Real People. Real Rituals. Real Skin. Welcome to Erno Laszlo Skin Stories. We’re sitting down with our community to hear more about their most important relationship: the one with their skin.

When she’s not at work or spending time with friends, you’ll probably find Laya climbing a rock wall or getting up at 5AM to train for her next triathlon. To say this brand marketing pro is busy would be a total understatement. With a packed schedule, it doesn’t come as a surprise that her skincare ritual sometimes gets put on the back burner. “I love the idea of being good to my skin. If I could sit with a mask on every day or get a facial once a week, I would,” says Laya. Even with her limited free time, she has built a quick ritual that keeps her skin healthy from the pool to the finish line.

“A good skin day is a day where I don’t need any makeup to walk out the door feeling confident.”
— Laya, Global Brand Marketing at Tiffany & Co.

More Glow, Less Makeup

“I don’t think about my skin most of the time, which is a bit of a problem. It’s only when it gets super dry or sunburnt that I’m motivated to start taking care of it,” she says. “I can usually get it back on my side with a little help.” Laya has been spending most of her time training for an Ironman, so her focus has been on locking in moisture after her workouts. She’ll use a moisturizing serum if she has the time, otherwise she’ll jump right to her absolute favorite product: eye cream. Her go-to is Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream. She’ll follow it up with a moisturizer and be out the door. “As I get older, I care more about skincare and less about makeup,” says Laya, who defines a good skin day as being able to walk out the door feeling confident without any makeup on. “I love a natural look — glowing and happy is the goal.”

Getting in Her Beauty Sleep

For Laya, her nighttime skin ritual is how she resets after a day spent working, playing and sweating. It’s all about using products that deep clean, repair and work hard for her skin — and keep it glowing. “I’ll wash my face with the Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar, I love that it’s quick and leaves my face feeling super clean afterwards, she says. “Then I’ll follow that up with a night cream or gel. The Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask is my second favorite thing — it’s like a good apology to my skin after a day of being less than nice to it.” With a combination of prickly pear, green ginger and mugwort extracts, this mask replenishes moisture levels while you sleep so you wake up with hydrated and refreshed skin — no matter how hard you were on it the day before.

Working the Overnight Shift “I like the idea that it’s doing work while I sleep. I’m big on efficiency, so we make a good team.”

She Got it From Her Mama

Like many, Laya has learned the most about beauty and wellness from her mom. “My mom has never been a ‘things’ person, but she will treat herself to a nice hand cream or face cream and I can tell how much she enjoys it,” says Laya. “I feel the same way about skincare — it’s a little luxury that is also a way of practicing self-care”

“It’s a little luxury that is also a way of practicing self-care. ”
— Laya, Global Brand Marketing at Tiffany & Co.

Her mom also taught her how to feel comfortable in her own skin. The focus was never on wearing a lot of makeup, but on taking care of her skin first. “She never wears makeup, except for maybe lipstick on a special occasion, but she always has a few nice lotions or oils that are a part of her routine,” she says. “It’s always more about feeling good than looking good — although I’ve learned that the two are usually connected!”