In case you haven’t noticed the influx of pumpkin spice that has taken over our entire universe (seemingly overnight!?), fall is here. Our fall skincare philosophy is well-aligned with our fall fashion philosophy: layers, layers, layers! ‘Repair and replenish’ is the name of the game when transitioning your regimen to match the dropping temperatures and drier atmosphere. With that in mind, we’ve curated the perfect routine to help your skin recover from the summer’s sun exposure and keep it hydrated and happy so that redness, irritation and dry skin stay away. 

Cleanser - Hydra-Therapy Double Cleanse Cleansing is a year-round habit for us. We don’t dare go a day without double cleansing but during the colder months, we switch to our Hydra-Therapy Double Cleanse to hydrate our skin as much as possible. Antioxidant-rich sunflower seed oil helps maintain skin’s moisture barrier so you can cleanse without worrying about drying your skin out even more.

Vitamin C and Exfoliation - Dual Phase Vitamin C-Peel This one tackles two areas of fall skincare! Vitamin C is essential in any fall routine to help repair summer skin damage, like sun spots or discoloration. Combining the powers of Vitamin C and exfoliation, our C Peel will eliminate any leftover sun exposure from summer and remove those months of sweat, SPF and oil. Set the scene for fall with a clean slate and incorporate it into your routine weekly to allow your other serums and creams to penetrate your skin more deeply.

SPF - Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 While we trust that we don’t have to remind you, SPF is not just for summer!! It should be a daily part of your routine 365 days a year. Our Firmarine Moisturizer has SPF 30 to protect and hydrate your skin. As you can tell, we can’t get enough of hydration to combat the cold weather elements.

Eye Cream - Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair The eyes are our most delicate skin and will feel the effects of transitioning seasons first. So, to avoid unnecessary puffiness, we recommend upping your eye care game immediately. Our Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair is the repair and indulgence your eyes deserve during these colder months. With Kukui nut oil (a traditional Hawaiian remedy) and sweet almond oil—both master hydrators—, it will soothe, smooth and protect skin’s moisture barrier

Nighttime - Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask During the fall and winter, we heavily lean into our nighttime skincare ritual in the name of ‘hygge’. Hygge (pronounce hue-guh) is a Danish word to acknowledge an experience or moment (ordinary or extraordinary) as cozy and comforting. The ritual of self-care and indulging in skincare, especially in the winter, gives us serious hygge vibes. Our Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep mask, which is essentially a hygge hug for your face, keeps our skin super-hydrated and glowy. It’s like a full-night's sleep in a jar!

Mask - Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment Another year-round habit for us, we update our masking routine with the Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment. It provides a burst of replenishing moisture for the thirstiest of skin.The cold weather is also the perfect excuse to stay in and Netflix & Mask so you know where to find us this fall.