Real People. Real Rituals. Real Skin. Welcome to Erno Laszlo Skin Stories. We’re sitting down with our community to hear more about their most important relationship: the one with their skin.

When you work in the beauty industry you learn a lot about your skin. It’s kind of like the ultimate “Skincare 101.” For Marla, our very own Creative Director, her first job in the industry changed her skin and her life. “I got great product training and learned a new approach based on my skin type,” she says. “Things I thought were intuitive — like not using moisturizer on oily skin — were actually exacerbating the problem.” Her bright, glowing complexion is proof that she’s learned a lot.

“I want clear, hydrated skin with a healthy glow—baseline.”
— Marla, Creative Director of Erno Laszlo

Consistency is Key

“Skincare is the basis of my morning and evening routine. I take it very seriously,” says Marla, who dealt with deep, cystic acne for years. She tried using makeup to cover up her spots instead of treating them and it only made things worse. When she got her first job at Amorepacific, she started using products that met her needs and saw a difference immediately. “The only thing that really worked was having a consistent routine with quality products,” she says.

Of course, that doesn’t mean she’s not up for trying new things, which is pretty hard to resist when you work for a skincare brand. “I truly do love skincare. And I’m a sucker for packaging and design,” she says. “That meme about putting on a sheet mask and thinking it will solve all of your life problems? Totally me.”

Making Every Day a Good Skin Day

For Marla, her skin goal is simple: clear, bright and glowing skin. And it all starts with her morning routine. “I lightly cleanse then follow with toner, anti-pollution serum, eye gel and moisturizer,” she says. “I feel like I can just mix a little tint in with my moisturizer and call it a day.” Now that her cystic acne is under control, Marla uses products that help with dehydration and pollution from the environment and digital screens and that work to minimize fine lines around her eyes. In the evening, she does a double cleanse followed by a retinol or hydrating serum, then uses a heavier eye cream, moisturizer (like Erno Laszlo Phelityl Night Cream) and a light facial oil to keep her skin hydrated while she sleeps.“I want clear, hydrated skin with a healthy glow — baseline,” says Marla.

Beauty Sleep Must-Have “I love that it’s deeply hydrating but also matte. You still get that glow.”

Taking Her Ritual to the Next Level

“I love masking — I try to do that two to three times a week,” she says. Her go-tos? Sheet masks and sleep masks from Korea. She’s also a big believer in exfoliation, using the Erno Laszlo Clay Mask, Vitamin C Peel or the Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel a few times a week, depending on the season. “Everything I do to my face, I make sure to do my neck and décolleté,” says Marla.

For Marla, it all comes back to high-quality products and sticking to a routine. She’s always on the lookout for formulas that aren’t just chasing trends and products that truly focus on skin health. “I love my skin!,” she says. “It's my first impression!” Spoken like a true skincare devotee.