Gifting Skincare is probably not the obvious choice, but then again maybe it is.  Who doesn’t want to glow during your holiday parties this season? Give everyone on your list the gift of self-care with our limited-edition holiday sets, cult classics, and newest favorites.  And if you are indulging to treat yourself, it’s the perfect time as these sets have lots of value. Our gift to you.    

For the One Who Keeps It Classic

Everyone has that friend who swears by their Chanel bag, camel trench coat, and classic Ray-Bans. We would bet this friend is also likely to appreciate a skincare routine that is equally as timeless – enter our Fan Favorites, which includes our Hydraphel Skin Supplement, Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask, and Phelityl Night Cream. Our Hydraphel is a brilliant toner for a variety of skin concerns, the Sleep Mask delivers overnight moisture therapy for whenever an extra boost is needed, and the Phelityl Night Cream is an ideal winter skincare addition, easily absorbed and lightweight to combat dry skin.

For the One Who’s Always Busy

Our Eyes on the Holidays gift set, which contains 12 individual Multi-Task Eye Serum Masks, is the perfect gift for the friend who has what seems like a million parties to attend this season. Not only are these masks super easy to use and perfect for multi-tasking – they can be worn while getting ready, making breakfast, or even during one’s commute – but they’ll help alleviate the look of a sleepless night, creating a radiant, bright-eyed appearance even at the sixth party of the week!

For the One Who Wants It All

Everyone knows that person who gets extra excited to bring the tinsel out, keeps their tree up a little too long, and bakes enough pies to feed the entire neighborhood. When that person also happens to be a skincare addict, there’s no better gift than our 12 Days of Masking set. With a mix of favorites and travel-size versions, this one is sure to hit the spot; it includes a Mini Clay Mask, a Vitality Mask, an Eye Serum Mask, an Exfoliate and Detox Mask, and a travel-size Sleep Mask.

For the One Who Loves All Things New

Everyone has that skincare-obsessed BFF who is not just obsessed with skincare but obsessed with the very latest in skincare. Our new all-in-one breakthrough pressed serum, the Multi-Task Eye Gel Cream, is just the thing. It dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines, bags, puffiness, and dark circles with an innovative texture that melts into the skin for pillowy, breathable hydration. Bonus: the slim rose gold packaging makes these the perfect stocking stuffers!

For the One Who Keeps It Simple

Our Hydra-Therapy Foaming Cleanse promises a fresh face in one easy step, the ideal cleanser for that person in your life who wants to keep their skincare ritual sharp yet simple. It’s a cleanser/makeup-remover in one, but it also boosts the skin's own moisture-retaining capacity while also balancing its pH levels. Not bad for one bottle!

For the One Who Wants All the Hydration

When we made our list of astrology signs as Erno products, we paired up the Hydra-Therapy Boost Serum with Pisces for a good reason – but it’s a perfect gift for anyone in your life who craves hydration. Our ultra-hydrating Boost Serum contains micro-droplets of oil, suspended in a hydra-gel to protect their purity until they touch your skin. If that doesn’t sound utterly luxurious, we legit don’t know what does.