This month’s Glowdown spotlights Lindsey Metselaar, founder of the podcast We Met At Acme. The arrival of autumn has put cuffing season on our minds, so we had to know more about what inspired Lindsey to launch a podcast about millennial dating in NYC. As a native New Yorker and CEO of her own social media management company (Lindsey's Lunchbox), we were thrilled to pick Lindsey’s brain about her career motivations, dating advice, and more! 

What inspired you to create We Met At Acme? 

I created We Met At Acme because I was newly single and in a position where I needed some dating guidance. As the person out of my friends that would normally be the go-to for this kind of advice, I needed something like a podcast. When I realized no dating podcast existed, I found it imperative that I create one myself and learn as I go! 

What do you love about running We Met At Acme?

I love being able to help millennials with their real-life dating experiences. I love to be the “big sister” for many of these people and help them see their situations from an outside perspective. 

Tell us about one of your favorite episodes and why it was your favorite.

One of my favorite episodes is with Jared Matthew Weiss, the founder of Touchpoint. Jared is very smooth, calm, and collected and teaches me (and our listeners) the way to define a relationship without asking, “What are we?”

What do you like about podcasting and that particular format of connecting with people?

Podcasting is amazing because you don’t have any stage fright. No one sees your face, and you are behind a microphone in a safe space, able to truly be yourself. 

If you could have a round table podcast episode with three dream guests, who would they be and why?

Great question! I would say Howard Stern because he’s a vet in the radio space, Barack Obama because I just love him, and Michelle Obama – this way we could talk about their relationship, considering it is a dating podcast!

What are some of the biggest challenges facing millennials in the dating scene?

I think the biggest challenge millennials face in today’s dating scene is the different means of communication that we have. Between Snapchat, DMing, texting, Whatsapping, it can get really complicated and it’s hard to know if someone is actually interested. When our parents were growing up it was simple: if they didn’t call you, they weren’t interested. Now it’s much harder than that. 

If you could give someone only one piece of dating advice, what would it be and why?

Enjoy being single! You will end up in a serious relationship sooner than you realize, and you’ll wish you didn’t complain the entire time during your single years. Enjoy it, embrace it, and connect with yourself to make yourself truly happy before meeting a partner.

What’s the perfect place in New York City for a first date and why?

I love places like Sake Decibel or Slowly Shirley. They are both dimly lit and romantic spots. The locations are great too and perfect to walk around after! 

What’s your favorite thing about New York City?

So tough! I love everything. My favorite thing though, if I had to choose one, is the people. There are so many characters in this city and it’s perfect for people watching. Everyone is interesting.

Tell us about your perfect day. It could be a memory of a real one or a fantasy for a future one!

My perfect day includes doing something active in the morning and relaxing in the sun. Hanging with loved ones, and having a delicious dinner and watching a great movie or show or dancing! 

Walk us through your typical weekday skincare routine.

Truthfully I don’t do much! I really believe less is more. I use make-up wipes at night. During the day I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. 

What is your number one skincare goal?

To not have adult acne! 

Do you have a skincare hack or “secret” you’re willing to share?

Less is more! Always! 

What’s your go-to Erno Laszlo product and why?

I love the Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar. Great soap is very underrated. 

Who is your #1 beauty icon?

My mom! 

What’s one thing that you love about yourself and why?

I love my ability to bounce back from a bad situation. I love this because it’s a really important quality in order to get through life, which is hard! 

How do you take time for yourself?

Self-care is super important to me and it shows up in many different ways. I love seeing movies alone, balancing what I eat, getting a massage, and I actually think being there for others is a form of self-care for me too because it makes me happy. 

Rapid Fire

Red lip or nude lip?


Flats or heels?


Night out on the town or in with a glass of wine?

Night out! 

Online or IRL?


Current favorite song?

“Lover” by Taylor Swift.

One book everyone should read?

Educated by Tara Westover.

What is your zodiac sign?

Libra, duh! Virgo rising and Capricorn moon.

Sentence Finishers

My guilty Instagram follow is…


My favorite beauty trend is…

intense brows! 

A woman I admire is…

my mom and grandma.

I always travel with my…

strapless bra – just in case!

My fridge is always filled with…

Hu Kitchen Chocolate.

Last Thing You Did

Last place you traveled to?


Last thing you ate?

Chicken fingers.

Last show you binge-watched?

The Politician.

Last self-care trend you tried?

Sakara Life.

Last thing you took a picture of that you didn’t put on Instagram?

The sunset.