You work so hard to keep your skin looking perfect, then your next trip comes along and it’s like you’re a teen on the verge of puberty again. Tons of factors can cause your skin to react badly when you’re traveling – SO not Insta story-ideal. Stay on top of it: find out what the culprits can be and how you can wave sayonara to skin freakouts.

Why It Happens

Time changes.

If you’re traveling overseas, your body has to get used to an entirely different time zone. Not only is your sleep schedule going to change, but so will the times you use products.

Limited products.

Speaking of products, you can’t bring your entire regular regimen with you either (as much as you might want to) so your skin has to adjust to that as well.


Trips are supposed to relieve stress, but planning them can definitely cause it. Cortisol, aka the “stress hormone,” is definitely no good for your skin.

Cabin pressure.

Of course, there’s the cabin pressure during the flight itself. Cabin air will dry your skin out no matter what kind of skin type you have.


Last but not least, we tend to eat with more abandon when we’re on trips. More than the usual amount of wine is probably in the cards too. You should definitely treat yourself with delicious food and drinks, but don’t forget to take extra good care of your skin – and stay hydrated! The more water you drink, the better. (This is never not true.)

How To Stop It

Okay, so you get why your skin is freaking out when you travel. Now what can you do to avoid it as much as possible?

Use travel time to your advantage.

Use one of our Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Masks to lock in moisture while you fly. Not only will it feel good, but rocking a mask while on the plane is a boss move, channeling your inner celebrity.

Fly make-up free.

We get it – no make-up at all is not a pleasing prospect. (If you’re feeling weird about that, give yourself a boost by reading How to Be Confident Going Foundation-Free.) It makes sense when you’re flying though because clean, hydrated skin is less likely to react to the cabin air pressure. Keep your skin looking and feeling great with a double cleanse before you hit the skies. One of our Detox Double Cleanse Travel Sets is ideal for on-the-go skincare – the products you know and love in smaller sizes for easier traveling!

Use eye masks for quick pick-me-ups.
You can do this on the plane or in the car at your leisure, but it’s also good to have some extra eye masks on hand during your trip to avoid dark circles from lack of sleep and dehydration. The Hello Bright Eyes Mask Set is super easy to pack and comes with twelve masks so you can always keep one stashed in your purse.

Account for new products.

A simple tip but an important one: if you plan to switch up your routine, or know you need to use different products that come in smaller sizes, add them to the mix two weeks prior to traveling. This gives your skin enough time to get used to the change.

Stay moisturized.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Cabin air will definitely dry your skin out, so you want to keep it hydrated while you’re flying. Our Active Phelityl Cream comes in a jar that you can easily keep in your carry-on bag to reapply as needed. Plus, an Erno Laszlo VIP (aka, one of our amazing customers) who happens to be a flight attendant swears by it!

Go the extra mile: pack one of our Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatments and apply when you've arrived at where you’re staying to give your skin the extra moisturizing kick it will need post-travel!

Don’t forget the SPF.

When you’re in a plane, you are literally closer to the sun, surrounded by clouds with UV rays bouncing off in all directions. And if you’re driving, you’ll be exposed through the windows all day long as well. You should really be using lotion with SPF every day anyway, but don’t skip it just because you’re in transit. Our Phelityl Day Lotion SPF 15 will do just the trick; make sure to reapply every four hours for ideal protection.

Whether you’re headed to the beaches of Honolulu or the ski slopes of Switzerland, you’re gonna want your skin to look its brightest. Prevent the seemingly inevitable travel skin freakouts with these tips and you’ll be in great shape. After all, those selfies aren’t gonna take themselves!