There’s no better time than spring to refresh your everyday life. Whether that means your habits, closet, or medicine cabinet, there’s more than one way to channel radiance into your life and your skin. Get inspired to add a new spring ritual to your routine this season!

Clean out your closet and get rid of old products.

Few things feel as good as an organized closet and refreshed wardrobe. Get into the spirit of the season by getting rid of old clothes like that lumpy sweater you didn’t even wear this winter. (Bonus: this makes room for more new ones!)

It’s not just your closet that can use a refresh, though. Take some tips from our guide to organizing your bathroom if you’re a skincare enthusiast. The most important one might be to toss expired products. Not only do they take up space, but they aren’t as effective as new products and could actually damage your skin.

On top of classic spring cleaning rituals, here are some concrete things you can – and should – give up that have been shown to improve your skin!

Negative thoughts.

It’s not just a common-sense suggestion; studies have revealed a correlation between positivity and skin aging at a snail’s pace. It’s comforting to know that you’re not doomed to genetics and that the effort you put into taking care of your skin will pay off even more.

A wise man once said that every day, once a day, you should give yourself a present. This doesn’t necessarily mean material gifts – although our Multi-Task Eye Serum Masks are kind of a perfect once-a-day present to yourself – but rather experiences. 

If you’re always in a rush, put the brakes on. There’s almost nothing that truly can’t wait. Instead of your regular route, take a detour through the park. Live in the moment. Go to the Met on your lunch break, or check out a new restaurant, unplanned. It’s the little things that count, yet those are also the ones most easily forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The truth is that we’ll never be able to eliminate stress from our lives, but knowing how much staying positive actually helps your skin, body, and mind will make it that much easier to avoid negativity.

Sleeping with makeup on.

We’re sure you are well aware of this, skincare lover that you are, but it bears repeating. Do. Not. Sleep. With. Makeup. On. EVER! You might think it’s not a big deal, just this once, but – we’re sorry to say – it is. Sleeping with the day’s dirt accumulated on your face in addition to your makeup will only accelerate aging (not to mention leave an annoying mess on your pillow).

Before bed, remove all traces of eye makeup with our Multi-Phase Makeup Remover and leave the rest up to a double cleanse. But if you’re really not in the mood, at the very least use our Hydra-Therapy Foaming Cleanse, a gentle cleanser and make-up remover in one.

Not drinking enough water.

Obvious, but true. If you don’t stay hydrated, the water in your skin cells dries up – not a pretty picture. It’s bad enough on its own, but dry skin will make the fine lines everyone develops around their eyes look even worse. Keep your skin happy with products that hydrate and nourish, but don’t forget to actually drink some water, too.

Neglecting SPF.

With spring comes more time spent outdoors. Did you know that sun exposure is actually cumulative? Every minute you spend outside adds up. Give your skin the healthy boost it needs with our Firmarine Moisturizer, with SPF 30, or our Phelityl Day Lotion, with SPF 15.

Salty foods.

A sprinkling of salt might make a delicious meal even tastier, but too much of it will dehydrate your skin. The good news is there are about a million other ways to spice up your food without salt: rosemary, thyme, turmeric, basil… the list of herbs and spices that won’t dehydrate your skin goes on and on. Avoid dressings and sauces when eating out and you’ll have it made.

Sugary foods and drinks.

You don’t have to eliminate all sweetness from your life, but it’s a fact that sugar is just not good for your skin. It can break down collagen and elastin, the effect of which is dull-looking skin and dreaded wrinkles. Try sweetening your morning smoothie with antioxidant-loaded honey instead.

Put a spring in your step this year with a new ritual. Whether that’s taking a detour to smell the roses at the park or taking time out of your day to volunteer for a good cause, the long-term benefits will far outweigh the efforts. With glowing skin to boot, you’ll be poised for your best year yet.