After spending time with Maya and her mother, Ippolita, on the set of our Gift of Knowledge video, we were inspired by both Maya’s independent spirit and philosophies on beauty and confidence. Plus, her expertise in orgasmic meditation peaked our interest So, we sat down with her to discuss everything from the evolution of the beauty world to the secret to her glow. (Spoiler alert: it’s orgasmic meditation and Detoxifying Cleansing OIl!)

The Basics

Name Maya Block

Age 29

Occupation Wellness + Sexuality

Location New York City

Astrological Sign Scorpio

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Energetic, bold, warm.

When were you first introduced to Erno Laszlo and how? I'd seen the visuals of it increasingly over the last year, especially while in LA. The iconic colors and aesthetic always stood out.

What does Erno Laszlo mean to you? A long-standing brand willing to modernize.

Favorite Erno Laszlo product? Detoxifying Cleansing Oil


What does a typical day look like for you at work?

I run a company, OneTaste, that teaches Orgasmic Meditation, which is deeply fulfilling. We work in our Soho center daily, create content, and run events and classes all on Wellness + Sexuality. I have a small cappuccino every morning and love taking walks through the city while on calls.

What is one piece of advice you would give others trying to get where you are today?

Always follow the whisper of desire.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about your job?

That a global company based on orgasm exists.  


What's your favorite part about the holidays?

I love that the holidays create a theme that everyone lives inside of for that time. Themes of connection and joy, magic and gifting.

Which three songs would be on your holiday playlist?

Retrograde - James Blake

Ultralight Beam - Kanye

Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix

Do you have a holiday tradition that you look forward to every year?

One tradition that I do every year is a process to help me reflect on the previous year and amend any disconnection that I've felt.


Tell us about your relationship with skincare. Where did it start? How has it evolved?

I grew up with absolutely no skincare process. I always loved watching my close friends who had it all together. [They] would take off makeup every night and have a whole ritual around their face. I was wild. It's only in the past few years that I really grew into a relationship with it. Now, I love having that time every night. It's a very grounding activity that connects me to my body.

Best beauty advice your Mom/Grandma/Aunt, etc. shared with you?

My grandmother and mom are both very creative women and they gave me the permission to be as boldly myself as I wanted to be.

What is your skincare/beauty guilty pleasure/confession? (We won't judge!)

I love the charcoal tar-like blackhead masks!

Walk us through your typical morning and evening skincare routine. How and why does it differ on a daily basis?

Every morning and evening lately I've been obsessed with my Detoxifying Cleansing Oil. I love feeling the slick sensation on my skin. In the morning, I apply my make up; in the evening, I take it off.

Do you have a skincare/beauty hack to share?

Orgasmic Meditation gives me the best glow!


Describe your standard beauty routine. How does it differ from daytime to evening?

Coming from an artistic family, I have many ways that aesthetics weave into my life and my morning beauty routine is definitely one of them. I love finding new ways of putting on makeup [with] interesting textures and subtle color combinations. I love feeling like a piece of art as I go into my day.

You’re stranded on a deserted island and can only bring 5 skincare/beauty products. What are they?

Sunscreen, epsom bath salt, Chapstick, Hourglass lipgloss, Oribe hair cream

Who is your #1 beauty icon?

Grace Jones

You snoozed your alarm and only have time to brush your teeth and do one step in your skincare/beauty routine. What is it?


The beauty (and fashion!) space is constantly evolving. What are your thoughts on its current status and how that impacts you as a woman? What do you wish this space would continue to

improve on?

I really love where the beauty space is right now. I think there's a wide range of interesting representation and an idea that you could explore it all. There's the Kardashians; there's THINX; there's queer gender expression celebration; there's Ashley Graham. I think if [there’s] any spot for more, I'd want more voices for men on more diverse ways of expressing themselves.

Et Cetera

Last Book You Read: Community by Peter Block

Last Selfie You Took: On an orange leather couch

Last Text You Sent:<3 <3 <3

Last TV Show/Movie You Watched: Defiant Ones

Last Thing You Ate: Green Juice

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