With Halloween creeping up on us, you know we’ll be getting a little spooky before the costume parties get into full swing later this month. Because we’re never ones to gloss over a holiday, we always look forward to spending a few cozy nights curled up on the couch getting the daylights scared out of us by a few choice horror films (or at least a couple of Halloween-themed movies).

All this holiday spirit begs the question, what’s more fitting than watching a Halloween-themed movie while donning our favorite kind of mask...one that gives you glowing, healthy skin?! Without further ado, we introduce our Halloween horror movie recommendations to match your mask preference.

Lighten & Brighten Hydrogel Mask | Halloween

Is it dated? Sure. Do we still love it? Absolutely! The classic Michael Myers Halloween films may have been our eighth-grade introduction to scary movies, but we love them for the nostalgia factor. (We also never pass up a Jamie-Lynn Curtis flick.)

Because no one wears a white mask like the twisted villain, Michael Myers, it’s only fitting to reach for our Lighten & Brighten Hydrogel Mask when switching on this classic. Just don’t forget you’re wearing it or risk yourself a heart-stopping second in the bathroom mirror.

Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask | Scream

Every horror movie has a scene where the murderer is lurking in the house before all hell breaks loose, but nothing makes us want to hide under the covers indefinitely more than Scream.

Even if our girl Drew Barrymore is front and center in the film, if you think we’re nonchalantly throwing on a face mask and wandering to the bathroom to wash it off 20-minutes later, you are mistaken. In order to avoid the psychopath that’s probably peeking in your windows, we strongly suggest pairing our Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask with your Scream session - so you never have to leave the safety of your couch!

Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask | The Silence of the Lambs

Even though everyone and their grandma has seen The Silence of the Lambs (Hello, Best Picture!), this movie will freak you right out. It’s a staple on our Halloween horror list largely due to our girl crush on Jodie Foster, the super sleuthy (and incredibly badass) heroine of the film.

Despite the all-star cast, this movie isn’t for the faint of heart, which is why we suggest pairing it with our Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask. We’re all about taking preventative measures for the under-eye bags that are sure to appear from a sleepless night after watching this twisted movie.

Exfoliate & Detox Hydrogel | Seven

In all honestly, you’re going to need more than an Exfoliate and Detox Hydrogel Mask to recover from the psychological trauma of watching Seven. But anyone whose movie tastes tend towards graphic murder mysteries with a jaw dropping twist at the end will appreciate this one. (If you’re not at all tempted to add this to your Halloween-watch list, maybe a young Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman will do the trick.)

For the brave souls who do take the leap with this heavy-duty piece of cinema, reaching for our Exfoliate and Detox Hydrogel Mask will at least give your face a fresh start the next day. We can’t help you with the psychological effects, but consider yourself warned...

Firmarine Lift Powder Mask | The Witch

The Witch will absolutely age you overnight; the good news is you can prevent any physical effects by applying our Firmarine Lift Powder Mask during your screening. Formulated with Spirulina Maxima to promote collagen renewal and Pullulan to tighten tired and sagging skin, this 2-step mix mask will firm and lift your complexion, offsetting any unwanted side effects of watching this film. At least the physical ones.

Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment | A Nightmare Before Christmas

If you’ve read through the list and have never been more certain that horror movies aren’t for you, A Nightmare Before Christmas is a festive and appropriate choice. Since this somewhat kid-friendly movie is sure to keep your stress levels low, our Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment is a sensible choice to match.

The powder-mask treatment contains antioxidants and vitamins to hydrate and recharge your skin from the outside in, so tuck yourself in with a movie that’s more Halloween than horror and get into the spirit while giving your psyche and your face a relaxing night off.