The holidays are here! While this means visions of sugarplum fairies dancing in your head, it also means your holiday shopping list is growing faster than you can find time to brave the overcrowded stores. (Or faster than you can type in your credit card information, if you’re the cyber shopping type!) That’s why this holiday season we want to put a pause on all of the stressful shopping and take a moment to recognize the gifts exchanged every year (every day, for that matter) that you won’t find on any gift guide.

This is what we call ‘The Gift of Knowledge’ and it makes up the moments between friends, family, coworkers and more. It’s the advice you bestowed upon your younger sister when she came to you freaked out about her first blemish. Or the tidbits of rituals and habits that you picked up over the years from your grandmother, as you watched her get ready with such fascination. It’s the confidence and poise that your mother instilled in you by showing you how beautiful you are during the times when you had your doubts.

The beauty of these invaluable exchanges often go unspoken but we’re here to talk about them! We sat down with Ippolita, jewelry designer and founder of Ippolita Jewelry, and her daughter, Maya, to shine a light on how The Gift of Knowledge played a monumental part in their own relationship over the years and how the lessons they’ve learned from each other and from themselves have shaped them into the beautiful women, inside and out, that they are today.

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