We love to celebrate strong, confident women all year round – but we love it just a little bit more during March for Women’s History Month! That’s why this month’s Glowdown features none other than fashion designer and industry maven Rachel Zoe. With an eye for style and business, she’s the ultimate entrepreneur. Learn more about her daily life, fashion inspirations, her latest Box of Style, and more!

What’s a day in your life like?

My day always starts incredibly early thanks to my sons, Skyler and Kaius. It’s typically a whirlwind making them breakfast, getting them dressed for school and packing their lunches. Once they’re out the door I catch up on any emails while getting ready to head to the office or offsite meetings. On any given day, I can be in design meetings or sketch reviews for my collection, merchandise meetings with my team to review products for Box of Style, doing a walkthrough of an event space, or heading to the airport. It’s exhausting but never dull! When I’m in the office I’m catching up with various members of my teams across our multiple companies and occasionally disagreeing with my husband Rodger, who is also my co-CEO. We’re pretty good at juggling work and home life since we’ve been doing it for so long! Once we’re home I’m back on chef Mommy duty, prepping the dinner for the kids and getting them ready for bed, often before heading out to an evening event. When I’m home, typically around 11pm, I hop back on email as it's often the calmest time of the day and I actually get a lot done! I should be better at shutting out electronics but sometimes it just isn’t possible. 

What inspires your designs?

I’m constantly inspired by the effortless glamour of the ‘70s. From the tailored suiting worn by Bianca Jagger to the crochet minidresses of Jane Birkin, I find it to be a constant source of inspiration. I’m also always thinking about how my designs can add glamour to my customers’ everyday lives, and how they can make the process of getting ready easier and more enjoyable. 

Can you share one of your favorite recent pieces and why? 

I’m wearing my Townsend Metallic Suit on repeat because I can style it for office meetings with a simple white blouse underneath, then wear it alone with layers of jewelry and a clutch for evening.

You’re associated with the spread of the ‘boho-chic’ look. What inspired that aesthetic and how do you feel about the fact that as a trend, it has stuck around?

The bohemian style trend is something that is firmly rooted in my love of the 1970’s but continues to be inspiring to me because of its timelessness. The wearability of the silhouettes, like printed long sleeved maxi dresses, oversized coats, and slouchy boots are never out of style and continue to be reinvented by so many designers, season after season, year after year.

Can you tell us a favorite story from your celeb stylist days?

One of my most favorite moments had to be putting Jennifer Lawrence in her Dior gown for her Oscars win. It came together at the very last minute, and the perfect finishing touch was the Chopard strand of diamonds that we had her wear backwards for a little unexpected drama. 

What was one of your favorite moments or episodes from The Rachel Zoe Project?

I have so many surreal and special moments from my show! I would say of course the Karl Lagerfeld moment in Paris or the time spent with Marc Jacobs. My favorite episode was when I was at London Fashion Week with Kate Hudson and she broke out into singing an impromptu Stevie Nicks song in the car after a Burberry show. It was unforgettable. 

Do you have any predictions for the next big trends in fashion?

I’m incredibly excited by the individuality that is celebrated in fashion today. Whether you subscribe to Brandon Maxwell’s glamour or The Row’s minimalism, there is something for everyone. The trend in my opinion is that there are no rules in fashion anymore in part because of climate change; seasons are not so definite anymore. It’s all about seasonless dressing, layering your favorite items and styling up or down with accessories.

Who is your #1 beauty icon?

Brigitte Bardot for her effortless but always glamorous beauty, a smokey eye and pale lip being her signature. Also Jane Birkin for her totally natural take on beauty.

What’s one thing that you love about yourself and why?

Always a hard question for me to answer! I would say that I go to sleep at night knowing I am a loving kind person and loyal, sometimes to a fault. Also that I give 100 percent of myself as a CEO and a mother. 

How did your relationship with self-care begin and how has it changed over time?

I have never really been an expert in self-care, mostly because “free time” is not something I’ve had very much of before or after becoming a mother. I do find that I have guilt about self-care if it takes me away from my children so I prefer to just spend that time with the boys. My routine has always had to be quick, efficient, and impactful. I am not great at relaxing so long massages aren’t really my go-to. I tend to do highly effective facial treatments from Ivan Pol (The Beauty Sandwich) or Barbara Sturm. I love using luxurious beauty products, mostly serums and oils for constant hydration. Which is why I absolutely had to have the Erno Laszlo all-over toner in our Spring Box of Style. After the long winter months it's the perfect product to revitalize my skin and give me a fresh glow. 

What’s your favorite self-care trend?

I’m a big fan of scheduling professional facial massages and laser treatments that naturally boost collagen production. Not only do they provide an instant boost, they also help generate long-lasting effects and provide a good natural lift and glow just before a red carpet! 

Walk us through your typical weekday skincare routine.

I’m constantly trying different products so it's never exactly the same, but I’m particularly partial to hydrating products and anything that contains hyaluronic acid. I love to apply a Vitamin C serum as the first thing on my face and eye cream, then an oxygenating cream, and multiple serums and facial oils before I apply my makeup for the day.  

What’s your go-to Erno Laszlo product and why?

The Hydraphel Skin Supplement because it is so gentle and hydrating. It really refreshes my complexion and adds an extra dose of moisture to my routine. 

What is your number one skincare goal?

Eternal youth! I would like to reverse the age and sun damage – of course, doesn’t everyone? That said, having a consistent glow and keeping my skin nourished and hydrated is a priority. My skin peeve would definitely be dryness and cracked lips! 

Do you have a skincare hack or “secret” you’re willing to share?

It’s not such a secret but I like to apply an oxygen cream every morning then seal it with multiple serums and facial oils to lock in the hydration throughout the day. I also apply dabs of a facial oil around my eyes and cheekbones to brighten my skin and keep from drying throughout the day. I also mix a good lip oil or balm with whatever lip color I use for day or night!

Why did you choose Hydraphel Skin Supplement for the Spring Box of Style?

My team and I are always looking for fantastic skincare products to share with our members. The Hydraphel Skin Supplement is great for all skin types, providing a gentle way to reveal glowing skin, which is exactly what our members are looking for in the spring. I’m excited to offer them an iconic brand.

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