When we met Julie and discovered Project Beauty Share, we immediately knew that we wanted to get involved. We also knew that our customers would feel the same. Project Beauty Share collects beauty and personal hygiene products and distributes them through non-profit organizations who serve women and families overcoming abuse, addiction, homelessness, and poverty. Their mission, our brand and customers couldn’t be more aligned. Our Laszlo for All holiday campaign was inspired by this movement and organization.

To join us and participate, clean out your shelves, closets, and bags – donate the softly used or unused beauty products, and spread the word while you’re at it. Mail your products to Project Beauty Share, share your offering on Instagram with the tag #haulidaydonation, and let the good begin. Starting November 1st and ending on Christmas night, Erno Laszlo will donate $10 for each entry received. Our goal is to make a $10,000 donation, which means we need your help. Check this out for all the details.

And to learn more about Julie, the amazing woman behind this movement - read on.

Why did you found Project Beauty Share?

I founded Project Beauty Share to support partner agencies and shelters by providing beauty and hygiene products to the women and their families they serve; it’s sometimes described as a “food bank” for these types of products. In many cases, without Project Beauty Share’s assistance in our community, many women and their families would go without. There were no charities like Project Beauty Share in our community, so we moved to become a non-profit organization that now serves the Northwest and beyond. Project Beauty Share remains the only organization in the US at this time that operates at our level.

Was there a specific moment when you knew that you wanted to devote your career to helping women in need?

Working in the beauty industry for over 30 years as a model, makeup artist, and former business owner of The Make-up Studio, I helped countless women look and feel beautiful. It was during a casual conversation with a customer sitting in my makeup chair when I had my “Aha moment.” She told me about a charity she volunteered at where women never receive makeup, and that federal food stamps do not cover purchases of personal hygiene items such as shampoo, lotion, deodorant, oral, and feminine hygiene products. That was when I knew that I could help and that my mission was going to be uplifting ALL women!

Put another way, what inspires you to help women in need?

I believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful no matter her circumstances.

What is your ultimate goal with Project Beauty Share?

My ultimate goal has always been to provide dignity, hope, and self-confidence to women who suffer from abuse, addiction, homelessness, and poverty with crucial personal hygiene and beauty products that can help transform their lives.

Where would you like to take the organization in the future?

Project Beauty Share has had tremendous growth in the past 4 years with support from people around the US and beyond, so as an organization we are in the middle of crucial strategic planning and exploring the possibilities of what a national model looks like.

What is a day living in the Project Beauty Share shoes like?

Every day is different for me and that is what I love about my job. I am either assisting in the warehouse opening boxes, packing donations for shelter recipients, speaking to groups about our mission, forming relationships with national brands, or having conversations with women around the US and beyond on how they can form a model of Project Beauty Share in their own communities.

How has your background as a make-up artist informed your role as Executive Director of Project Beauty Share?

Being in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and business owner has given me knowledge not only in communicating to our supporters and donors how important these products are to the well-being of the women we serve, but also to ensure the highest quality and safety standards of the products we donate.

What advice would you give someone interested in following the same path you did?

Make sure that your career path first and foremost fulfills something you’re passionate about and know that if it leads into the non-profit sector it can be the most rewarding thing you do in life. I’ve always said, “Life is not a dress rehearsal” – so go for it.

What can society do differently to help reduce the number of women who need Project Beauty Share?

Federal legislation changes to the EFB food stamp program that would allow purchases of personal hygiene products. 

Who is your #1 role model?

All successful women entrepreneurs.

What’s one thing that you love about yourself and why?

That I was born with the personality and need to help and nurture people, which has served me well in my careers.

On both personal and professional levels, who has influenced you throughout your life?

Family, friends, and coworkers that possess integrity, honesty, and strive to always do the right thing! 

How do you manage your work/life balance?

I have always been a workaholic, so this is a very challenging thing to achieve. For nine years I had the role of business owner and founder of Project Beauty Share simultaneously, so after retiring from makeup I find I have that balance again.

What is your approach to self-care? Tell us about something you do for yourself.

I enjoy weekly resistance training, hiking in the Northwest, watching a good movie, and relaxing baths with Epsom salts.

Being that your background is in cosmetics, what is your relationship to skincare and how are the two connected?

Over the years I’ve always said, “Your makeup only looks as good as your skin looks.” Some women are lucky enough to be born with great genes and will always have great skin but in my experience, most women have to work to achieve beautiful skin. So many times women use excess foundation to cover up poor complexions when they should really be investing in quality skincare products.

Walk us through your typical weekday skincare routine.

I cleanse in the morning and exfoliate – it improves how your makeup looks. I then use a serum of some sort and then ALWAYS use a SPF moisturizer and eye cream. I’ll use eye mask pads first thing in the AM when I feel tired and always use some sort of hydrating spray spritzed onto my face before walking out the door.

At night I cleanse and use a serum and night cream. I think women should have a variety of products to work with as I feel you have to listen to your skin and what it needs depending upon the seasons.

Twice weekly I use a retinol product at night.

What is your number one skincare goal?

To achieve smooth, hydrated skin.

Do you have a skincare hack or “secret” you’re willing to share?

These are not secrets by any means but I believe you must eat a clean diet and your skin will reward you! Use raw, cold-pressed coconut oil to remove eye makeup which easily dissolves waterproof mascara. I’m loving the Dermaplaning service which removes the peach fuzz on your face making your makeup look smoother, and is especially great for more mature skin.


All Julie Farley photos by Ifong Chen Photography.