Real People. Real Rituals. Real Skin. Welcome to Erno Laszlo Skin Stories. We’re sitting down with our community to hear more about their most important relationship: the one with their skin.

Mimi knows what’s most important when it comes to having good skin: keeping it clean. The New York City mom knows that the city’s pollution — and sleeping with your makeup on — can take a toll on skin. “I have always had a consistent skin regime of cleansing and cleaning my face,” says Mimi. “I rarely remember a time when I slept with makeup on!” (No matter how late it is or how tired you are, hitting the pillow in a full face of makeup is never a good idea.) She’s put together a ritual that is all about keeping her skin clean, smooth and bright.

“I rarely remember a time when I slept with makeup on!”
— Mimi

Keeping it Clean & Consistent

“I definitely have a consistent ritual for my skincare” says Mimi. And I try and get a facial every few months.” She’s a fan of liquid cleansers, like Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Foaming Cleanse for keeping skin clean and hydrated. Her ritual also includes toning lotion, serum and moisturizer with SPF for sunny days. “I think our skin needs to breathe, so I do give myself time in between cleansing, toning, and applying serums and moisturizers,” she says. “I don't feel complete unless I do each step.” (Preach, Mimi!) At night, she follows the same pattern, adding in an eye serum or cream. When her skin is feeling extra dry, she’ll use coconut oil for a hydration boost.

Staying Bright

For Mimi, a good skin day means looking well-rested and having smooth skin. Her biggest concerns now that she’s over 50 are fine lines and age spots. “I would like to focus on brightening and removing these spots,” says Mimi, who keeps wrinkles at bay with Botox and fillers a few times a year. When it comes to dealing with age spots and discoloration, it’s all about using products with powerful ingredients. The Erno Laszlo brightening products combine vitamin C and fruit extracts to exfoliate, brighten and keep skin tone even.

glowing by morning

“Love the pink color, texture and results in the morning.”

And for bright skin by morning, Mimi reaches for our Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask. It’s formulated with our fruit-derived Recovery Complex to strengthen skin's defenses and gives skin a bright, youthful glow. We know we’re biased, but it’s the best kind of beauty sleep.