a community that is focused on the beauty of giving. As a non-profit that supports women who are less fortunate, while also providing a fun and easy way for those who are more fortunate to participate, we’d be hard-pressed to find another organization whose mission is more in line with our goals.

We’re just getting started and we’re confident that 2020 will be full of greatness too. Our Clean Promise launches in January and we can’t wait to share with you the answer to yet another important question we asked ourselves this year: what does it mean to be sustainable?

This highlights a little bit of what we’ve been up to; we are so grateful for another holiday season with all of you! Wishing you and yours the magic of the season and a beautiful glowing New Year. If you still need some inspiration to round out your gift selections this year, give everyone in your life the gift of self-care with our limited-edition holiday sets, cult classics, and newest favorites.

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