Real People. Real Rituals. Real Skin. Welcome to Erno Laszlo Skin Stories. We’re sitting down with our community to hear more about their most important relationship: the one with their skin.

Our diets, the environment and, of course, the products we use, all impact our skincare rituals. But what about our careers? How we spend our 9-to-5 time can have a heavy influence on the way we treat our skin, and no one knows that better than Pep Talk Her founder Meggie. Her career has taken her from in front of the camera (she spent time as a foreign correspondent) to the boardroom (now she’s fighting for pay equality and empowerment in the workplace — our hero!) and has taught her a lot about taking care of her skin.

“I started to realize the key to confidence for me was healthy and clear skin.”

On Breaking Boundaries—Not Breaking Out

"Since I was a teenager I’ve struggled with acne," says Meggie, who spent her youth soaking up the sun ocean swimming & surfing in Australia. “Sun damage and aging are also concerns I’m trying to take more seriously as I get older.” But it wasn’t until she started working as a TV reporter, spending countless hours under hot studio lights and in front of the camera, that she started to build a real skincare ritual. "I started to realize the key to [having] more confidence was in healthy and clear skin," she says. Whether you’re in front of the camera or in a meeting asking for a raise, your skin should be the last thing on your mind.

As anyone who has expanded their skincare ritual to go beyond cleanser knows, it comes with a lot of trial and error. You don’t know if a product is right for you until you try it — and give it time to work. Meggie spent years nailing down her ritual, cycling through products and aestheticians, before she started to figure out what her skin really needed and what most importantly, what she needed to feel her best.

CEO of Her Skincare Ritual

“I found an amazing aesthetician a few years ago who gave me quality advice and helped me improve my skin drastically, which was a huge game changer,” she says. “I finally feel comfortable in my skin and my skin routine.” For her, it’s all about effective products that work for her busy lifestyle. She spends a lot of time traveling the world fighting for equality, after all.

Meggie’s daily ritual starts with a Cetaphil cleanser and Biologique Recherche P-50 toner. She follows that up with Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30. “I first tried Erno Laszlo products at The Wing summer camp. Ever since I’ve been obsessed,” she says. “When I find a product that works for my skin and doesn’t make me break out, I hold onto it for dear life!”

You know someone is dedicated to their skincare ritual when they aren’t afraid to whip out a sheet mask mid-flight. That’s Meggie. “I try and use the time in the sky for a heavy-duty moisturizing mask,” she says. “I am OBSESSED with my Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Sleep Mask. I swear it's single-handedly helped reverse some of my oncoming wrinkles. It’s my go-to for overnight.”

FLIGHT + MASKING = MULTITASKING “I swear it's single-handedly helped reverse some of my oncoming wrinkles.”

At night, Meggie sticks with a simple ritual of cleansing (she likes the Detoxifying Cleansing Oil for removing makeup) and toning, followed by her beloved mask. Once a week, she exfoliates using the Erno Laszlo White Marble Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel to help even out her skin texture. It’s a great product for anyone with acne-prone skin or dealing with sun damage thanks to the combination of exfoliating lactic acid, collagen-boosting vitamin C and soothing carrot seed oil.

Her mom also taught her how to feel comfortable in her own skin. The focus was never on wearing a lot of makeup, but on taking care of her skin first. “She never wears makeup, except for maybe lipstick on a special occasion, but she always has a few nice lotions or oils that are a part of her routine,” she says. “It’s always more about feeling good than looking good — although I’ve learned that the two are usually connected!”