Wearing Santa’s hat and finding the perfect present for everyone in your life is no easy task but we’re here to play the part of your own personal elves. We’ve done all the heavy lifting and curated a gift guide for all the key players in your life from BFF to BF and everyone in between. Cross everyone off your list with our skincare suggestions below!

Work Wife

Your work wife is always there for you during business hours and beyond. She knows your coffee order for when you’re running late and that in itself is worthy of a gift of gratitude. Give your favorite colleague our Trio Masking Gifting Set so she can unwind and forget the concept of deadlines and meetings, even if it’s just for 20-minutes.


Finding a gift that is worthy of Mom’s excellence can be daunting but our Let It Glow Iconic Holiday Skin Collection fits the bill. Made up of our bestselling products, your Mom will love how luxurious this trio of products leaves her feeling so much that you may even qualify as her favorite child for the new year!


Whether your S.O.’s idea of skincare is a splash of water on his face or he thinks he’s being stealth when he continuously borrows your Double Cleanse, our Great Skin for Him Set will set him up for skincare success in 2018. Because a great skincare routine isn’t gender exclusive!

Frequent Flier

For the friend who collects airline miles and hotel toiletries, upgrade her travel routine with our Cleansing Cocktail Set. Complete with our signature Detoxifying Cleansing Bar and a trio of TSA-approved cleansing oils, she can mix and match her Double Cleanse based on the current state of her skin.


Since you’ve aged out of the sisterly pastimes of (sleepless) sleepovers and your priorities more often than not involve sweats and a good night’s sleep, wrap up our Darling Night Duo Set for a pre-bedtime routine your sis will adore. Although, we can’t promise that she’ll share so maybe pick one up for yourself just to be safe.


And while we’re on the topic of some self-love, treat yourself to our Soothe & Calm Gift Set. Holiday shopping is stressful and you deserve a little luxury for all that hard work (aka shopping this gift guide and clicking Add To Cart).