Need a fresh way to detoxify your skin? Love trying new masks? Is clay your favorite skincare trend? Feast your eyes (and skin) on our brand new Pore Cleansing Clay Mask! A perfect post-cleanse addition to your bespoke skincare ritual. The special blend of natural cleansing materials is ideal for a variety of needs no matter what your skin type.


Harnessing the natural benefits of clay, this detoxifying mask is the perfect antidote for stressed-out skin. It helps remove impurities without drying skin, infuses moisture as it draws oil and dirt from your pores, while leaving your face feeling smoother, more even-toned, and glowing with health.


Kaolin and bentonite clays. These mineral-rich white and pink clays are the stars of the show. Among the best in the world at absorbing oil and cleansing impurities, they also simultaneously reverse skin’s dryness and dullness.

Sugar cane extract. Not only does it balance skin’s natural oils, but it also gently exfoliates with glycolic acids to purify and minimize pores.

Rosewater. It conveys a delicate, pretty fragrance alongside a variety of moisturizing, detoxifying, and soothing benefits.


For all skin types. This creamy and lightweight clay mask clears away the debris that stressors (both external and internal) can leave on skin, removes impurities without drying, and infuses moisture while drawing out dirt. Poreless and purified – let’s clay!


Best used post-cleanse, once or twice a week.


After cleansing, apply a thick, opaque layer to clean, dry skin. Steer clear of your hairline, eyebrows, eye area, and lips. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes or until the mask is dry. Rinse thoroughly. Enjoy smooth skin!

It’s Clay Time

Women have been indulging in clay masking for ages. (Literally. This practice has been around since ancient times.) Clay is an OG when it comes to organic ingredients; it doesn’t just come from the earth – it IS earth! Clay is naturally occurring, rich in minerals, and has tons of benefits for the skin.

Why are clay masks so good for the skin? It’s all about their cleansing and detoxifying properties. Clay can help absorb oil, control shine, and even hydrate skin. Different clays have different properties along the skincare spectrum. Our Pore Cleansing Clay Mask includes two types: kaolin and bentonite.

Bentonite is one of the most widely used clays. Composed of volcanic ash, bentonite is a super absorber, making it perfect for oily skin. It also has unique electric properties when mixed with water; the charged molecules act like a magnet, pulling toxins out of your face. Quite frankly, that’s just cool. Not only does bentonite absorb excess oil, but it can also simultaneously tighten skin.

Kaolin comes in a variety of colors, but white and pink are two of the most popular – these are the ones you’ll find in our mask! White kaolin is very fine and light; it’s gentle and thus ideal for sensitive skin, providing mild exfoliation. It is also less absorbent than other types of kaolin but still quite moisturizing.

Pink kaolin is a mix of white and red; red kaolin is another super absorber, which is why it frequently is used in detoxifying masks. Pink kaolin clay can increase circulation and lessen inflammation, all while exfoliating and cleansing. And… it’s pink! Insert heart-eyes here. 

The other popular kaolin color is yellow, which is more absorbent than white but still gentle enough for sensitive skin. Other common clays you’ll find in skincare products include French green clay (exfoliation, pore-tightening, oil absorption); Fuller’s Earth clay (super powerful absorption, best used for those with extremely oily skin as it can be drying); red clay (blood vessel microcirculation stimulation, revives and brightens skin); and Rhassoul clay (mineral-rich, good for skin and hair, has the same magnetic toxin-pulling effects as bentonite).

Whether you’re dealing with an overnight breakout or your skin just feels exceptionally greasy, a clay mask can work wonders. Plus, the hardening of the clay on your face makes it feel like something is actually, magically happening under there – and it is, of course! Rich in minerals, totally organic, and colorful to boot – clay has tons of benefits and it’s time for your skin to reap them.